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1 Filth in the Beauty - The Gazette

In the beginning of the song, the tantalizing intro and the seductive female harmony already created a sexual atmosphere for the audience. Step by step, Ruki(the GazettE's vocalist)managed to lead us deeper and deeper into the isolating world of sex. During the climax of the song, GazettE loses themselves, completely thinking and playing in the identity of a sex slave. This song ends beautifully with insanity while the audience is still trapped in lust and desire.

I totally agree with this. I can proudly say, that this is not the song that I listened to first, but it is the song that made me fall in love with Gazette and the J-rock scene, this song has served as my alarm clock, ringtone, a song on my brain where I can only sing the chorus. I always headbang after the girl part, without fail, even if I am in school or out walking, it's just something that you have to do with the song!

I find it very difficult to choose which song by the GazettE I love the best, I have too many favourites, it depends on what mood I'm in or if it is a loud song or a more calm one, but the meanings in all their songs are just wonderful. Ruki's screaming is awesome in Filth In The Beauty though can't get enough of it!

I never listen or watch any rock band before but when I saw The GazettE's song, they make me feel great all songs, style, and members it like I fall in with something and now I promised with myself that someday I'll become a rocker! All right, let's make my dream come true! Thank you Gazette

2 Rosier - Luna Sea

Just listen to the song, It is perfection, Music at it's finest. All of it flows perfectly within itself. It is Hypnotizing.

This is absolutely a masterpiece. The live version is great, especially J's vocal part

Si edwin suka ini

3 Serafine - Dead End

Morrie's vocals & the lyrics of this song are very relaxing and beautiful. The melody makes me shiver every time I listen to it.

4 Slow Down - Zi:kill
5 Art of Life - X-Japan

A masterpiece. Not only is it my favorite Japanese song but it's my favorite song ever made.

Seriously, The Gazette fangirls, you're stupid if you think any of their songs are better than this. You obviously have not heard this song and just voted for the songs by The Gazette.

Nothing in this list even compares to the masterpiece that is Art of Life. I honestly think the top 5 could be just X Japan songs. Seriously. That's how good they are.

Of course Art of Life is the best song, not only in Japan, but in the world. Much better than anything above it, even Kurenai. Drink it Down? Any song by L'Arc en Ciel, Dir en Grey, The Gazette (especially) will never compare to a single song of X Japan, especially Art of Life. Filth in the Beauty and Cage are pure crap and shouldn't even be on this list, and Drink it Down just isn't good enough to be number one. No other song will take you on such a roller coaster ride--the journey of life. Art of Life is perfection.

Really. I don't have the problem with The Gazette but their fans/voter is a dumbass. They vote them on everylist for them just because blind favoritism without thinking and compare before it or even heard other band before the vote. I much prefer to professional observer instead of fans voter. It's totally unfair. NO ONE others band on this list to even close to this song level composition.

Nobody can do like X Japan cause they are so very smart. No bands can do like them such as GazettE, Dir En Grey or L'Arc-en-Ciel. This song is pretty cool, awesome and much better than the song above it. This is not right because this song is at number 10. It could be at top 3.

6 Nocturne - Die In Cries
7 Kurenai - X-Japan

I'm a bass player and this is perhaps the best bass line I've EVER EVER listened to. In fact, it was thanks to this song that I've become into the Japanese Rock/Metal scene, needless to mention the epic solos of Art Of Life...

Heaviest Japanese song with one of the best guitar solos a great quick drum solo. Lyrics are amazing visual kei pioneers X JAPAN don't think this song and especially art of life, jesus, orgasm etc are soft!

Can't deny that is the best of the best, from the beginning with hide's solo and Toshi's voice - a feeling of sensitive, sadness and pain in each word. The 2nd part is totally blowd my mind. All instrument sync probably perfect, and the solo was just impressive

Come on, X Japan are the fathers of the lot. As much as I may love some of the other songs on this list (primarily from other 'oldies' - it's awesome to see Dead End's 'Serafine' included considering how seriously underrated they are in the present-day music scene), Kurenai simply... Well. Kurenai owns the lot.

8 Cage - Dir en Grey

I don't care that the song was from visual kei days, but there is meaning behind it. It starts out very slow and beautiful but ends up rocking out. The lyrics are beautiful and this song always strikes something in me. Toshiya's bass solo was also incredible. Kyo's singing was also perfect. It's like the whole band's soul is in that song.

My favourite of this Dir en Grey's era, the guitar solo at the beginning is truly enchanting. It's my mom's favourite too. not kidding.

Visual kei at its best with a truly amazing bass solo.

They have great solo bass part!

9 Greyish Wing - Siam Shade

This songs tells us a story of a love that couldn't happen and the frustration and anxiety you feel when you can't express your emotions by the time you feel them, now he wishes her the best of luck on her future. "Now forever close your eyes" Go on...

10 Good Morning Satellite - Dead End
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11 Drink It Down - L'arc~en~ciel

I love this song from the first time I listened to this. It has cool intro, too! Go and check the video. It is really cool!

Drink it Drink it Down!

Like I drink It, down

There's nothing to say... Except that's one of the best song ever! One of the best from Laruku ~ Keep going, guys!

12 Shunkan Sentimental - Scandal

I am amazed not more scandal songs in here, so many good ones, and this is definitely one f their best. To see them pull this record off live is a joy in itself. Perfect for them and great for us fans too. It really highlights their ability a great pop rock band too. All their arrangement are so good, and this is no exception. A song that will last forever!

Aside from the brilliant music, it has deep rocking lyrics! The message is so powerful, every time I listen to it, I feel empowered! Also, the lyrics are written by the girls, making the song a solid message to their listeners.

I'm not really a fan of rock music, but this song changed my mind. SCANDAL rocks!

This song is the greatest japanese song I have ever heard. It's really awesome I think that everyone should enjoy songs like this all over the world. Scandaliciously awesome.

They totally deserve to be in at least top 3. This song is crazy good! Look at the music video too!

Powerful song, written by cute girls, lyrics of strong messages and above all complete command of their instruments. They can rock the stage any day with this song. Oh and their studio live version of this song is.. Just.. THE BEST!

13 Rain - SID

I can't just describe the feeling I felt the first time I clicked on the 51st episode of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood...though I had listened to uso before but listening to rain for the first time was heavenly and still it's my most favorite song and also the one which made SID my most favorite band...there is no way,I know, to describe how good the song Rain is...

Well, I can only agree to everyone! This song deserves high ranking for all its beauty, its musical and visual perfection, its deep meaning and the inspiration it gives! One of SIDs best songs which should have a place in any JRock-loving heart!

I love SID's songs best! Regardless the melody and the playing skills are the best. Especially the guitar and the bass... What a wonderful song! I've listened to Rain for many many times! Fantastic!

I love this song! I've cried multiple times listening to this song. It was perfect as a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Opening. It was the perfect choice for the last opening. I love this song!

14 Luna Sea - Precious
15 Serenade - Versailles-Philharmonic Quintet

This song is very beautiful and touching. It still made me close to tears when I first heard this, even I didn't know about Jasmine. Now I know at nowadays this will made me cry. I love the melody, lyrics and all the meaning. I hope I have an oppertunity to hear this song live. This song is the most beautiful song I've ever heard!

This song, I cried so hard when I first listened to it because of how much I missed jasmine you. I still do, and I still tear every time I listen to it. It's a beautiful piece, and it's a beautiful reminder of how life goes on, and there's still beauty even in its sadness.

I believe this song is almost a full tribute to Jasmine after his passing. It may or may not be about the loss of him, but it gives you a sense that apart from Versailles' constant high-energy music can come a smoother and quieter style.

I love this song so much. It always makes me cry. Everything about this song is perfect - Kamijo's voice, the music, the lyrics. And most of all it is kind of a tribute to Jasmine You, which makes it even more sad than it already is.

16 Life - Siam Shade

Please listen to Daita's melody... You can feel the most strong guitarist emotion inside

Amazing song with strong emotions throughout reflecting emotions of band at the time

17 Blurry Eyes - L'arc~en~ciel

Love this song! The melody and lyrics are pretty good, also Hyde voice is sexy as always

18 Beast of Blood - Malice Mizer

The drums are insanely good!

19 Ame No Orchestra - Mucc

This song is simply beautiful. Having fantastic vocals, music and lyrics.

20 Dozing Green - Dir En Grey

this is my favorite song of dir en grey, the sound and the lyrics always reminds me my childhood, it's a masterpiece mixed with music.

21 Zi:kill - Lonely
22 Tears - X-Japan

Number 8th? This shouldn't be happening... I mean, don't you all think this song should be top 3?
No? Try listening to it before you deny the awesomeness. Once you listen, you may be moved to TEARS, just like what happened to me a year ago. 8)

Nothing to say, it's just the most beautiful song ever composed by a Japanese Band. People who don't know X-Japan so good still knows this music.

This song... For about half an hour after I first heard it, I couldn't talk. It just swept me off my feet, blew my mind and left me speechless.

Why this song not in top 3?... This is the best song from x Japan for me... I'm 14 years old now but I can fell this song... Beautiful lyrics... Good musician... Old song is gold... Tears~

23 Endless Rain - X-Japan
24 No Scared - One Ok Rock

There are a lot of great songs of One ok Rock that deserves to be in the top 5 at least!

Only top 20? Come on this song is completely amazing! At least their song able to be on top 10

Best of all rock song most of the letters is Screaming.

You can't exclude One OK Rock from this list.

25 Core Pride - UVERworld

This song saves many people. It should be higher on the list. The band is incomparable, and their songs (especially the lyrics) bring spirits and reasons to live. I love them very deeply. Six Pride forever.

The best band ever this song really give the anime ao no exorcist great gravity the way how takuya reach his voice rate make him a real singer singer who worth being on top!

Amazing song... It will touch your sense... A great band and a great singer, a amazing songwriter. Uverworld is the best band I ever heard in my life and I support them

This song is full of energy, makes you feel powerful and that doesn't matter in this world; Goo uverworld you are the best. I think that this song must be in the firt place in my opinion

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