Top 10 Best Japanese Rock Singers

From visual kei to heavy metal, the top 10 Japanese rock singers.
The Top Ten
1 Kyo - Dir En Grey Kyo is a Japanese musician, singer, lyricist and poet. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.

I must say that I love both Kyo and Ruki very much, and I think they are both superb vocalist. I hope people/fans on both sides would stop bashing these two amazing vocalists. They have different singing styles and different musical pursuits, so stop saying stuff like "his songs are so much better" and such, because you opinion is not everyone else's opinions.

Both Kyo and Ruki's voices had reached into my soul and touched me in different ways. Kyo amazes me with his raw emotions pouring through his screams and growls. Ruki's voice on the other hand always immediately seem to be able to pull me into the world of the song. However, I personally lean a little more towards the darker side of things, and Kyo's songs and emotions in his voice just cuts through my soul like a sharp knife someetimes. I also have to admit that Kyo does more amazing things with his voice than Ruki, though I'm not saying that Ruki's technique isn't good, because he easily one of the best vocalist I've ...more

Kyo is one of the greatest Vocals all over the World. His vocal volume is almost inexhaustible. He is reinventing itself again and again. He always manages to excite one anew. No matter how he sings, but it breaks with an ever again. Whether he scream, Growlet sings quietly and slowly, or whether he scream quickly and thoroughly. It just sounds more unbelievable.
He is good in that. He's just a natural. Practically, the measure of all things when it comes to singing.

To his incredible performance arts. He is who he is and how he must give what is in this very important Business.
He is good in that.

He sings so emotional. Not many Vocal could do that.

Absolutely agree. Kyo is much more talented and way better - mainly because of his soft dark voice. Some songs of Dir en grey are quite difficult and hard, so Ruki can't sing them, I bet so. But they're no match for Kyo. Take "Vinushka" for instance! Low or high, soft or raw, Kyo's voice is, in my opinion, the better one. Not to mention that Kyo's more experienced and sings more hardcore music while Ruki's being a wannabe with all those synthesized melodies and electro-pop moments. Really. Kyo's way better.

Kyo is the prophet, the king of vocal range ever in Japanese visual kei scene! Kyo is one of the very few vocalists that sings with emotion, a true role model to whom ever wanted to become a vocalists as a career. Plus he has the guts to sings about taboo topics, and founded the site to find the truth about the natural disaster in Japan called Scream4Truth! Kyo is also a poet and makes the bad things in life to take a little easier. Plus the fact he's cute with the bad ass look to him!

2 Takanori Matsumoto (Ruki) - The GazettE

It's true that Kyo form DeG has a wider range of vocals, reaches higher tunes and so on, but that only says he's got a better voice. Being a singer is much more than having a good voice, it is using it properly to sound perfect in every live. Of course there are concerts in which Kyo sounds great, but he has to deal with big throat problems (OPs) for pushing to far his voice. Too many times his voice does not sound live as good as the studio versions. The problem is just that he refuses to get taught or trained in singing (which isn't really bad, it's his style) and therefore he doesn't get to make the most of his unique voice. That's the only point for me to say Ruki is better than Kyo, as for their live performances, both are just incredible and give all they have.

His voice just makes me melt! I love every second listening to him and I will never get bored! The most recent song (Last Heaven) touched my heart and soul! Just from a few english words, the guitars, Ruki's voice and the way the music was laid out I fell in love with it and it's in 1st place with half of their songs! He has inspired me so much that I'm going to learn Japanese and move to Japan! I don't just love his stage character, his voice and his looks... I love him and who he is OFF stage! While typing this I'm listening to Last Heaven and feel like bursting into tears! Thank you Ruki for being in a band and making me fall in love with your band!

Very few vocalists can ever make me smile out of my own free will and even make me cry out of my own free will. His voice not only hits those notes that many vocalists are able to hit, but he also has that 'talent' to convey the emotions that the song comes with (a bonus I would say). He doesn't need to tell his listeners to cry at a certain part nor to think hard and deeply in a another part; just with the sound, the tone, the tremble filled with emotion makes the listener do just that without needing to think twice. Ruki is the top Japanese Rock singer in my world and in this world as well.

For a vocalist, he grown into someone so strong and inspiring. He toughed it out, and regardless of everything he's been through, he hasn't looked back. His lyrics reflect society, whether things have happened to him personally, or the band members, or the band's fans. His passion can be heard through his voice, and he even dedicates himself to his fans and his band-mates. Ruki is an inspiration and has touched his fans through his music. Passion and determination like his is something so rare to see in the music industry of this decade. He's one of a kind.

3 Iwagami Tatsuro - MUCC

Tatsuro's voice is simple one of the best voices I know so far. He can interprete almost every song with such deep feelings. His voice is powerful yet full of emotion, it can have energy and even slow songs are amazing. I learned to love his voice and almost every time I hear it I get goosebumps and a shudder will run down my spin. That is all because of his voice which can bring all this power through his voice!

It's simple. He can sing. That's all. If we're looking for the best one, who is known outside Japan too, then I think Tatsuro is the only one, who has got a really good voice, and this is the thing with it you have to born. Because just working on it is never enough, if you doesn't have something that is called God-given talent.

Tatsurou's voice is completely amazing for me, and in my opinion he should be in the top five, or even number 1. He has so much emotion in his voice. And his voice is incredibly unique. He has a nice vocal range and can scream beautifully. He writes beautiful lyrics and music too. For me, he is the best vocalist in Japan, and world!

Tatsuro has very unique voice and his way to use it is different compared to many others. You can hear the real emotion from his singing - it's coming straight from the heart. You can see it best on stage. He's very effective and intense performer - must see it. His voice is also so diverse... he can sing hard and fast songs but sensitive and slower songs as well. Here's some reasons why he's the best in my opinion.

4 Toshimitsu 'Toshi' Deyama - X-Japan, Toshi and T-Earth

Is voice is really improving again. I think he's taking classes again. Hope he can be even better in the future. ToshI has an amazing voice, like rough, and X JAPAN melodies are also difficult to sing. And another thing... he asked his fans to ignore the existence of Toshi With T-EARTH and all his projects for the label Healing Music due to personal and professional problems.

Amazing singer his voice is so unique and he has the perfect rock voice. I think he should be number 1 on this list, he can hit every note amazingly, he can make you feel the emotion in the song he sings him and yoshiki and the other band mates are outstanding together in my book I think they are 1#!

Oh, come on! How come Toshi at number 14? He should be on top 5. Why did X Japan is one of the best band in Japan? Because of their members such as Yoshiki and Hide. Both of them is the best musicians in Japan. And why Toshi not in the top 10 list? Get things right, man! Put him at top 3. Please vote him. Forever X!

Toshi is the best, an amazingly powerful voice but so clear at the same time. His voice fits perfectly with X Japan's song, nobody can sing X's songs like he does. And his performance during Art of Life is just unbelievable!

5 Hyde - L'Arc~en~Ciel

This guy needs to be at the top 3, but to me he is the best Japanese rock singer. He's vocal range is so wide and his voice continues to evolved through the years. It's not only the range but the variety of voice Hyde has to offer.

He has this particular tone with Laruku which made me follow him. I'm a fan of Jrock bands and their vocalists. I understand that there are pure qualifications that can add more points to a Japanese rock singer but his unique voice has reached international fans like me.

I love the other voice and emotion that Vamps and his solo work has to offer. To my surprise Who's Gonna Save US sounded like Linkin Park to me.

Even he is at 50+, you can see he has also improved his English reaching more international fans. His voice knows how to please girls. :)

+not related to rock, but this guy sings well in different genres and with the right emotion. He has all songs for all occasions.

I accept the Gazette to win in the top 10 of best Jrock bands, but within this list we should really make clear (specially for mad girly fans), that this is about the sibngers voices not their face, smile, charisma or whatever. Hyde can reach incredibly high tones, he has a powerful voice and, when he wants to he can scream really loud. I don't even want to talk about number 3 of this list (kamijo), that is just not worth it.

I love Hyde because his voice is different from all these "look alike visual kei singers". Except Toshi (X Japan) who is the most brilliant (but I can only vote once). Hyde can sing from the lowest to the highest in the same song! He is amazing. He shares a lot of emotions when he sings.

HYDE is by far one of the best in not the best vocalist on this list! Vocal range is not only wide, but is a perfect match for the type of music he's singing. Whether a ballad, pop rock, hard rock, or alternative he masters the mode of each song he graces.

6 Gackt Camui - Malice Mizer and solo Gakuto Oshiro (大城 ガクト Ōshiro Gakuto, born July 4, 1973), better known by his mononymous stage name Gackt, is a Japanese musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. He has been active since 1993, first as the frontman of the short-lived independent band Cains:Feel, and then for the now defunct visual kei rock band Malice Mizer, before starting his solo career in 1999. He has released nine studio albums and, with forty-eight singles released, holds the male soloist record for most top ten consecutive singles in Japanese music history.

Listen to his album for FFVII Dirge of Cerberus got me into Japanese music in the first place. His music and the way he performs is extremely admirable. His voice is great, deep, sexy... I guess you can say he's my idol. He's an actor too, which is great! Just listen Vanilla, Mizerable, Storm, Luna, Redemption, Episode.0, Ever, and maybe even Dears, I'll definitely keep up with being a fan of his!

He has real talent and such a beautiful voice! If you have ever listened to him sing "Au Revoir" in Malice Mizer, that is a great example. The way he hits those high notes flawlessly and quickly is amazing!

Gackt's voice is just so smooth and perfect. He hits both the super high and super low notes so beautifully. His music is touching and sweet. Besides that, he's gorgeous and funny!

Excellent vocalist, excellent musician, he wrote awesome songs and his shows are grandiloquent and unique. Is there anything else to add there?

7 Morita Takahiro (Taka) - One OK Rock

He is too amazing. Not a lot of singers have total voice control. Husky, melodious, hard, smooth, anything he does with his voice, he still sounds awesome. Jumping, running, turned upside down, the control is still present. And the way he looks at the camera or feels the song he's singing? It makes a girl's heart melt. Some girls I know even cried. The bottom line is, he's one of the greatest singers and lyricists ever born. Try imagining him singing my sweet baby or kagerou, and he's looking directly into your eyes. These question for the girls: wouldn't you palpitate? Wouldn't your knees give up? Wouldn't you feel butterflies in your stomach? If not, go die.

I saw him perform live and his voice is simply amazing. The way his voice sound on their album is the same voice he has live. Other singers would use auto-tune to change their voice but this doesn't apply for Taka. He has a very high range especially when he sing Clock strike and even when jumping, running and screaming, his voice still sound so incredibly awesome. He is the greatest singer/lyricist ever and he so humble and down to earth. He never fail to amaze his fans with his great vocal range and performance. He deserve to be in Number 1 spot.

What makes him different than the other vocalist is you can feel his soul while singing. You know he mean what he sings and his voice just give me goosebumps every time. It makes you melt whenever he sings even on his live performances. I don't know but he's voice is just so different. How he have this melismatic voice and when his voice falters every once in a while. I can't further explain it but... you know I mean when you listen to him.

Taka it's so wonderful, his voice is just INCREDIBLE, well, it's so hard describe, just want say that it's so beautiful, beautiful for me, at the concerts invariable and powerful, sometimes beautiful hoarse, I'm not the only that I fell in love with the songs live, a voice, a singer out from the schemas, I never had heard a Japanese singer like him, always trying his best, always jumping, screaming and appreciate his fans so much, not only a simple singer, an amazing composer too,he never stop to impressing me, just a voice that I won't forget. I LOVE HIM

8 Hideto 'Hide' Matsumoto - X-Japan and Hide with Spread Beaver Hideto Matsumoto, better known by his stage name Hide, was a Japanese musician, singer, songwriter and record producer. He is primarily known for his work as lead guitarist of the heavy metal band X Japan.

He is and will always be Japan's and one of the world's greatest guitarist. His voice was very distinctive in general, regardless of what language he spoke in, Japanese or English and (rarely) Spanish. I love it. He has very good vocal rage, to the point where he would sing backup for himself is some songs. I would have to listen to the song again just to make sure it was him. He was a music genius. Period.

Even though he was Japans greatest guitarist he was also a great singer with songs such as Goodbye or Rocket Dive.

Simply a genius in anything that he attempted, whether it be singing, playing the guitar or anything else.

9 kamijo - Versailles

Nice voice and he has improved over the years. His live vocals are stable, even some parts will sound better than the studio version. Amazing charisma and stage presence.

He's definitely great vocalist! Besides having an amazing voice, he also has a tremendous stage presence and puts on a great show, which is something a lot of vocalists lack. I can listen to his voice for hours, no matter if it's singing or speaking, and not get tired. He has really lovely voice and uses it in music quite well!

Even more than having nice voice and a pretty face, he's also wonderful person. He seems to be really sweet and caring person, but also very smart. And he's so professional, too, which is a big plus!

In my humble opinion, Kamijo is the best. His voice is just a pleasure. And he is a wonderful singer, not for technical qualities (as much as he is great about this, cause he has been showing range and talent) but specially for his lovely rendition skills. I specially recommend listen to PRINCE, DESTINY -The Lovers-, Serenade, After Cloudia, Remember Forever, Love Will Be Born Again, Faith & Decision, MASQUERADE and PRINCESS -Revival of Church- songs... If you have felt how much emotion and feelings he put in his singing, you will understand me!

Majestic stage presence! He gets the audience riveted with his incredible energy. Whether I am listening to him one stage, or while I am playing Versailles in my car, Kamijo's voice is captivating no matter where you are. When I heard him for the first time, I knew I was listening to a musical genius. He has a regal manor that can not be ignored, and like a vampire, his performances drag you into a world you have to desire to leave.

10 Hizumi - D'ESPAIRSRAY

Seriously why is he even at #41? He has this lush and emotive voice that's almost breaking the JRock stereotype. Also, he has amazing range... He can growl, croon, and belt like a champ... And revert to growling in a heartbeat. It takes real vocal power to pull that off, especially during lives. Him having surrender to throat sickness is a huge loss for the industry.

Hizumi's voice isn't just voice... Is voice healing soul.. Come back!

I dunno, I just love his voice. It's so touching, heart warming. He is my inspiration. And also I love him as a person. I think he is just perfect

The best vocalist ever

The Contenders
11 Haruna Ono - SCANDAL

With a husky and a slightly deep voice, Haruna Ono is one of the few female singers in Japan that has this suited for rock kinda voice. Her voice really blends in for every song that she sings, be it SCANDAL very own song or other cover songs. Her voice is one of the major factors that contributes to the success of the band. Just by listening, anybody would know that that is SCANDAL's Haruna singing because her originality of her singing voice. No doubt Haruna Ono is an amazing lead singer that everyone would pay to hear.

Her voice captivated me the moment I first heard of it. It was very hard for me to explain the experience, but it was like my heart melted. Her voice is deep and powerful, but also versatile. She is the amazing leader of SCANDAL, very professional and brave, but very caring and thoughtful and looks after the other members. She also has this amazing stage presence and charm along with her great guitar skills which really rocks!

Yes what a great voice for pop rock. I hate screamers and high pitch wailers, Haruna sulty voice, can bring a grown adult to tears, even though they might not understand Japanese her feeling says it all. As well she is a great performer with real star quality written all over her... And she plays means rhythm guitar as well harmony lines with Mami. To have singer like that who can always win an audience over, it's priceless!

She rocks our heart, she rocks our soul. A leader with a kind heart,. The Passion is there, Talent, voice. All is in her. And she never show a tears, when she feels lonely or want to cry. She never want to do that, 'cause she doesn't like us to worry. That's the Haruna ONO we have. She never show her weaknesses, always strong..

12 Koshi Inaba - B'z

This man possesses power, speed, versatility and accuracy that no one else is capable of matching. Pop, blues, swing and rock, he has covered a huge range of music genres and still going strong. With 45 singles and 22 albums hitting number 1 in the Oricon charts, this is solid proof that Inaba Koshi is one of the best Japanese rock singers that the music industry has ever seen, sealed too in the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame.

178 FOREVER. His voice has been evolving and changing for the better over the years, and everything of be'z has been so far number 1 on the oricon charts. How many bands can be the first on the charts for ALL of their singles/albums?

13 Yasu - Janne Da Arc

Yasu (now under his solo project "Acid Black Cherry") is an incredible singer and songwriter. His voice is beautiful and easy to listen to, he's especially good with high notes. While having a passion for rock, he also likes to sing pop and recently also tried a jazzier sound. Yasu definitely doesn't bore.

He's the best for me, his voice, his music, his remix of excellent famous songs are amazing and well he's great!
Always think about how his fan can feel, always think of how to make possible for them to be able to see his project etc... He's incredible!

Your voice is amazing and is an incredible songwriter. Your music glad my dark days and makes me happy I love it.

Best artist, versatile and everything he does is pure magic.

14 Ai - Deathgaze

His voice is so smooth and rich sounding. His vocal control is demonstrated even at live performances. Listen to "Amends" to know what I'm talking about here. Also, his growling is on point and sounds extra good because of his super deep voice.

15 Satoshi - Girugamesh

Satoshi's voice, more than anything else about girugamesh, is what captured my interest right away. He has power and passion; he can shout and rap; he can sing in a near-whisper and sound brokenhearted, something I've never heard convincingly from any other artist; all in all, I think he's the best male singer I've ever heard, in Japan or elsewhere. Satoshi should be #1 on this list!

He has an amazing voice. Satoshi's voice is so powerful to me as well. Powerful to me doesn't only mean how loud or how energetic he sings. His voice is so powerful that he sings with all his heart 'till he reaches yours. From Heavy to Soft Melody, he never fails to amaze me. NOW. GO. SATOSHI!

All I can say is he deserves to be in top ten and Girugamesh is my favorite band and Satoshi is my favorite singer... He had so much emotion in his voice and I love all his songs (apart from the new albums) but that won't stop him from being my favorite! GO SATOSHI!

Girugamesh is my favorite band! I love their style. Satoshi's vocal skill is amazing! I think he can sing every kind of music. I love his voice's emotion. You can feel the song even though don't know the meaning. I feel myself better while listening to his voice.

16 Ryuichi Kawamura - Luna Sea

What's great about his voice is that he can suit his voice to any type of music. In his late twenties he changed his singing style from heavy deep metal rock voice to mellow pop; and now in his late thirties he changed again to opera; just continue to adapt and perfecting his voice, which is a difficult streak when you're such a veteran rock / pop vocalist.

From rock to pop ballads... And now to opera... This year this guy broke the Guinness Book World Records! Ryuichi Kawura is one of the greatest singers of all time in Japan! Unique voice and charismatic live performance makes him interesting to watch. He can sing all types of music available in the world in his own style I believe

His voice is unique and unmatched, engaging and high quality, it has been demonstrated on his show No Mic no Speakers, and he got a Guinness Record singing more than 100 songs at Nippon Budokan. Ryuichi is THE BEST!

Only Ryuichi is able to sing with no microphone, sings ballads, rocks, he does what he wants with his voice. He is soft and bitter. He is able to hypnotize a audience for hours, Guinness Recordist! o He deserves more than this 2%.

17 Takanori Nishikawa - T.M.Revolution

If you never know T.M. Revolution & Abingdon Boys School -> YouTube it -> You will love his performance. His voice is very unique and energetic. Consider the mix style of Techno and Rock. I think he is definitely the one who specialize in this field. His T.M. Revolution focused on techno on early era before shifting to more rock-style later. Abingdon Boys School is more like metal rock style where his bursting voice suit it perfectly.

I love his voice consistency throughout each song. I especially like the way he manages to drag his voice at the end of the chorus-- if you know what I mean-- in a strong and steady manner. Great skill in that.

My favorite! Wonderful range! Brilliant performer! There is never a dull moment in watching him perform! I have been a fan for years and always will be. I would love to see him in America!

Why he's the 10? He's very good singer! I really love his voice I wish what he come to America, I want see soon!

18 Byou - Screw

An extremely sensual voice that does justice to their feline appearance. His lyrics, his rhythm, his movements, his bearing, his elegance... Byou is magnificent.

I just love his sweet, delicate voice. Besides, camera loves him, he's beautiful.

Byou always make me calm

! Byou my loves!

19 Mao - Sadie

If Dir En Grey were to ever break up, I believe that Sadie would rise to bring on the Visual Kei or J-Metal scene internationally. They are like the Diru in training. Dir En Grey can never be replaced but I think Sadie will just boost the legacy. Mao's really good of a singer, because he is mostly focused on Kyo-style with a good balance of his own.

Sadie is my favourite band. I just find Mao's voice amazing, he can have an acute voice, sing "normaly" and scream very well. In live his voice stays perfect all long of the concert. And he's a great compositer too, the lyrics he sings are beautiful. That's why I think that Mao should be above in this classement!

20 Mao - SID

Mao should have been higher than this. The main thing love in his voice is the vibrato. He has a GREAT vibrato, I mean he puts it on even the shortest notes! I remember watching a concert where he held a note for almost 45 seconds and he still had a beautiful vibrato at the end! More than that Mao puts so much feeling into his singing. Whenever I watch the SID interviews he's really quiet and calm but he's so different on stage! There was also that time where he tripped on stage in the middle of a song and he hit it full body sprawled, but his voice didn't even WAVER. I thought that was pretty damn amazing.

Love Mao best! His voice is fantastic! His the first singer I has been addicting to! I can't help myself listening to their songs and after I attended their live, I definitely amazed more at his singing skills. I always think he sings more touching than the original ones. I love both his voice and characteristic; he's the best singer in my mind!

If I had half the talent he has, I would be so satisfied. His vibrato, breath control, and pitch are absolute. However, the most beautiful part of his vocals would be versatility and emotional expression. I am still swept away by his singing during lives, even more so than the track vocals, to this day.

Mao has a very unique voice, the lyrics are very moving.
His persistent efforts to have today's achievements.
Seriously singing, wrote the lyrics of many first touches people's hearts.
Give people courage and hope.
Mao is my favorite vocalist, always the best vocalist! The SID's vocalist Mao!

21 Kohara Kazamasa (Shou) - Alice Nine

Shou has the best voice of any vocalist. His vocal ability ranges from a very deep bass tone, to falsetto. He puts so much passion into each and every song he sings, really drawing the listener into the emotions of the song better. The love he has for the fans of Alice Nine are true, not a charade. He feels deeply and he s able to translate the emotions into beautiful, poetic lyrics that state normal emotions in ways you may not have ever thought of them.

I used to only listen to instrumental music. But his voice totally blew me away. It's deep and rich, but he is able to sing softly when he pleases. It's also smooth but has a nice vibrato, not to mention I've never come across such a unique voice that is both so energizing and soothing! It's therapeutic to listen to him.

Shou has come a very long way since the early days of Alice Nine. He has continually worked to grow and improve, and he has reached a new peak with their latest single, Niji no Yuki - which stands as his strongest vocal performance to date (and not only that, he wrote the entire song, music and lyrics). We've yet to see the best from him.

His vocal range is amazing and if you listen to Alice Nine's past songs you can see how much he has improved and how much effort he actually spends into delivering the songs to us fans. And don't even get me started on the lyrics...

22 Sakurai Atsushi - BUCK-TICK

YES, Atsushi Sakurai has a voice that has it's own charm. He's very strong willed too. I keep thinking back to when he was very ill, yet by his singing and performance, you would have never known. He was later hospitalize and than back on his feet before too long.
His voice is "charm" all on its own. Such a deep voice that can alternate to a much higher pitch... It's incredible. He's aged well and his voice even greater. He's a very passionate artist and belongs right up front on stage; despite his shyness.
Everyone in but is a wonderful asset to the band, but Sakurai's voice is what easily made Buck-Tick my favorite band.
With such beautiful distinctive vocals he belongs at the top. I've heard plenty of males singers and many of them have this similarity, but not Atsushi.
After hearing him and Buck-Tick, no other music sounded quite right to me for a long while. Not to mention how quickly I became addicted to them. Almost immediately. A day of Sakurai's [yes a day, ...more

Every time I see these lists, they make me laugh so much. Sakurai Atsushi may be the best vocalist that Japan has had in these last 20 years and the inspiration to almost all todays rock vocalists, but yet he is in the 27-th place?! You've got to be kidding me kids!

Atsushi has such a tender voice, romantic and sexy. Thank God he start to sing! Moreover, when I heard him live I couldn't believe he sing live - it was as good as the record!

Of course he has to be on the top! His voice is just AMAZING! It can make you feel like you're touching heaven and at the same time you're enjoying the most precious hell!

23 YOMI - Nightmare

Yomi puts so much emotion and power into his vocals, He is like no other, During Nightmare's live shows his vocals actually improve (unlike many other vocalist who sound terrible live). He never dissapoints. Further more he can manipulate his voice like no other (yes I'm talking about chiba) Yomi's vocals were sent from heaven! And the boy knows how to use them without fear. He also takes great care of them (unlike some careless vocalist who smoke)

Yomi is one of the rare male altos in the world of music, his voice has such strength and power behind it. He knows how to project, and get the crowd to feel all the emotions within Nightmare's songs. His soul comes out in his voice, and I just love his voice.

I'm not a huge fan of Nightmare in general - I like their songs, but I'm not super involved with their fan dom. However, whenever I hear Yomi's voice, he sounds amazing. I love when he sings as Chiba in Sendai Kamotsu - it's great how his amazing vocals can still be heard through his "silly voice".

Yomi is probably one of the few jrock/visual kei singer who can actually sing in tune. His voice is just perfect and really fits the band. I'm not fund of their newest releases but his voice will alway remain in my top 5.

24 Miyavi Takamasa Ishihara, better known by his stage name Miyavi, is a Japanese singer-songwriter, guitarist, record producer and actor. He is known for his finger-slapping style of playing a guitar.

This boy is beyond brilliant. A lot of his fame comes from his extraordinary 'slapping' style when playing the guitar, but he certainly isn't lacking in the vocals department. And when I say that he isn't lacking I mean that he's brilliant. His voice has a somewhat husky quality which makes it sound simultaneously mad sexy and also perfect for the genres he usually plays (punk rock/rock/pop etc. ). If that isn't enough, he's very easy on the eyes (and by that I mean damn hot). Check out 'This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock'/'MYV Pops/'Miyavizm' - yes, the entire albums.

And finally, he's even better live. He sounds better live than he does recorded. Isn't that one of the best signs of a genius artist?

His talent is enormous. I'll add something to everything that has been said. He isn't only a brilliant musician but also a great live performer in the sense that he rocks the stage but also has a great control over the audience. You can't impossibly stop listening to him throughout the entire show, and that's because his interactions with the fans are interesting. He doesn't do, only, the 'sing the lyric' or 'just listen to my brilliant performance' thing. As said, he ROCKS and he owns the stage when he's up there!

Miyavi is... Everything you want in a rock singer. He has an amazing voice, and even more amazing guitar skills. You will be amazed, I'm sure of it! He deserves to be in the top 10! It's almost too good to be real! And his "slapping" style? I've never seen anyone do it better like him!

Miyavi is Miyavi. He has own style and he walks in his own way. He is a really talented guitarist and singer and a kind daddy and husband. Even if I don't know him personally I bet he is perfect so vote for MIYAVI!

25 Takuya - UVERworld

Takuya is a wonderful sentimental person. He is so talented always trying to surpass himself in any way possible, his my idol, I really look up to him and his voice is so magnificent! UVERworld always gives their all in every concert so I really believe he deserves to be at least in the top 10

From vocals that can be deep and rocking, to soft and calming, Takuya truly has a voice like no other. Besides having an incredible voice, he writes all the lyrics and music to UVERworld music (sometimes co written with members) Note: UVERworld does Bleach op 2, Blood+ Op 3, DGrayman Op 4, Gundam 00 S2 op 1, Gundam 00 movie ending, etc.

His charming point is his voice. He holds his microphone in a pretty unique way. His goal is to write 60 songs every year. He is a guy who will never stop improving himself. He knows how to rap, voice scratch & human beat box.

it's incredibly rare to find a vocalist whose voice hasn't been recycled a billion times -- I dare anyone to find another vocalist who sounds even a little bit similar to Takuya! 100% unique voice. Furthermore, the subject matter of his lyrics and his intelligence for the Japanese language are amazing. No.1 is where he belongs.

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