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Romantic Comedy Genre is one of the most popular genre among the Korean dramas! From the cheesy oppas, cute girls, uptight chaebol heir leads, the Korean dramas are the best recommend for someone who likes to see romance with some funny backdrop.

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1 My Love from Star

Everything is this drama perfectly fits! The storyline is well written and carried out, details of acting in each scene touches the heart of viewers! And of course, all the casts in this drama is perfect in their roles! Main characters, kim so hyun & jeon ji hyun do have great chemistry and have outstanding acting skills that match well with each other. They have added little details of their interation in the acting that make every moment look so real and draw us into the drama. Best k-drama ever for me! They really should continue to do other seasons of this drama with the same cast team like Twilight before the US ABC does it. I am sure they will have season2 and so on if they are successful with the remake of this drama in the USA.

My Love from the stars has touched me over and over again: so, it's my favourite drama of all times. Speeches, music, acting and scenes will make you cry, get angry and laugh with the two main characters.

A love story spanning, literally, time and space will make the heart-beat faster and faster. Mutual love is a miracle, and this drama is a perfect portrait of this feeling.

This is a great drama full of so many different genres. Once I was started I was hooked, and the actors are so great they make you go through emotional roller coasters in every episode. It's the type of drama that makes you laugh, squeal, and cry. My Love from Another Star is a must-watch for sure.

Perfect drama.

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2 Playful Kiss

An adaptation of classic manga Itazura No Kiss, Playful Kiss is a warm, bubbly drama about falling in love and growing up along the way. The drama shows our underdog heroine Oh Hani trying to capture the heart of her big time crush Seung Jo who is the school genius. Sometimes we feel like saying 'Hey Girl just get over your crush", but the show has really good moments. The highlight of this drama is surely the handsome lead actor Kim Hyun Joong

Playful kiss a drama which somehow relates to most of the girls love life...
Oh Han Ni and Baek Seung Jo are of different worlds and have different views but still they fall for each other...
It's a funny and lovable drama
Bit tear jerking too...
But it's a heart melting drama and a must watch too...
The chemistry of two characters are really very impressive...

Never get tired of this drama! Its HILARIOUS! And super cute! Definitely recommend watching this if you like romances where the girl tries to get the guy but the guy doesn't want her. Of course, after a while, the end up in the end. It so cute!

This one will always remain my first Korean drama to watch and also my favorite one till now.
There is no other plot that is as good as this one.

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3 Boys Before Flowers

This is my first Korean Drama that I ever watched. It was recommended by my friend, whom got me into K-pop as well. This drama is AMAZING! I legit sobbed when I finished it! THE BEST acting! You will immediately fall in love with this drama after the first episode. (And the boys too! <3)

A perfect example of rich boy poor girl love story. I love this drama very much. I couldn't sleep without finishing it. I continuously watched 26 whole episodes. I watched it countless times. I love this drama - Lukhman9846

It's my best drama I have ever watched its just fantastic I have seen it repeatedly and I want that there should be an another season with the same stars and people will love it as they have loved the previous one... I am an Indian though it have ruled in many Indian hearts so we would love to watch an another season of its...

This is DEFINITELY the BEST EVER drama I've ever watched. Seriously, not a single boring plot. Even the first episode will make you want to watch more and more episode until you can't stop. Combination of the four handsome male leads will drive you crazy and the funny character brought by the female lead will entertain you all the way from the first episode to the last! Highly highly recommended!

Sums up every student's life in & out of the school. Also, their struggles while studying, friendships built, & love. All of the actors were great & I love all of them but LeeMinHo's mother (grr)
Of course I love this drama because of the boys especially my Main Oppa, LeeMinHo. This was the first kdrama I've watched & their ost (StandByMe) will make you fall in love with the drama over&over again.

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4 Pinocchio

One of the best dramas that I've watched. There's no single boring episode or dead scene. I can't sleep thinking about what will happen in the end of the drama. The chemistry between the two main is very much felt. You would sink your teeth unto this drama after getting past the first episode which is great because it's not boring unlike other dramas. The plot is not cliche and the casting is perfect.

The flow of this drama was really great. I am really excited when I was watching it. Never been boring. Really love the idea and the relationship between lee jong suk and park shin hye. I really hope they are real couple because they look very sweet and cute in this drama. I love it. A big compliment for this great story. This drama was very different with others.

Extraordinary story between two people who shares a bond, this series made me cry and even realize that rumors could really affect people psychologically and physically. the story mostly reflects the reporters and a family that was once shattered, this kind of acts a lesson to all reporters, I believe.

One of the best and most gripping of dramas. Great OTP,acting, music, characters, dialogues, music...
What else does one want?

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5 The Heirs

The funny thing is when I first saw the cast line up I thought it would be so crowded having all of this bright talents in one show, I took me over a year to finally decide to watch it however it became my 2nd favorite k drama of all time, the entire cast worked with great harmony to bring out the best and the plot was adventurous enough to keep you on your toes, because it has way to many actors and support actors it's hard to till who's performance was dominating I think each played their role perfectly - deena89

Park shin hye is young with potentials of growing into a really good actress, watching her previous experiences I kind knew that she's not that good of an actress, anyway she still has time to grow and I can see she did better in pinocchio however, I agree with you she still needs to polish her acting skills - deena89

I like the chemistry between Lee Minho and Park Shin Hye, both are great actors. The Drama was perfect for them. Plus all the actors and actresses are handsome and beautiful.

A lot of beautiful actors! I really like Min Ho here and Shin Hye, I love her always she's so pretty to look at). Min Ho is a great actor (not to mention the perfect face! ), I like this even more because his leading lady is Shin Hye.


TIP:if you like rich boy poor girl dramas this ones for you


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6 Secret Garden

One of the most romantic drama with beautiful action sequence. I watched this as three times. You should watch this, Some scenes are really make us to cry especially when hero treat heroine as worst. But this is highlights for this drama. Opening is so amazing. The heroine is all most one of famous actressin Korean drama as well as movies. Its funny and interesting. If you see any website, television, international ratings for best Korean dramas like top ten and top twenty, there must be some changes and mismatches. But in all ratings, you can definitely find three drama always placed or listed as best on all website, television and any other source. One is full house which is rating one of highest ever in Korean drama, second one coffee prince and third one is secret garden. Then sure, it must be attract by all kind of people. Please watch it and recommend people to watch it.

If you would ask me to choose any Korean drama to watch all over again, there's no doubt I'd pick Secret Garden! This series was definitely a combination of an epic love story and amazing portrayal of the different characters. Hands down to both the main actors as well as to the other characters in the drama. I found myself laughing my heart out in most scenes (FOR REAL) and of course, I never left my bed because of this series. For like a day. But what really gets me though is that this series was able to make me cry and appreciate each and every twist in the story. There as SOOO many things you need to look forward to upon starting to watch this. I guarantee that you will also feel the same way! (Highly recommended! )

Secret Garden was my favorite drama, and that's pretty special considering I've watch many. Kim Joo Won never actually treated Gil Ra I'm poorly, he loved her very much and he won over my heart. He risked his life to save her and he also gave up all his inheritance to be with her. Her is my favorite character and will forever be in my heart. One part that I did not like, was the last two episodes, I actually really hate it when people get married in dramas and when they were being lovey dovey, well lets just say that they should have left that out, and when they had kids... That was a big nono, dramas should not allow people to get married or have kids, that ruined it for me... sorry. But overall, the BEST drama I've ever watch by a fairly large amount.

No matter how many times I've watched this its one of my personal favorites

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7 Master's Sun

I cannot get the drama off my head. I just keep on thinking about it.. Gong Hyo Jin ( difficult to remember how to spell her name) is great. I love her acting. She seems a natural in every role that she played. I end up watching a lot of her drama and even movie.

I think this drama definitely belongs in the top ten list not only because it has an amazing cast, but mostly because it has an interesting plot and the way it unfolded was definitely unique. Of course if we start mentioning the cast, I think the fact that Gong Hyo Jin is in this drama should speak for itself. This woman (alongside Yoon Eun Hye) is one of the best Korean actresses I've seen onscreen.

This Drama kept me at the edge of the seat for every single episode. Who could think of such a distinctive unique story line. Completely blown away by the script and screenplay. Kudos to the director and story writing team. Needless to say about the lead pair - "So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin" of-course. Their chemistry is out of the world.. Extraordinary.. amazing.. Adorable.. (searching for every word in dictionary to explain). Undoubtedly a cute on-screen couple in K-Drama land. I like this drama very much. I already watched it 'n' number of times. Believe me, this drama is really worth watching. Total fun. I Love it!

Love the chemistry between Gong hyo jin amd So ji sub

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8 You Are Beautiful

This is my all time favourite kdrama.. no dull moments! Just perfect..

Love, love, love this drama... Probably the drama that I've laughed at the most... Go Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye) takes her twin brother's place in the fictional k-pop group 'A.N. jell' due to complications with his surgery and obviously, she has to hide that she's a female, so she dresses as a guy. Will put it straight (SPOILER AHEAD): the main lead actor and leader of the group Hwang Tae Kyung (played by the handsome Jang Geun Suk) finds out Go Mi Nam's a girl really soon, so it's no hidden fact that love is likely to brew between the two :) But he's a hard nut with a tough exterior and tries to get rid of her/stay away from her, which makes it all the more funny with her ditzy and clumsy personality that makes her likely to get caught, only for him to save her x) Also - Jeremy (Hong Ki) contributes to A LOT of the funny scenes... it's simply just a drama not to miss, one of my top 3 for sure ^^

This is probably one of the best! Actually, the best! Nowhere does the plot seem dragging... very fast paced story line.. sweet and cute love... great job by the cast! Jang geun suk rocks it totally! The characters make us fall in love with them! Every one of them!

This is my first ever seen korean drama and one of my favorite korean drama... And I love Jang geun suk...

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9 I Can Hear Your Voice

The first few episodes wasn't that special for me, but when it reached episode 8/9 the story became gripping and so thrilling that you can't stop. As the show progresses you can see how all the characters develop so much, even minor characters like the judge or attorney Shin. This is definitely a drama with a lot of depth, I think the main theme is not your typical love/romance that we expect from kdramas, rather, it teaches us the value of truth, the importance of empathy and what it means to be human. It would make you think about life and relationships between people in a different, positive perspective, and the best part is that the messages are not forced upon the viewers, but introduced gradually and subtly. I wouldn't say this is the most exciting drama I've seen (you can't beat healer when it comes to action, suspense and romance! ), however this is a drama that has values that goes beyond just entertaining the viewers, and I think that makes this so much more precious.

Very unique story. And the acting of Lee Bo Young is superb 10/10. She able to express out different emotions. Happy, cuteness, sassy, sad. Overall is a great drama mixture of funny, romance.

After watching Pinocchio, of course I started to stalk Lee Jong suk and that's totally a natural reaction for such handsome guy !, so I found this drama and it was noona romance , and I wasn't familiar with this genre, but guess what?! OF COURSE I LOVED IT!

this drama one of my favorite romantic kdrama!

Lee Jong suk as so Ha Park was seeking for revenge in this drama too but! , he was like a different character! and that's what is amazing about him! I loved him so much he was so cute in this role, he was also have this mature moment in the right time, and I loved him so much!

this is the first time watching Lee Bo Young, and as Jang Hye Sung, I guess she is really a talented actress, she was super funny as a lawyer , and she was so strong, and that's what made me crazy about her, I fed up from the weak dreamy little girl who cries for her lover 24 7 in kdramas, so watching her was like being happy as woman !

the whole cas was great, and I like Yoon Sang ...more

Superb plot and acting by all the characters. LBY and LJS were impressive. Even the supporting cast delivered. Solid story. Mix of suspense, drama, romance, humor and superpowers. One of my favorites.
This rekindled my love for Kdramas.
PS: great cinematography and color palette

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10 Coffee Prince

One of the popular gender bender dramas of all time! The actors are really good especially Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye. The tomboyish girl works in a cafe pretending to be a boy and the love and confusion brews in the coffee shop...

If you ask me, I will give second place to this drama, My first choice is going to be "full house". I am not sure why the people given six place to this drama. For the heroine acting and Hero's look definitely, this drama must be watched. Gong Yoo is my favorite actor and he doing his work superbly always and especially on this daram. Almost Korean drama portrayed the hero's role as much rich and unimaginable. But this character was nice, enjoyable and realizable, even this drama left some important and beautiful message than love. Heroine is really greatest actor and got lot of awards also. If anyone miss this drama, definitely you going to be miss one good Korean drama. I am sure.

My first Korean drama. The actors emote so well that unknowingly you become a part of the drama rather than a mere spectator. I'm not familiar with their names, kindly excuse. The hero makes us weep with him. His inner turmoil is almost tangible. The part where he discovers all his fears and sufferings were for nothing and that he was indeed straight, his reactions are just the right blend of anguish and anger. The supporting cast are the icing on the cake. This is a must watch drama for all Korean drama lovers.


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11 City Hunter

Why is this not top 10? The action and romance in here was OUTSTANDING! Each episode it develops and there was a touch of drama but not too much, just enough and lee min ho here was so handsome, his best style out of all his movies. and kim min young was very pretty, they had great chemistry and the soundtracks are awesome! PLEASE WATCH THIS!

Though I am a Bangladeshi and can't understand Korean at all... But when I see this serial just can't hold my breathe... It's so touchable... Li min hoo was just outstanding. other casts are also adorable... One of the best serial I have ever seen.

This drama will forever will #1 most favourite drama ever. The plot, the action scenes, the sweet lowkey romance, everything was perfect. Lee Min ho had been hotter than ever in this drama, giving one of his best performances as an actor. The only thing which ticked me off during this drama was the during the ending episodes when the romance got way too lowkey and it wasn't even properly implied whether that the main couple had landed up with each other in the end, apart from the lack of kissing scenes. Nevertheless, this drama is a MUST WATCH for every action-romance Korean drama fan.

This was one of the first drama's I watched and I fell in LOVE with Lee Min Ho. Their chemistry and storyline was top level.

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12 Heartstrings

At first, I felt that this drama is just going to be slow and dull. But, gradually as the story progressed it was more than a delight to watch such a lovely drama. More so, because Lee Shin is the perfect boyfriend out there, he is supportive, intuitive, considerate, sacrificing, caring, a sweetheart, handsome, affectionate and the list goes on. This drama gives you the perfect cutesy moments between the lovebirds. It makes you cry, it makes you laugh.. And the music is soulful. some songs do go straight to your heart. Its pure and innocent. All in all a beautiful drama to watch.

(PS: Jung Yonghwa and Park Shinhye are so cute together, and also this drama made me a Yonghwa fan... He is a really talented singer and guitarist)

One of my favourites! Its really cute that the main leads who once disliked each other managed to fall in love through music. If you're looking for a catchy beat, you should definitely watch this. The soundtracks is one of the best for me! I really enjoyed the display of emotions all the characters had in this show. It's a really sweet show & it definitely made me support yong hwa even more!

Watched this for the nth time! I love Yong Hwa and Shin Hye, and the director too! :) hope there would be more Yong Hwa-Shin Hye dramas soon.

Heartwarming drama!

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13 Goong (Princess Hours)

The story set up in modern Korea with imagined monarchy. Cinderella story like plot where an arranged marriage bring together the poor girl and the prince. Although plot dragged at the end! Watch it for Yoon Eun Hye, her cute and bubbly princess is highlight of this drama

I saw this quite by accident originally but after the first episode, the rest just had to be seen. The story line left me torn most times but in a good way. Definitely recommend this to anyone who saw any of the others on this list. A great Romantic Comedy!

I didn't expect to like this drama very much but I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I got hooked. it was has an enchanting storyline and pulls at your heartstrings and brings out the inner girl wishing to be a princess in everyone. this drama is definitely why I love yoon eun hye so much.

Great show!

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14 Dream High

This drama is amazing! It mixes singing, dancing, and performing arts all together to make an awesome drama! The music is actually catchy, and love the characters! Kim so Hyun was especially amazing, and Suzy did great too! I love the school setting, and how all the characters meet!

Dream High is definitely up there on my list of my top three favorite K-Dramas. It has at least one aspect anybody can relate to. There's falling into an unrequited love, being self conscious about your body, jealousy, being so dedicated to something you risk your health to accomplish it, and so much more. The second season disappointed me, but it was because I had such high hopes for it due to the first season. However, if it was a standalone series, I would have liked it a lot more. Dream High made me cry along with the characters, made my heart melt at adorable romance, laugh, and put me through a whirlwind of emotions like no other drama. The characters all are amazing singers, dancers, and actors. I may sound like such a nerd because of this review, but please, watch this amazing show so you can understand why I desire for it to be put into the top ten list so much.

This is my favorite Korean drama so far... No k series can win it's place in my heart I have given to it. The whole drama keeps u entertained with no boring lengthy episodes... It has it's own way of portraying the moral of the drama. Life is like a merry go round. Any one can go down in notime. People do mistakes and they have their own chance to rectify it. This is a school based drama and they did bring the exact image of the school students and the school life. So I'll suggest you to choose this drama over any other drama.

The only kdrama I have watched where the love triangle was unpredictable

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15 Emergency Couple

This is what I'd call a romantic comedy! It is absolutely hilarious & there were times I laughed so hard till I had difficulty breathing. The romance story here is really cute to me seeing how they're still fated to like each other. The confusion & jealousy was amusing to me. The main leads have a really good chemistry and I hope they'll act together more often!

Definitely watch this. I mean why wouldn't you. It is hilarious and the main leads are comical. It's just a great balance of humor and seriousness.

It is a mix of everything and that's what makes the story unique and exciting. It has moments that would make you feel sad, happy and even feel in love with the two characters. What makes me love it more is how the story showed a realistic life between a married couple and the problems newlyweds usually have and how (despite the struggles) the love survives.

This drama its very good, has a deep meaning, this drama tell the bitter life of young merriage but also very sweet at the same time, this drama teaches us not to be reckless when making decisions

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16 Fated to Love You

Although it doesn't seem attractive at first because you'll probably hate the main actor hair style but as time goes by you'll definitely fall for him. He's so handsome and fresh when he (Lee Goon A.K. A Jang Hyuk) cuts his hair short. And also his laughter, are probably the kind of laughter that you'll remember for the rest of your life. I couldn't help but to also laugh when he's laugh. I love him so much. And the the main actress, Jang Nara, fits perfectly with that innocent and baby-face-look all over her face. Fated to love you 짱!

I really like this Korean drama. When I started watching the first episode I really got hooked on it. I even sleep very late just to watch it. I have been watching it for 2 straight days... The actors really portrayed their roles very well. I really love them Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara. The story is really tear jerking I never cried this much when watching dramas its like a roller coaster ride. I was sobbing on certain parts of the drama then laugh. The feeling is very overwhelming to the point after finishing the episode I Googled the actors. I wish they will have another comedy romance drama together. I love lee gun because he is so funny but he loves Mi Young very much... More movies and dramas for both of you!

I usually do not watch dramas but this one is different. I got addicted to it that I had watched it the whole day. I commend Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara for their performances. They have a very good chemistry. I got hooked on Gun's laughter. As what most comments here have said, you will, at first, probably, got pissed off on Gun's hairstyle and how he laughed, but eventually, you will definitely fall for him. Love the story of Princess Snail and Prince Lee Gun.

Best Korean drama I ever watched! Still can't find a drama as good as this one. I cried, laughed at the same time. And the chemistry between the two..AMAZING! If you didn't watched this yet, do it immedietly. And you'll thank me later.

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17 To the Beautiful You

My madness for Korean dramas started with this very beautiful drama. I owe my friend a big time for introducing me to Korean dramas. They are short and to the point. No unnecessary stretching of episodes. I adore Korean guys. Hope one day I am lucky enough to travel to this country. I am truly amazed by this place's culture, food, people and just everything about it.

It's funny not because it means to be funny, but because it tries so hard to be cool and it just ends up plain cheesy. However, that trait in question contributes more to its charm than its downfall. The second lead is adorable. If you can't stand the flat-faced acting of the main male lead, hang in there for the second lead. He's perfect.

I am absolutely hooked on these television comedy series. these young ladies and gentlemen make me wish I knew the language and the history behind the country, and even though there is trouble between the North and the South, I really believe that these persons will in the near future an amazing country.

The very first kdrma I loved!

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18 Marriage, Not Dating

It's awesome! It made me cry, laugh and be angry at the same time. I also think that the lead actors are very attractive. I mean, it's nice to watch a movie series that has attractive actors. My opinion though. Nevertheless, it has a great story plot and I would recommend it to you people!

Please watch this, at first I was so unsure if I should watch it or not, but after I watched it I fell in love with this series. This is a really awesome series! :D

This drama was awesome! I loved it. Sometimes the actors were frustrating because of the common "not explaining yourself" scene in many dramas. The ending was awesome. The way story unfolded was awesome. It was really funny as Well. Recommend 100%!

Awesome, awesome awesome! Really enjoyed it from start to end.
For me it was unlike any other Korean movie I ever watched! From the editing, directing, production, story and so many terms I don't know, It was fabulously constructed. I would recommend it 1000% with out any hesitation. I wish more dramas like this would be produced. Keep it up producers!

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19 Rooftop Prince

This should be at least in top 5! I mean, Its amazing how you can be so carried away with how the leads act. The heartbreaking scenes just does it and then you're broke too. there are funny scenes too. When I was watching this I wanted to skip episodes and get to the ending because its just exciting. You'll find yourself like that. I know it.

This should not be here, this should be at least in the top 5, this drama is such a yes-yes drama. It's so great, funny, and I just can't get enough of it. The 4 main actor was so great, they even made me laugh so hard that I notice a tears coming from my eyes. They are so handsome and the story plot is so great, but I hate how the ending went, I thought they can be together, but well they did not end up together. But no worries, the ending is still great. It made me cry by the way

A love that transcends hundreds and hundreds of years within time. And a king at that. Too cliche? Then how about this: this king is witty, amusing, and smart and finds out that the people he's met so far in the contemporary period are reincarnations of the people related to him within his time. And this hint is a step towards the death of an unknown loved one within his time - perhaps the trigger to everything, and the reason why he can meet his lover only in a different time period (heart-wrenching/cleansing. Bittersweet).

Ending is sad yet not sad. beautiful screenplay

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20 My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox

It is hilarious especially because the male protagonist does not want her there at the beginning but she keeps on insisting. You should not miss out on this one.

Love, love, love this drama. Great chemistry between the couple. I've watched this show twice and will watch it many more times in the years to come.

Shin Min Ah is always great in whatever role she takes, may it be comedy or drama. I am looking forward to her doing another television drama. MGIG showcased both her comedy and drama prowess... I fell in love with her in this drama...

Nomonomonochua... :) my girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox really captured my heart... I WATCHED it many times

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