Fated to Love You


At first I didn't like the drama. I had to really patiently bear the first episode. However the story is so beautiful, I'm so glad I didn't give up. The main actor really charms himself into the viewer's hearts. And when he gets a hair cut! So amazing! Definitely a story worth watching. And his laughter will never be forgotten HA HA HA HA!

Warning: You are about to cry your heart and soul out
From the moment I read the summary of Fated to Love You I was hooked! I found Lee Goon's laughter annoying at first and still did at the end but the rest of the drama made up for it. I tend to watch a drama and start another on near the end of the first on because I get bored of it. Not with this one! I have never in my existence been so emotionally invested in a drama that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. It physically hurt to watch it. I watched it from beginning to end non stop. I most definitely recommend this drama!

This drama should be no. 1... The actors really got me crying, laughing, etc. I had so many emotions while watching it... Two Thumbs Up! Bow down to all the crew and everyone who made this possible.. Still hoping that they will make a sequel on this. Jang Hyuk is realllyy handsomeee! I fell inlove with him even more when he already got his haircut.. I love everything about him specially his laugh.. Got me teary eyed every time he laugh cause it makes me laugh too! The way he takes care of her girl is something I want for my future husband to be! He is almost perfect! Love this drama and I will never forget this, EVER! The best Episode is Episode 18! It's the FUNNIEST and the "GOT ME CRYING LIKE A WATERFALL" kinda type... It's really touching! The kissing scenes never disappointed me! You should definitely watch it! You'll enjoy it until the end! 10 out of 10.

Hands down... the best story, best acting (leads and supporting cast - outstanding! ) best directing - just the best... you will cheer, laugh out loud and cry cry cry...I have watched it over and over again and I want to own it! I have seen a plethora of dramas and of course the usual dramas that everyone loves are on my list but this one will always be at the top. Secret Garden is wonderful, of course BOF, Love Rain, Gong gil Dong, Pretty Man, Baker King, there are scores of wonderful entertainment out there. Fated to Love YOu rules!

I haven't watch a lot of Korean drama but the few I've seen would have to say this is by far my favorite. Though you want to hate the main character Lee Gun because of his laughter and hairdo you can't help but to call in love with him. I've watched a lot of Spanish soap operas and none made me very as much as this one. Funny, touching, and very well directed. Loved it!

One of the few romantic comedies that I actually keep rewatching & reminding myself of. You'll grow accustomed to the male lead's amusing character and I have to admit that his laughs were really funny. The storyline is really cute as they manage to still love each other after being separated and its like what the title means. If you feel the need to cry as much as you laugh, watch this! Some of the scenes got me hooked so bad. Its insane how I'm absolutely amazed by this show!

I've never cried this much in my life, I was sobbing so much at certain parts that I'd choke on my tears. JJang chemistry was so good, I've pretty much watched most of the dramas on this list but none come close to how invested I was in this one, I cried laughed, the first episode made me a bit hesitant to continue but I'm so glad I did! I stayed up for 2 nights straight to be able to finish it. I love all the characters and the story is just so good, I'm so glad that I got to watch this, really...

One of the most hilarious Korean dramas of all time, is a must watch, the lead actor is hilarious with the craziest laugh, watching their love story unfold was a roller coaster of emotions, laughing to crying to laughing and crying again. Is a must watch and should be rated higher.

This is one of the most interesting dramas ever. Hands down to the actors for wonderful portrayal of their characters, especially Jang Hyuk :) You will definitely love this drama as much as I did. A DEFINITE MUST WATCH.

It is amazing. From the story-line, to the acting. It has drama, humor and lots of love out of the eyes of Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara is perfect. There is no way you ca not fall for them. I got so addicted to it, I have to watch scenes from it every day since a week. And I am listening to the song "goodbye my love" several times a day. Started to learn Korean as well immediately after I saw it.

I love it so much full of emotion when I was watching this movie for me this is my best Korean movie that I watch horror, comedy, romantic and you will have a lot of learnings

Nice movie really

This was my very first drama. I have since watched Coffee Prince (really enjoyed, but did not love), Secret Garden (don't really see why it's rated so high), and Successful Story of a Bright Girl (had to see my favorite pairing again). I know I have a long way to go, but so far disappointed that none are as good as FTLY. I'm $seriously obsessed with it. Have already seen it there times!

First time to watch KOR drama and got hooked on it. GOSH I can't move on... been watching this drama on and on and on... still crying and laughing at each. Truly fell in love with Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara.

This drama drives me insane from his crazy loud laugh and confidence to her shy and meek innocence. It is such a whirlwind of timing. It just reminds you that love will conquer all.

I watched this drama just because of Jang Na-ra and it happened that she is casted together with Jang Hyuk. These two reunite 12 years after their first drama together, Successful Story of a Bright Girl. They are funny together. What impressed me most was Jang Hyuk's character. I can say that this drama is all about him, from his ridiculous hair cut to his manic sounding laugh. I love his acting. The story line is believable albeit a little predictable. Overall it's a must see.

I absolutely love this drama because of it's emotions and writing...I just love it! The comedy and the acting is spectacular!

If you believe that loving can be learned. that love is all about sacrificing. This moves me and I cried and I laughed and has a lot of learnings.

This Romantic Comedy Korean drama is the best! The 20 episodes is worth it! I love their chemistry and they handled the character well :) I love the snail couple!

The first time Lee Goon appeared in episode 1 (re-doing the shampoo ad) was hilarious. Love his "whacky" character throughout, Jang Hyuk's terrific acting brought the series to a different level, making it one of my top kdramas. Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk were terrific actors, Choi Jin Hyuk looked awesome.

Thanks to the comments here, I watched this drama. And, yes, it was different but definitely good. I laughed so hard and cried so hard too. Both Jangs were exceptional, with the chemistry so thick between them, it can be cut with scissors even if you're only watching on cold screen. Definitely a must watch!

Love this drama, can't help to watch over and over again.. Jang Hyuk and Jang nara is a perfectly match.. Love them both.. Hoping for them to have another drama.

Love this drama! It will make you cry and laugh a lot... The love story is really really good. One of the best! You shouldn't miss this. The actors are very good.

MUST WATCH! Jang Hyuk is so handsome, and I really like how he acted in the show. The show is both funny and touching.. please watch!

WOAH! I'll never ever forget this awesome drama ever. I love this drama, this is the first Korean drama I've watched in my life last 3 years. It's very good.

Really great drama! Love both jang! Awesome performance of cast specially both jang! I will miss this drama! So love it!