My Love from Star


This drama is my ultimate favourite. Sometimes when you watch dramas, you will feel bored over some time or guess what happens next but for this drama its totally unexpected and it keeps entertaining you! At first I was unwilling to watch this drama because the title sounds boring but it was absolutely amazing! Even though its about a fictional thing, the story makes it sounds so real haha! Please do watch this drama! :D

Its just crazy! Really, this drama driving me crazy there. I don't mean it in bad way. Its just... amazing. I wont say anything about the storyline, because I don't want to give spoiler. This drama has so many surprises, that's why you need to find out yourself.

The scenes is great! This drama will make you cry, laugh, angry, feel happy, and even pissed off! Haha... it will never make you bored. Every moment is important and touch your heart.

Each character is unique. I think the director, actor and actress, and all other staff really amazing! The storyline is also unique and not your typical kdrama.

Usually, I never comment on any drama I've watched. But... this drama really touch my heart so I think I should tell you all just how amazing this drama is. Best kdrama ever for me!

Score 10/10 overall!

The BEST Korean Drama I've ever watched. It's very entertaining. Even though I've watched this drama around 7-8 times, the chill of watching this drama never end. Everything in this drama totally Fits. The story lines, the settings, the plots, the actors & actresses deliver a high standard in the Korean Film industry.
Especially the actors & actresses are highly professional. They know exactly what their roles and are able to deliver everything that scripted to the viewers really well. You can feel the chemistry from each characters. Seriously. Everything that you watched in this Drama is Flawlessly Perfect and Totally Awesome.

No other drama captivated me like this drama do. Every episode is worth waiting for (although series completed now. I started watching it from very first episode). Totally engaging story line. Brilliant screenplay. Do I have to say about the lead pair? They are treat for eyes not only because they are looking beautiful but also they acted exceptionally well. Amazing chemistry. Mind-blowing!

Perfect cast, with superior acting. The plot is cleverly enacted out, making each and every moment perfect. Not a dull moment throughout the series. It had drama, love, fun, melodrama, heartbreak, action every element in the right quantity in all the right moment in a matured way, unlike most romantic comedy's of kdrama. Those who enjoy this genre of drama can watch it repeatedly over and over again cause it's so amazingly awesome. For first timers, perfect choice. Do not miss out on this.

I was one of those stupid people that did not want to watch the drama at first, because everybody else was watching it. Waiting was a big mistake. This is one of the best K-dramas out there.

The chemistry between the leads is palpable and every scene is convincing, whether they make you cry or laugh so hard your stomach starts to hurt. I love the little documentary parts at the end and sometimes in the middle of the episodes. The characters are unbelievably cute.

The drama doesn't lag and every scene is on point. Even the side-characters are fun, with maybe the exception of a certain frenemy. In conclusion, this drama is a must-see.

This drama is DEFINITELY the best Korean drama ever! I've already watched Fashion King, Secret Garden, To the Beautiful You etc. Amazing dramas. But this one is definitely the best. Perfect OST, perfect characters and acting. The story is original and we easily cry or laugh because of the perfect characters! If a season 2 or 3 or 4 was possible I guess everybody would like to watch it!

Probably one of the best dramas you'll ever watch. It has the greatest plot and story line. You will also fall in love with the main characters especially Kim so Hyun's(Do Min Jun). It had the funniest scenes that will throw you into fits of laughter and dramatic moments that will make you shed tears. The ending left a lot of questions unanswered but that only made it better. It's ending will make you think about the drama and what happens after even though the show had already reached it's end. although it sounds quite impossible, I really hope they make a season 2.

This drama is absolutely lovely. It has a lot of emotions, a very well thought-of story, very unique characters and very good character development. Despite the show being a comedy, I actually cried a lot. The actors were so good in their roles especially the leads and I just felt a lot of emotions they conveyed. A really, really good show. My overall favorite.

This is one of the best K-dramas ever. I've watched this one twice because the nuances brought out in this drama are unlike any other. Love the spin in the title itself. If any love story can span aliens, reincarnation and yet not lose touch with the fragility of being in love, this is it. I mostly watched it for the writing and the writers are truly astounding with the way they keep the intricacies. And of course love the stars...both of them are gorgeous, very human and innocent. One of the best T.V. series ever in any language.

I cry every single time I watch this drama because you just become so connected with the characters and you truly feel the emotions they feel.

This drama is popular for a reason; it easily lands a spot in my top 5 dramas of all time. It makes me laugh, cry, and smile repeatedly. Beware: you will need at least three boxes of tissues to make it to the end.

The best drama I've seen. Never a dull moment and you will look forward to the next episode. The actor and actress are so great that they can make you laugh and cry in one scene. Nothing compares to this drama and I hope they make a season 2 with the same cast. I know I'll never get tired of watching this over and over again.

I like this drama very much. After watching this drama, I am become the fan of Korean serials and their actor and actress. Story is very well, main lead role male and female act very good. When I am saw the that drama, I totally feeling that I am also the part of the serial.. The serial taken to that world, those world never exist. I will want to watch their next season 2...

I love this drama so much. Both of the main actor and actress are good-looking. The storyline is different from other dramas. I've never seen a drama like this one before. This drama will always be in the depth of my heart. I'll be rooting for you kim so hyun.

I Spent 2 days watching my love from another star.. I am so hooked by it that even while I'm eating I am watching it. I really love everything about this drama.. It makes me laugh, cry, wonder, and fall in love.. For me this is the best and my top of the list! Must watched. Superb acting. Great story. I love it

The first episode will immediately catch your attention with its slow motion cinematography. The concept of alien and human love relationship is always intriguing because of its magical and surreal tendencies. Kim so-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun perfectly fit the characters they play and they sizzle! I just wish there is part 2 because anything can happen when there's super power involved. Watch it and enjoy.

An amazing drama! I just loved the concept. One of my favorite dramas. Kim so Hyun is magical... Totally out of the world. Being so young and still portraying a character who is around 400+ years old with such depth and sincerity, Hats off to him. He is so charming. I love you Kim so hyun oppa.

I love everything about this drama. It has an interesting plot and the casts are perfect for their roles. This is the first Kdrama I watched having over 16 episodes and there was never a time I got bored in it. I actually suffered from separation anxiety after finishing it and was thinking of watching it again. I love Kim so Hyun very much! There are a lot of good-looking Korean actors there but it's only him who caught my heart and makes it do a cartwheel every time I see him.

Loved it loved it loved it and the ending is kinda real you know. What I mean is that you can actually believe the end... I loved this drama from the beginning it took my breath and till the last moment... it has everything. Wish it lasted longer or if there is a second part :(

That ending thou! It made me cry for a week. I recommend you should watch this extremely romantic, comedy and fantasy drama, after you watch it I bet you could fall in love with anyone no matter how they look, act or where the heck they are from.

Well said... The last scene when he comes to meet her made me cry a lot... As if it were al happening with me... Loved it...

I agree that this should be always on top for now. and also I like the way they end the series without any definite answers whether their relationship will work out or not. Its alway good to leave something behind for the viewers to ponder.

One of the best Korean dramas I've watched! Seriously so good! And I was so sad when it finished! I always try to find similar good drama but it's hard to find. If you're like me... then I suggest you to watch "Healer" and "The Master's sun". These 2 are must watch dramas! There are not dramas that can beat those 3 for me right now.

So cute, so lovely, must watch! Great acting. sometimes funny and awesome romance!

She is a famous actress and quite arrogant, still has a good heart. He an Alien (sounds stupid I know, but give it a try, I swear it will blow you away! ) lives next door, never had any intense relationships, now has to leave our planet in three month... Interesting and good ending, eventhough some questions left open. I totally fell in love with this drama!

I love this drama one of the beat the moments where flawless there wasn't even one scene where I was board or wanted to quit the acting is beautiful and the chemistry between them is heart beating they bring out very scenes purpose every thing I carried out perfectly I love the plot the cast was perfect for the role the main leads were totally amazing together looked good together this drama Is 1010 they should make a second season for it
If they do it will be a great hit.

This is a really good drama but honestly the best part was the acting of the secondary characters. The big deal that everyone creates over the 2 main actors shocked me. They are not that good at acting or that good looking for people to be out over them. However, definitely watch this drama it was super good!