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21 Hi! School-Love On

I watched this whole drama in three days and I cried so much. It's crazy how I could get so strong feelings after only three days.
It's one of those bright and happy dramas that ends really well with everyone being happy, even the bad guys.
I really liked all the characters and I shipped all the couples. The students friendship and love was just so wonderful, it always made me smile.

I had been watching the heirs before and that's a very good drama too, but it didn't end well for everyone and the whole drama was very dark and sad.

This was just the type of drama I needed

Why is this not in the top 10? This is one of the best dramas I have ever seen. Even though their is a major age difference between the lead roles the did seem to act and feel like they were 18 year olds. Mostly in the beginning it shows how different how everyone is from each other. Bullies, Nerds, Dumb People, Loners, etc. But towards half the show it begins to evolve into everyone showing compassion and love for each other even though they may just be friends. In the end I like how everyone was able to become friends even for their differences.

Every characters in this drama was so good.. I just finished this drama yesterday night. Kim sae ron really made me cry.. When I checked her profile I was shocked that she was just 14 years old with lots of talent. When she was angel she look like adult.. I think this was my first time I saw Korean girl with a cute smile. Other Korean girls look cute when they make angry angry face.. I just can't say how much I love this drama.. Thank you to the person who made this drama..

This was my first k drama I've ever watched and now I'm on last ep 20 I've cried so much a very very touching story I really love it is my favorite drama I wanna watch the season 2

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22 It's Okay, That's Love

I LOVE THIS SHOW! Me and my friends have recently started watching Korean show and we usually just stick to the North American English and British shows but I can't leave my computer for a second when I'm watching this show. The main character (the guy) is unbelievably sexy and smooth and his girl is unbelievably beautiful. On top of all of this, they have perfect chemistry and a humorous relationship with deep touching pasts. Their roommates are the funniest people ever. I highly recommend this show to anyone who loves comedy dramas!

If you ask me to name one drama that the lead actor and actress chemistry is beyond amazing, its okay that's love is the answer. I SWEAR TO GOD THEIR CHEMISTRY IS LIKE HARD TO BELIEVE THEY DID NOT DATE IN REAL LIFE. Gong Hye Jin and Jo In Sung is like perfect match in heaven. Also, the storyline is heart touching. I found myself cried like a baby and laugh like crazy after. And hands down, the best original soundtrack in any Korean dramas history ever. HANDS DOWN.

I am completely mesmerized by this show! One of the most underrated shows I believe. I totally fell in love with Jo in-sung and Gong hye Jin after watching the show. The suspense, drama, emotions in this one is spot on. Can't decide who was the best as everyone seems to have done an amazing job. And what do I even say about the OST- it's so good and perfectly matches with the situations that they get stuck in your head. Breaking the cliches, this drama will sure be difficult to top for me. Highly recommended!

It was awesome,trust me

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23 Flower Boys Next Door

The plot was very different to the dramas I usually watch. Enrique is really the most adorable thing on the planet. Kinda felt bad for the second lead (like I always do in almost every drama), but I fully support the canon because they are very cute together. I was slightly annoyed by park shin he's character when she kept on pushing Enrique away. The second pairing was also great as they seemed to be made for each other. Loved it!

This show is so good and funny. Never got boring and was very very funny. The main male was so funny I loved his personality. Ended really well not leaving you wondering what happened to other characters in the show.

I really love this one park shin hye is awesome.. I can't get over from this

The best drama ever!

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24 Kill Me, Heal Me

! This drama is so underrated! It's one of the best dramas I've ever watched. The male lead actor played all seven characters really well and except for the female lead actress's meaningless screams everything was so perfect and I waited for every episode to see what happens next.

Watch it! (And then come back here to vote it up because this amazing drama deserves to be on the very top of everyone's list). You will fall in love with all the main characters including all the sub personalities. Great cast, exciting plot and sizzling chemistry. You will laugh out loud, hold your breath, bite your nails, love whole-heartedly, hate bitterly and cry your eyes out. Even the sound track is great. Ji Sung's performance is simply unparalleled. Seriously this drama just about tops everything that's out there, except my undying love for Do Min Joon.

Seriously, this was the best drama ever so far in 2015! Highly recommended! The story's plot was just amazing. The writer really did a great job. The male and female lead are just awesome. Have so much fun watching this drama!


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25 A Gentleman's Dignity

A gentleman's dignity is an amazing drama. I just finished it recently but the plot, whoever the writer is it is amazingly written. It has everything. Heartbreaks, love, and comedy packing it all together. After I finished one episode I couldn't stop myself from watching the other. It's literally the best of all the drama's that I have watched. Chemistry between each character is breathtaking. And since the story revolves around life of four couples facing completely different relationship problems. It doesn't become boring. It is a MUST watch.

I like this drama because its not just the story of one couple but 4 couple which is very interesting to watch. Different couples that are somewhat connected. The chemistry of each couple are superb. One of the drama that will keep you wanting to watch more and more..

I've watched almost every drama in the list but the only drama that I re-watched is this drama. The chemistry, the story line, the characters, the setting, the actors, the script, everything is amazing. It's like the epitome of a perfect rom-com.

This drama is really nice.. actually I fall for Korian drama after just watching this.Every actor of this drama has done so well.

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26 Queen In-hyun's Man

My favorite drama. It had everything you would want. I love that the main actress's part really funny and out going when it comes to the guy she likes. It's a different character then I've seen any yet. The first episode is hard to get through if you don't like historical dramas. It took me a few tries to get through it. I recommend startING with episode 2 you don't really need all the back story in episode one to understand. It's so worth it to watch this drama. Love it so much - sarahskousen1

This is my first comment. I'll make it short n clear. The storyline follows really well, and the story itself is good since it is quite common nowadays with a time traveler. But it is just so smooth that makes it remarkable, no unnecessary side characters or time stealing scenes. Hum in one sentence, common story with unique details, and well directed. Not the mention the main leads, they should be able to satisfy every viewer. Thanks for reading.

This is one of the drama that have historical touch which I'm not a fan off but I really like how the past and the future connect. I love the chemistry of the couple which is very natural. At first I was a bit lost of the story but as I continue watching I can't stop until I realize it was over.

Good drama only thing it lacks is spark

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27 Personal Taste

I feel that this should have a higher rank number. It's a really good drama to me. The storyline was really funny to me as the girl lead misunderstands the male lead who has to keep up with the pretense. But its also really cute how they came to like each other despite that. Definitely a must watch drama with characters that will make you laugh so hard till you cry!

This is the only k-drama I was able to complete till the end. I don't understand why it's higher ranked. I was able to enjoy this drama as much because the female lead wasn't so annoying and awkward as most drama's. Or such a stalker. I could really feel the love building up between the characters. Loved this show.

I loved this series. Though I watched it for lee min ho. I came to like the story line. I didn't like the heroin much but she definitely fit the bill as the story required that kind of a girl. A good drama and a must watch.


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28 49 Days

This is my hubby and my all time favorite Korean drama! It really sucks you in to wear you become addicted to watching it and so suspenseful you just have to keep watching to find out what happens! Perfect blend of comedy, romance and seriousness. Love to hate the "bad girl" enemy in this one.

This is my first ever Korean drama ever watched it is wonderful you never be tired watching it I hope more dramas like these are made

One of my favorite. It makes me cry and the OST is really touched

One of the best Korean drama ever. Made me cry for the first time while watching Korean dramas.

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29 Blood

Finished it but is he alive or dead? It's very good over all though don't get me wrong :3

Its one of those drama in start you find it slow but after 3 episodes you just got hooked with it, I am just in love with lead pair and they specially performed their character really well.. Must watch..

I love this drama at first.. but the ending is very sadness... I wish have Blood 2 is coming soon...

I finished it and I loved it! The end pulled my heartstrings and many scenes got me fangirling.
by the way, the first few episodes can be a bit confusing...but you'll eventually understand it!
Did you know?
The two main characters are currently engaged

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30 Doctor Stranger

One of my favorite dramas, hands down! Lee Jong Suk is an amazing actor that I grew to really enjoy. I loved his character and all of the action, drama, and comedy. These are the best characteristics to make up a good drama!

So unpredictable, the only drama I have watched with one lead guy and two lead girls. Also the ending is so satisfying because there is no one left alone

Loved Lee Jong Suk in this drama. He was the best choice for this role. No one I seriously mean no one could have done his role better than him. One of the best dramas ever.

I love the story and actors perfect!

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31 The Greatest Love

I love this drama very much so cute this drama is my all time favourite I love both cha and him their chemistry is so beautiful and awesome I love cha swung won very very much he is a such a cute perfect person I expect lot from you cha do well god will bless you and always with you.

Hmm, they try so hard to be funny that it's not that funny. I recall only a few acts actually made me laugh. So yeah, it is a Romantic Comedy but not a great one. - midori

One of my favorite dramas ever! Very very funny! Very romantic! I like it so much! PLEASE WATCH IT! :)))

This is my all time favorite KDrama

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32 Gu Family Book

I'm not always a big fan of historical dramas, but this one really caught my attention! I love Lee Seung Ki and Suzy Bae (they don't turn up until episode 3) - their acting is brilliant and their characters are so likeable; which really made me want to watch more! It is a little intense though... As many funny scenes as there are, there are emotional scenes and a certain character generates a lot of hatred in you (I don't think I've hated any other character more! ) But that's why this drama is great - the actors do their jobs excellently! The story is also an interesting one and kept me hooked :) (Briefly: It's about a divine creature called a Gumiho, who falls in love with a human after he saves her from many difficult circumstances - but fate isn't always on their side and people get hurt and 20 years down the line, the same destiny is stirred and tested again among two others (Seung Ki and Suzy)
Definitely worth the watch :) I don't know why this isn't rated higher!

I've seen lots of Korean drama but my most favourite one is Gu Family Book. I love the cast, their acting, the story line & I think everything about this drama is AMAZING & GREAT. I just hope that it has a season 2 because the ending was somehow that you feel like it hasn't finished yet.

Way too intense. I remember not being able to handle the ferocity of emotions in this series. I have felt this tormented, previously, in Dae Jang Geum. The tragedies were heart breaking. It was very intense.

Nice drama... Entertaining... Going too fast

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33 Healer

This is my best Korean drama of the year, so awesome I like the story and how each character are connected to each other, I'm so impress in every action scene, this is the best action romance drama for me. Most of all I really love it, I find myself enjoyed watching it and I can't sleep thinking what is the next episode to be seen =)

Warning: after watching this drama, it will make you broken. Broken to the fact that why can't you have Jeong Hoo (healer his codename) in real life because you can't help it you are just gonna fell in love with the characters of course especially to healer. This drama will take you to a whole new level iof surprising and taking your heart skip a beat. Every scene was fantastic the plot the storyline was all amazingly connected. Watch out for the scenes of the "healer couple" they were so cute and mushy but in a cool way. You might be cursing at the end but for a good reason so THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WATCH IT

Excellent drama, it changes from the usual stuff you watch in Korean romance dramas and the actors are really good, from the main to the secondary characters. I enjoyed it a lot and recommend it (but beware because you might lack of sleep trying to watch it all in one go! )

This one is supposed to be in top 10!

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34 Boys Over Flowers

This is my first kdrama ever, and I really really like this. I watched this since I was at 3 grade elementary, and I keep rewatch it until now (now I'm in high school). I've never stayed up all night just to finish a drama, but this is the only one that can make me stayed up all night. really, you guys must add this to your "must watch" list!

Amazing drama, this is the first Korean movie I saw and since then I couldn't stop. Its one of the movies that made kmovies. Know to the rest of the world. Love love love lee min ho in this movie

No words to explain.. Such an amazing serial ever since I watched

This KDrama is amazing just from the first episode. It has an awesome story line filled with spendid actors. Although, it is a little cheesy but it's really hilarious as well.

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35 The King 2 Hearts

This show is one of the best that I've seen. I love the the kings character development throughout the whole show. You can really see how much his character has grown. I have no idea why it's not rated higher.

The most underrated drama, ever. Lee Seung-gi character's process to becoming King was just executed extremely well. The romance side of it was equally as exciting and moving. Will definitely recommend it if you're looking for a different style of drama.

Couldn't find a drama to surpass this one yet. This is the drama that made me fall in love with Korean dramas.

I just love this drama and the female lead is also awesome and cool

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36 Lie To Me

First drama I ever watched. Had planned to watch 1 episode then go to bed. 4 episodes later forced myself to go to sleep and the next day could not wait to get back to it as soon as I got home. This story is very funny, sad, and romantic all at the same time. I could feel my pulse rising and the girlish giggles start during each love scenes. Fell in love with Kang Ji-Hwan almost immediately and have re-watched this drama and the kissing scenes too many times to count.

I laughed so hard, loved the music and characters, she was so cute and funny and he was priceless with his facial expressions. LOVED IT! Watch it over and over too and never get tired of it. Great chemistry.

I really really loved this drama, it's so funny and romantic and it touches your heart. I keep thinking about it... It has been printed in my heart. all girls who hasn't been popular but wishes some really awesome guy could somehow enter her life can relate to this. it's a must watch for hopeless romantics!

One of my all time favorite dramas, I'm very picky with my dramas and this really stole my heart for the beginning. It's so good, I've watched it multiple times. Actually, I think I'll watch it again.

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37 You're All Surrounded

Wow. In my opinion the drama was a big hit. Even though there wasn't much comedy it was still a big hit. I would definitely recommend it to someone who hasn't seen the drama yet.

Hilarious, beautiful and well done. The each of the detectives in the team get their chance to shine, and do it well. Friendship, mystery, comedy and romance it has it all tightly packed into one series. Definitely recommend!

Best drama ever! Lee seung gi! So funny, mysterious, cute! It has everything! This is a must watch!

Great drama worth watching..well done!

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38 My Girl

I love this drama so much! Its one of my favorites! One thing I like about yoo rin is her attitude and her hilarious side that made me breathless laughing so hard. I have never seen a woman like her, kind of embarrassing women kind but in a very funny way! I love it

This the best drama... It's funny the old Korean drama much much better than now! Their story line was great! This drama made me laugh ad cry! I love this drama I watched so many k-drama but not as good as this drama. I watched k-drama since Full house aired on 2003 but none as good as this drama.. even my father love this drama.. Whole my family loves it so much! Because it's funny and sad you will never regret it you watch this drama... I don't know why this drama can't get top 10

Like many, I was introduced to the wonderful world of K dramas through My Girl. Looking back, even after watching a number of K dramas, My Girl remains my favourite K drama of all-time. While the plot may be simple, it is the very reason why it was so fun to watch. So many hilarious moments that made me laugh so hard, but there were also many heartbreaking moments that had me crying along with the characters as well. Lee Dong-wook and Lee the-hae were brilliant in this, both in their individual roles and their chemistry. Their chemistry was one of the reasons that made this drama so enjoyable. I still go back to this drama when I need a reminder of how good the older K dramas are. Made me a big fan of Lee Dong-wook too. This drama deserves a much higher position on this list!

It must be in the top 5 it a deabaak serie

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39 Birth of a Beauty

It is really interesting. The main lead actress becomes so pretty and tries to make her husband not marry the women who he cheated with while she was alive. She falls in love with him again, but later she finds out her death was suspicious because of all the people that thinks of it as suicide. Then, she finds out there was a "will" that was sent through her email to everybody she knows. She finds out her husband was the one who killed her :O Her love for her husband snapped when she finds out the truth and the way his family treats her mom. How will she revenge her husband, and will she be able to love again?

This drama is best example of "Rom-com" genre. Interesting script, hilarious screenplay and beautiful versatile actors... What else we can ask for? Every episode is quite engaging and entertaining. "Birth of a Beauty" is currently top on my list of must watch dramas. Give a try. It is totally amazing.

This drama was awesome and fun to watch! The plot was well set and the characters were amazing at their job! I really enjoyed watching it, it brought tears to my eyes!

Birth of a Beaty is a romantic comedy. Some of the others listed are super good but if you're looking specifically for romcom - this one's top notch!

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40 Faith

This show is very likely the best I've seen. It delivers it all. Love, excitement, honor, integrity, handsome Korean men :), intrigue, twists, turns, tears, cheers, laughs and a fantastic soundtrack. The main leads have such great chemistry between them... I bet the actors got along in real life too. In short: It is the sort of show that sucks you into it and makes you WISH it were real. That is the test of a really well made show. I will own it. Definitely worth it. INFJ friendly!

The best drama my God, the acting, the story love it very much. It scared me so much to see the next episode. I take some time to get me out of my frustration, then go to the next episode. If seem like so real.

Best show ever. It has Romance, comedy, history and everything a drama could possibly deliver. love it. Actors do a superb job in bringing the characters alive.

This show is set in an epic historical time. The time traveling of a modern day surgeon into the past is awesome. Lee Minho is a king's knight that protects the king. He falls in love with the surgeon who saves the queen and him too. very good choice if you are into epic staff.

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