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61 Big

If you guys looking for a hot guy, Gong Yoo is YOUR guy. He's hilarious, and the way he kissed Lee Min Jung just... so real the chemistry is so strong I even think they were really together. I WISH they were together :( And the plot is good too. You just can't stop following the story between them two

Well for a hong's sister drama the finally was not satisfying, however I can't be impartial because my 2 favorite Korean actors were the leads, immaculate performance and it was really fun to watch aside from the final episode - deena89

I watched it more than 4 times. I REALLY love this drama. This is my #1 romance comedy drama in my listing. this drama bring me a ton of laughs without being too cheesy. This drama is very underrated that makes me sad but also happy *it becomes my little secret, hehehe. The part that kinda turn me down is the final episode (but its okay), otherwise it's a very enjoyable drama.

Gong Yoo is cute and perfect as always.

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62 That Winter the Wind Blows

Its not comedy. It's a melodrama. Every episode is so touching, I cried in EVERY episode. But it's a must watch. Story is great. Jo In-sung is amazing.

I'm really crying and so touch I can't forget this Korean drama ever.. My favorite.

Can someone please tell me if he was alive in the last scene. Thank you.

Oh No! This is a romance melodrama. Are there anyone laughing over this drama? - midori

One of my favorites!

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63 Scent of a Woman

One of the best romance drama I've seen. It's sweet, romantic, funny and sad. Interesting story, beautiful acting, I enjoyed it so much!

I watched this drama 3 times I cried very much I like the tango scene

This Korean drama made me cry a lot and the plot is really outstanding for me.

Nice and good movie.

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64 I Do I Do

Okay I adore kim sun-a before she shaken off the weight and I couldn't imagine her in a non comedy role, I watched this before scent of a woman so it was my first encounter with her in a non funny role, great performance and great story-line and a really warm performance for lee jang woo how can anybody be so warm and heart touchy. great job - deena89

This drama is very very funny.. And sweet too. You wont regret it watch this drama.

Watch it and I promise you wont regret it.

65 Trot Lovers

Because of this drama I fell in love with Apink's Eunji ♥ Great cast and the storyline wasn't boring

Such a nice smiled Choi Choon Hee are there. - kocaxxx

Pretty smile a pink eunji

I love Apink Eunji now

66 Full House Take 2

It's the new collection of k drama full house its awesome you should watch it

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67 She Was Pretty

LOVE it so much! Love the idea of the story line, although it has its flaws here and there, and the casts are cute too. I hate the stupid main guy for his inability to know what's good and what's not even for the simplest things, and he doesn't look all that capable to me. Wonder how he got his position at work with that kind of attitude and a huge stack of bad decisions? But then maybe that's what makes it a lil bit more realistic (rather than the all-round perfect kind of guy)? Cross my fingers and hope that the last half part of this drama brings it to my expectations and doesn't ruin the good ambiance.

Simple story line with strong cast. The story flow was fast at some episode and slow-smooth at others with all the lovey-dovey. The second lead syndrome hit me hard in this drama but I love how the writer sweetly end the drama (but not for the second lead, I am still in withdrawal). For a light romantic comedy, this k-drama rocks 2015.

Choi si won is the best. I just can't believed that he can make various kind of expression.. So fun to watch this drama. Sometime I find myself watching this drama again and again.. Si won I love you oppa.

Cute drama..

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68 Witch's Romance

I loved this drama. I is my all time favorite drama. Ever. It warmed my heart. It showed a real relationship between a woman and man. The chemistry between the two leads was incredible. It was funny and sexy at times. I wish it was more than 16 episodes but I would watch every one of those episodes a hundred times more. This Romantic Comedy is so worth watching. You will not regret watching it. I sure didn't.

This drama isn't very popular for some reason, but it's great! It's one of my new favorite dramas. The comedy part is hilarious and the romance is so perfect. The leads have the best chemistry and I love how they are as people. The drama has such a good story behind it too and I like how the characters are so honest with each other and there's no annoying side female who wants the male lead

I think you should give it a chance, it's not so popular I don't see why, but it's really amazing and very very funny. I'm glad I watched it, and I like to watch it again cause it's hilarious.

The storyline was good but the lead actress is old like grandma and park seojoon is like her daughter and not a couple to me. ewww

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69 Empress Ki

It took me quite some time to convince myself on watching this drama for some reasons. First, what the hell with 51 episodes! Its just too much if it exceeds 20 episodes then it's a NO for me. Second, I don't really like period dramas. But after much time spent on searching for next kdrama to watch and the good reviews I've heard about it and the fact that Ha Ji Won is the female lead, I finally gave in. It literally blew me away. I almost wouldn't want to sleep just to finish it right away and I did in 5 days. Superb acting by the leads and great cinematography. I just love it!

I Love this drama so much, even though it's long but its worth to watch..

Ha ji won is one of my fave Korean actress. She's good in action scenes.. Yes it is quite long but I watched every episodes and every episodes are interesting and you will hooked. But one thing I don't like is the last episode.

I had watched a lot of kdramas but this is the best of the bests.

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70 The Innocent Man

The drama itself was everything a romance melodrama needed.. the leading actor and actress had an extraordinary chemistry and you will absolutely love it! Though I must admit some parts may get a tad cheesy

Best Korean drama, the leading role were great and have a great chemistry. The overall plot of the story was great

Hello? This is a melodrama. In no way it is Romantic Comedy. Kwang so does not made this drama turn into Romantic Comedy. - midori

I like this drama because song joong ki

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71 Oh My Venus

This drama is just amazing. The chemistry between the leads cannot be put into words. The storyline is great, and I find myself loving the supporting characters, even though they don't get too much screen time. I absolutely love this drama

This drama is just the best! the main actor and actress are also both handsome and pretty. they make a really cute couple. shin min ah looks really funny here. totally in love with this drama!

Amazing chemistry between characters, makes you laugh out loud and so moving that it can make you cry

Very light to watch.. you will certainly fall in love with the characters.. will give you good vibes

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72 Come Back Mr

This drama is amazing, I was hooked from the first episode! The acting is superb, the characters are so interesting and fun, and the plot is unique and gripping. The drama balances every emotion under the sun, and even though it's something like a revenge story, it will tear your heart out and make you come back for more. This drama is one of the most satisfying dramas I have ever watched and I recommend it so much!

IT IS SUCH A GOOD DRAMA. The story and acting are amazing but descendants of the sun aired at the same time so many people don't know about this drama. IT WAS SOOO FUNNY. One part I was literally on the floor laughing. Some parts are sad too and I cried a little bit.

It's awesome... I laughed like crazy...

I loved this drama specially Rain...
I couldn't stop laughing. Seriously its worth watching.

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73 Secret

The best ever very very recommended you will never regret watching it it is the best 2013 Korean drama and won a lot of awards

I love the story line

Really good story, love, hate and mistery in a good mix

Secret is a drama full of emotions.i bet u will actually cry.but the serial will teach you lot many watch it ji sung and Hwang Jung-eum u guys just rock.

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74 Pasta

One of the best drama, love the actors they have such a cute and realistic chemistry I fell in love with them. So glad that I gave it a chance.

Absolutely love this show! The two actors are wonderful and seem to have a tremendous amount of chemistry together! Funny and romantic and great!

One of the best Korean comedy drama. I strongly suggest to watch it.

I'm rewatching this now. This is one of those dramas that just feels real. One of my favorite drama of all time.

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75 Beautiful You

Love it, love it and love it so good very interesting sulli so cute great lessons and morals #beautiful watch it I promise you won't regret it

The best comedy, romance drama ever

This is a pretty good drama. It wasn't as famous in Korea but it definitely got the oversee people to watch it. The three guys are hot and the girls is pretty. The main girl has too much aigoo in here though, I like girls with a lot of aigoo but that's just me.

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76 Reply 1994

Up-till before I watch this drama my favorite drama was coffee prince, however this drama swayed me with it's natural current of wits and humor that it became my favorite k-drama of all time, the cast is incredible the plot is amazing every little detail of this drama is worth watching, start with this drama and you will never stop being a k-drama head ever

Classic nostalgia, which may or may not be relatable. I wasn't expecting much, but this drama was fantastic. Absolutely great balance of hilarity and seriousness when needed. Highly recommend!

Great casting. Everyone played their character as it should have been. First drama I watched and still the best so far!

I love this show it just mad me mad at times but that is what kdramas a suppose to do

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77 Modern Farmer

A hilarious drama just love it and never get bored while watching... watch it you'll never regret

Very fun Korean drama. I love it.

Full time comedy. A unique story of a Rock band who starts farming cabbages.

Really funny!
The whole story is funny.
Love lee hong gi!

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78 Super Rookie

The cast was unknown to me as well, at the time I watched it, but this show made me look for others with the same actors.

This is the funniest series I've ever watched.

I didn't know Eric, Han Ga In, Oh Ji Ho when I watched this drama at that time. With no recognizable casts from my point of view, this drama hooked me until the end of episodes. - midori

79 I Miss You

A good story with the attractive plays. I like it

For me it is really an excellent drama..but I didn't like the ending though..

Wonderful drama. Very emotional

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80 Iris

Iris should be on top 10. Really love this series. A full package movies

Best action drama. just love it. can't forget it. especially the song- don't forget me..

For me the best drama ever got me on my nerves everutime I see it and lee byung hyun's acting is beyond words to say. overall really love the drama and especially lee byung hyun

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