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1 Salem Saberhagen
2 Sabrina Spellman Sabrina Spellman

Remember the episode when her family couldn't eat pancakes or they would become addicted. Harvey is eating some in school and she nicks them, she shouts "pancakes" nearly eats one that was on the floor that someone had stood on. She had to make syrup to hate them but it all goes wrong when its taken away and she thinks Libby has it but Libby hates blueberry, then she goes mad. Then cold turkey and had hallucinations Salem who has a pancake body and a syrup woman, at the end she sees her again and faints.

Till they turn it into a dark, horror with the delusion of witches believe in the devil no real witches believe in Pan the horned God who is from Paganism older than Christianity. I HATE CHRISTIANITY AND THE RELIGION SHOULD HAVE NEVER EXISTED BECAUSE OF THEM THE WHOLE PAGANISM AND WICCA HAS BEEN LABELLED AS EVIL BECAUSE OF THEM DUNDERHEADS.

Sabrina Spellman is a good woman and she inspires other girls and kids

3 Zelda Spellman

I had a hard time choosing between her and Salem but I chose Zelda. She's so smart and insightful, and she always has a solution. People might say that she's "too strict" or "boring" but I don't think so. She's a lively character full of dreams and aspirations that wants to change the world. I love every single thing about Zelda Spellman, the best character in the show. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Hilda Spellman
5 Harvey Kinkle

You know that you loved him. But they decided to just drop him at the end of Season 4. Remember the episode I think it was Friday 13th Sabrina could tell mortals she was a witch she told Valerie and Harvey and Libby overheard and tried to get others to know. Harvey was fine about it, even if she hadn't told him before that like when they first kissed (remember he was turned into a frog). They didn't even talk about her being a witch, they just dropped him out of the show.

6 Jenny Kelley
7 Libby Chessler
8 Willard Kraft
9 Roxie King
10 Amanda Wiccan

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11 Ms. Quick
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