Top Ten Saddest Deaths in Supernatural


The Top Ten

1 Bobby Singer

That was the saddest moment especially when the boys faded away in the scene.

In the scene where he's experiencing his last memories and that is the boys having a normal life, or any time when he referes to the brothers as his own, it just breaks my heart. - AnonymousChick

2 Charlie Bradbury

My poor lesbian nerdy wife didn't have to die. Why did the writers take her so soon? And why did they make her funeral in the next episode so depressing? - AnonymousChick

She shouldn't have died

3 Kevin Tran

He. Was. Taken.Too. Soon. - AnonymousChick

4 Jo Harvelle

People usually put her death with her mother's, but it was different, seeing that she died before the place exploded. Poor girl. - AnonymousChick

5 Sam Winchester (Season 5)

The time when he basically killed himself to save the world from lucifer. - AnonymousChick

6 Ellen Harvelle

She held her dead daughter in her arms and killed herself to save Sam and Dean. - AnonymousChick

7 Mary Winchester

Her death was what started her children the horrible path of being hunters. - AnonymousChick

8 John Winchester

He was a jerk and horrible to his kids as they grew up, but he ultimatley sacrificed himself for Dean - AnonymousChick

9 Balthazar

The... the heartbreak on his face. As god! Cas stabbed him. I will never be able to unsee it.

10 Castiel (Season 7)

It's just that... he was dead for so long... I thought we'd never see him again... - AnonymousChick

The Contenders

11 Dean Winchester (Season 3)

The first time he died. And the first time we saw hell - AnonymousChick

Never cried so much over a T.V. show

12 Gabriel (Season 5)

I cried every time I thought of him he should be number 1.


13 Sam (Season 2)

Are we going to forget how Dean held him and cried? Or how in the next episode he sold his soul to bring him back? I've seen that episode 4 times and every time I'm reduced to a pile of tears.

14 Mick Davies

Just when I started liking him. And he died wanting to do the right thing. For a moment I thought he was going to be a regular. :(

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