Saddest Deaths In The Walking Dead Game

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1 Lee

The only time in video games where I nearly cried. I had the misfortune of having this death spoiled for me but it gave me time to decide what I was gonna do. But when I got there I still had to take a moment to really decide. God I miss him.

He died trying to protect Clementine and he was like a Dad. He was a better Dad than Clementine's dead father. He also thought of strategies like disguising with guts smeared. He was the smartest and most caring

Yeah. That sucks. Very sad death. Only death that's sadder, is Cortana in halo 4. Still, unless you count ben since Kenny didn't die, this is the only sad death in the whole series.

The part where I cried the most... the pary was the everyone cried. Its not just a fact.. it's the truth

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2 Ben

He might be useless but he was just a kid trapped in a mans body and he was very loyal to the group trying to do the best for anyone

Kenny lives so this should be after lee ben wasn't bad he was trying to get the bandits of everyone's back but everyone hated him what he screwed up but he was trying to be nice I was nice to him in the game and clemitine (I suck at spelling her name sorry:-() anyway kenny was one of my favorite. Character but then he wanted ben to die that pissed me off >:-( but then after ben standed up to kenny he started being nice but when he died I almost cried so sad but he may died a painful death but kenny put him out of his misery I'm the one who made this list sorry about kenny I made it before I saw him alive I'm an idiot anyways bens death isn't sad as lee but still sad

3 Carla

Don't you mean Carley? :p
Her death was sad, but I didn't have enough time to have too much emotion.
She was my favorite character. (Along with Lee and Clem.)
Carley was strong, loyal and kind. She supported Lee through everything.
Even though she died pretty early in the series, she lives just as much as Lee.
Lee takes her gun after she died, and she told Lee to admit to killing people.
I miss her. ;-;

4 Duck

Man he was only 10 I think it's the saddest death next to lee

He was young :(

5 Kenny

Technically, Kenny isn't dead. You find him in season 2 episode 2. You have the option to kill him in the season 2 finale, but I didn't. Watching the video online, it wasn't even sad

I cried at all of his death especially his season 3 one

Spoiler alert you can kill in in episode 5 of season 2

I miss him sooo much!

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6 Luke

Thought this would be number 5 of something. No sad dialogue, but still sad.

He wasn't even killed by walkers or humans, which in my opinion, makes this death even more tragic. He's just gone, just like that.

This is the biggest character loss (besides Lee) in my opinion. The reason he's so low is because he death scene wasn't extremely sad.
Still sad though.;(

7 Omid
8 Katjaa
9 Mark

Why was this one sad again?

His last words before he died of leg decapitation and at the farm were
Don't... Eat... Dinner...
Man that's cruel

10 Chuck

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11 Alvin

Alvin was a very nice guy who only wanted to survive with Rebecca and his Adoptive/Natural Son. Atlease he gets some revenge when he gets to kill a person. But He should have lived longer.

12 Nick
13 Doug

This guy was awesome (better then Carly) he died before he could get a walker kill

14 Pete
15 Sam (Dog)


16 Sarah
17 Larry
18 Lilly

Lilly isn't dead. Her story continues in the comics. A different Lilly is in the show

19 Walter
20 Shawn Greene
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