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41 Shawn Greene - Season 1

So annoying you can't save Shawn. Also there's Kenny running off with duck instead of helping him the jerk.

It was sad when Duck trapped him and the zombies bit him.

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42 Nicholas - Season 6

Even if I do not personaly like Nicholas I still think the way he went out was sad (only after I saw Glenn was alive) Why? The episode showed him slowly realize that he did not want to live in this world any longer. Right when the line " Thank you" hit, I gave AMC so much respect for that scene. (Until Glenn had his fake out death). If any character deserves to be in the top 10 TWD sad deaths the first thing that comes to mind, Nicholas. I hope I am not the only one who thinks this. Yes! aw

If Glenn died I would cry so much there would be a flood

43 Jimmy - Season 2

He tried to save Ruck and Carl in the RV during the season 2 finale, when the 2 were in the barn, but the RV was overrun and... guess what? - errrr

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44 Patricia - Season 2

It's kind of her fault she died to be honest, she literally ran straight into the walkers. If she used her brain and run around/away from them she would have lived

Patricia should have survived. She meant so much to Beth.

Poor Beth but she is with here sister in heaven

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45 Allen - Season 3
46 Karen - Season 4

Killed and burned to Crisps. Carol heard them coughing as the next victim after Patrick and the whole walker thing attacking of the sickness. Carol want the disease to stop but it wouldn't.

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47 The Governor - Season 4 The Governor - Season 4 The Governor is a fictional character and a primary antagonist from the The Walking Dead comic book and television series.

Although this man was a cruel and depraved person, for some reason, I feel bad for this man. To me, he was just a man blinded by rage and the lust of vengeance. If he lived a bit longer, he could've mended his ways. Yes he is bad but had a chance to be good

He's an evil person no one will miss him so he'll rot in hell.

He probably was a nice person, shows what something like an apocalypse does to someone's mind, couldn't handle it and went insane

He's hot

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48 Milton - Season 3

All he wanted to do was protect Andrea. But the Governor stabbed him and left him there to die.

He was not the saddest but his own "friend" killed him.

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49 Larry - Season 1 (Video Game) V 1 Comment
50 Duck - Season 1 (Video Game)

I hated shooting duck..

51 Reg Monroe

Not a very noticable character but he didn't deserve to die like that I hate peter so much

52 Meghan Chambler - Season 4

Although she was briefly in the show and his little to none character development. Her death (bitten by a walker because her mum wasn't paying attention then shot in the head by the governor) was sad, not because she was a child or because anyone cared for her as a character.But because the governor who had become a father figure in her life and gave off the impression that he cared had no sign of emotion, he simply shot her in the head and continued trying to kill the group at the prison.He was a terrible character before but this really shows he had no humanity. He tried to replace his dead daughter but didn't actually care about her in any way, shape orForm.He pretend to care about Meghan, her aunt and her mother so he had a place to live/food to eat, he was incredibly manipulative and that moment really shows that in a way the writers had never done before.

53 Gareth - Season 5 V 1 Comment
54 Sam - Season 6
55 David - Season 6 V 1 Comment
56 Olivia - Season 7
57 Joseph - Season 7
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