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1 Kojo No Tsuki - Jackie Evancho

A traditional Japanese sad song earthly life rising and falling while the moon and stars remain unchanged. Sung in Japanese, and included on the Japan release of "Songs From The Silver Screen" album.

What movie is "Kojo No Tsuki" from?

I loved this song before and I love the version she made. The only problem for me is her accent lol but her voice is haunting and I think that feat the song perfectly

The English title is given as "Moon Over Ruined Castle."

2 Please Stay with Me - Yui Please Stay with Me - Yui Cover Art

When I hear this song for the first time, I'm crying. A beautiful song I ever heard from the women singer in this world. Not only she have amazing vocal but she also have a beautiful lovely face. Such a sweet girl. She also the first ever singer that make me attracted in either Japan or world, music and songs. I always love and pray for her too always do her best in her life as wife, mother and singer. Wish her happiness. From Me to You.

This song should definitely be number one because she has such a beautiful voice and she is such a pretty women. I hope she does well in her music career. She is my inspiration because I want to become a singer/songwriter when I am older

At first, I hate this song but after long days I realized how beautiful this song

This Song make me song

3 Ichiban No Takaramono - Lisa

This song by far is the only one that made me shed a tear, especially when I found the English translation.

This song.. really does make me cry

This song honestly makes me sob, you can honestly feel the emotions conveyed.

I truly love this song as well as singer love you Risa-chan

4 Tears - X Japan

It's about living on after the suicide of someone close to you. It is also written from experience. Yoshiki's father committed suicide when Yoshiki was ten. Yoshiki wrote the foundations of what would become Tears.

This is such a good song, I was on the brink of tears! I think the part that really got me was the back story...

5 Kuroi Namida - Anna Tsuchiya Kuroi Namida - Anna Tsuchiya Cover Art

This song is really sad but beautiful.

Great power, deep meaning, powerful music, everything about this song is perfect

I already knew this song before looking at this list and I got so excited when I saw it!

My first experience of a meaningful japanese song

6 One More Time, One More Chance - Masayoshi Yamazaki

The song which brings the sadness pleasure in my heart, I feel like shattered vase under bright moonlight..Hats off to Yamazaki to express all his feelings in the song..i consider this song to be saddest song.
#RIP to fiance of yamazaki

Still remember that tracks where they are apart forever #5cmperseconds

This song always fills me with feels. It perfectly portrays the yearning to be with someone again.

Here's an excerpt of its English translation:
"I am always searching somewhere for you
Opposite of the house, the other side of the alley's window
Even though I know you won't be here"

Probably one of the most genuine-sounding songs I've ever heard - raw with no affectations.

Make me wanna cry with that lyric while watching Movie 5 Centimeters Per Second

7 Dareka No Negai Ga Kanau Koro - Utada Hikaru

Like this song...this temember me of an anime song

8 Story - Ai

Love this song by Ai...this is a very touching song about friendship, there is also an English Version of Story that Ai created for the disney movie "big hero 6" that's even more beautiful than the Japanese version

Very nice song...very meaningful and she sang this with a lot of emotion!

9 Alone In My Room - Hanah

Her voice is so soulful and this song is very deep and heartfelt...the music video to this song is very sad too...

10 Final Distance - Utada Hikaru

The best song ever

It's a really pretty song, and should be ranked higher

It sounds like a disney song

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11 Love Song Ga Kikoeru - Anri

Sad love song... Its about remembering someone that you loved and loving that person to the point of wanting to cry

This was the ending theme song to Tenchi Forever...Beautiful Song

This song should be #1 on this list

Needs to b in the top ten

12 Beautiful - Ayaka

Just like it's title. It's simply beautiful.

13 Heartache - One Ok Rock Heartache - One Ok Rock Cover Art

The first time I heard it, I broke down into tears. It's absolutely beautiful, and I'm even listening to it now. Everyone should hear it, as well as the Studio Jam Session.

Taka's voice is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. The song has amazing meaning and definitely should be ranked higher.

I will bet that everyone, literally everyone who hears the chorus of this song will get goosebumps.

This song is really sad. You can really feel the pain.

14 Only Human - K

Best song ever for me...

This is what a emotional song is...
Just love this song... With a positive lyrics
One litre of tear best J series ever

"1 liter of tears" dorama ost. So sad song.

15 Stand by Me - Anna Tsuchiya

This Song is just too beautiful it makes me want to cry...

Anna is a great performer. Very nice singer. Makes you want to cry.

This song reminds me of the close bond between me and my friends

This song needs to be #1 hands down

16 For You - Mariko Takahashi

I love this song

17 Sakura - Ikimono Gakari

Makes me cry every times

Its go through my heart

I love this song so much :')

A wonderful song

18 Stand by U - Tohoshinki Stand by U - Tohoshinki Cover Art

I'm sure whoever listen to their last song performance as 5 members singing this one will definitely cry even if they're not a fan of tohoshinki.

At first you would'nt think that this is a sad song, but once you HEAR the song while READing the lyrics I am pretty sure a waterfall gonna came

19 Oboeteiru Kara - Saori Hayami

I think of my bestfriend that died whenever I hear this song... Always makes me cry when I hear it...

20 Love Story - Namie Amuro

I love rhythm of the song, when I hear this song I can't stop crying...

21 Sukiyaki (Ue O Muite) - Kyu Sakamoto

Best selling Japanese song ever

Should be number 1

Should be number 1

Should be n°1, every japaneses know this song, even americans. This song speak about the loneliness after the war, it's the best selling japanese song ever.

22 You're the Only - Ono Masatoshi

My ever favorite japanese song

23 Utsukushiki Zankoku Na Sekai - Yoko Hikasa

Such a good sad song with a great anime...

24 Aozora - Air Aozora - Air Cover Art

It's by Lia. It's so touching yet it's not in the top 10.

25 Sign - Flow Sign - Flow Cover Art

Slower English version is also amazing. I had to find it because I don't understand the Japanese lyrics.

My ever favorite. A song with a very deep meaning

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