Top Ten Saddest Japanese Songs

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41 Bokura No Mirai He - Aya Ueto
42 Arigatou - Kokia Arigatou - Kokia
43 Sadness and Sorrow - Toshiro Masuda

It's from Naruto and reminds you of all the characters who died! #bitter

44 A Song for XX - Ayumi Hamasaki A Song for XX - Ayumi Hamasaki
45 Love In the Ice - Tohoshinki Love In the Ice - Tohoshinki

Greta song with powerful vocal that it will makes your tears fall within seconds

46 Filament - Yousei Teikoku

From the anime Mirai Nikki. The song is so much more meaningful when you watch the anime.

47 Tori No Uta - Air Tori No Uta - Air
48 Hotaru - Yo Hitoto

The lastest single released by yo hitoto... Instantly fell in love with this song it's really hard not to cry hearing this song!

49 Sou to Utsu to Kyoukai - Mejibray
50 Chiisana Tenohira - Riya Chiisana Tenohira - Riya

Long has it been since I first heard this song, but the feelings it gave me back then will never fade away. My hard breaks every time I hear it, and my mind fills itself with images of Nagisa and Dango's.

51 Arigatou Tou - Yo Hitoto

This song is very heartfelt because yo hitoto lost both of her parents at a young age and she is thanking the both of them for meeting and falling in love so that she could be born and she also reflects on her childhood and how life would have been with them... Very good song

52 Sakura Anata Ni Deaete - Yokatta

Very touching song, especially when you read the lyrics. My eyes got teary the first time listening to this

53 Best Friend's Girl - Sandaime J Soul Brothers
54 Uso - SID
55 Pieces - L'arc~en~Ciel Pieces - L'arc~en~Ciel
56 Hitomi No Jyunin - L'arc~en~ciel Hitomi No Jyunin - L'arc~en~ciel

I love this song! Hyde's voice sounds wonderful!

57 Window of Heart - Nana Mizuki
58 Without a Trace - The Gazette

So sad! I cried the first time I listened to it! Ruki wrote it for a girl who comitted suicide, but he said it's for everyone who's having a hard time on their lives

59 Secret Letters - Hyde

I love this song so much! I tear up a little every time I listen to it. The four songs of Roentgen stories are melancholic and sad but this one (the last of the four songs) is just heartbreaking, and Hyde's voice makes it more sad.

60 Departure - Scandal Departure - Scandal V 1 Comment
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