Top 10 Saddest Things About Kurt Cobain

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1 He was only 27 when he died

I like Kurt Cobain, he didn't even want to be famous but the other two guys in Nirvana did and they got their wish and Mr. Cobain (it feels wrong to call him by his first name) couldn't handle it and all of these bad things happened to him and it eventually led to his death. Poor man, the dang media should've just left him alone. - Anonymousxcxc

He's in good company--so were Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Brian Jones. - PetSounds

This is making me tear up! My friend just walked in and I was all teary. Now

RIP Kurt. The Teen Spirit will go on - Neonco31

2 He never really got to spend time with his daughter

Poor thing. I feel sorry for him :(

3 He thought he was ugly

You know, who ever added, "He was overrated", go stare at a wall like the boring, brainless, selfish person you are. - MontyPython

Kurt saying he was ugly... He wasn't... He was a just a young man,took bad drugs, and I felt like crap for not knowing a lot about him or Nirvana when I was younger. He was handsome in my point of view. Better than that Beiber guy. Beiber is just a Kurt wannabe saying all this romantic crap while rapping too and getting teen girls and girls in their twenties some attention. That's stupid of JB. Forget that. Kurt is more of a legend than you think. He didn't like Smells Like Teen Spirit, he had a stomach problem and last in spring of '94, Kurt's dead and I cried l myself the other night to sleep. "I'd rather be myself than who I am." ~Kurt Cobain

If he wasn't dead by now and see that people call Justin Bieber Hot
He would change his mind...
:, ( - Musicislife

4 He was depressed

Sometimes and for the most part, this had the most negative effect. - Beatlesboy9

That was sad just listen to the lyrics of Smells like Teen spirit there pretty dark.

5 He thought he wasn't talented

:( He was talented; so many people loved him.. - Pony

It's so sad that everyone knows he was talented but himself. So always remember, whenever you're feeling worthless, everyone else is surely not seeing you as such! - Entranced98

He is talented to me. He is an amazing man.

Kurt but you're a legend! =( if I could I would give you a hug... You're such an angel...

6 He did drugs

It should be #1
I love him but doing drugs is so Bad for a great man like him - Musicislife

7 The media wouldn't leave him alone

Of course this should be number one. Sure, Kurt was depressed before Nirvana got real big and almost tried to kill himself when he thought they performed bad at an ''audition''. But what ultimately led him to commit suicide was the media. All the attention, all the focus, all on him. They only saw the negative sides to him and pushed him into shooting himself in the end.

8 He recently broke up with his girlfriend before he died

Actually, he was married to Courtney Love. She murdered him because he wanted a divorce. Courtney knew that if they would divorce, she would only get 10% of his estate. So, she murdered him and the Seattle police covered this up as suicide, and Courtney stole all the money Kurt worked hard for.

No he was married to Courtney love who he was having problems with but they didn't break up

She left Kurt, taking Frances (their daughter) with her. So they didn't divorce, but sort of broke up. - MontyPython

9 He lost a lot of friends
10 He only was active a short time.

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11 He had a stomach ulcer

Not exactly an ulcer. It's a red irritation in his stomach.

12 His mother kicked him out causing him to be homeless
13 He didn't like "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

I wouldn't call this sad, and it kind of makes sense he hated that people liked a mediocre song that overshadow their other songs.

What? It was one of my favorite songs! - Hey1tsme

I mean I like the song, but it's extremely overplayed and overrated/ - Gruunge

He didn't like it because everyone thought it was their only song. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

14 He died when his daughter was 2

Sad - Fuziion

15 He was overrated

Whoever posted this on here should be kicked in the arse hard.

Yes he was now before you go all crazy and say he is not let me tell you that his guitar playing and even his singing wasn't that great even he himself admits that and yet he's always high on greatest singers and guitarist lists so yeah hate me all you want but remember this is my opinion - christangrant

I can definitely see why you'd think that, his guitar technique is super messy and his vocals were pretty unprofessional, but that's what I love about it honestly - DenyYourMaker

I don't know who added this, but whoever did deserves a whoop in the @$$. - Anonymousxcxc

I feel like this was only added to piss people off, and generally isn't a sad thing. It's a fact, that Kurt's a bit overrated, but why add it to this list? Seems like pointless filler.

16 He died alone.

Well what did you think? Someone was there when he blew his brains out? If I were there, I sure as hell would have stopped him. If only Kurt were alive...

17 He died a month after Justin Bieber was born

He knew what destruction would happen to the music industry so he escaped

Justin Bieber: Ruining everything to do with music since 1994

Okay this item is invalid.

18 When he was a teenager he thought he was gay, he later said "I wished I was gay, to piss off all the homophobes"

He was a real man. - FrozenHatingPokefan

19 He had to witness his mom being beaten
20 Two of his uncles committed suicide
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