Top Ten Saddest Things In the History of Music


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1 John Lennon's assassination

Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and most other musicians who died young brought it upon themselves. Not so Lennon. He'd taken most of the '70s off, so he could spend time with his wife and son. Then, just as he was recording a new album, he was gone. - PetSounds

Hard to imagine anything sadder or more shocking to the world of music than this was.

A very unexpected tragic day. Worst day in history. - Beatlesboy9

really sad

2 Freddie Mercury's death

This is why PETA needs to stop protesting medical research

He died from AIDS. How sadder can you get. - Pony

I half-agree to this; while AIDS does deplete your immune system, it does not kill you. You die with AIDS, not FROM it. - Juan-Luis

3 Kurt Cobain's suicide

Truly depressing

The most saddest event in music

RIP Kurt - Neonco31

4 Dimebag Darrell shot and killed while playing a song

When this happened millions of people cried that day because of how great of a person Dimebag Darrell really was - christangrant

5 Over 50 musicians in rock had died at the age of 27

We call this the 27 Club. - Metalhead1997

Guess what? drug abusing? - zxm

I have to say this should be number one so many great artist died so young many could have became legends in rock some even did like Jimi Hendrix, Kurk Cobain, Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison and many many more who sadly didn't get to show all they can do to reinvent music R.I.P to them all - donovanthorn

6 Death of Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens

As Don McLean sang, "the day the music died." - PetSounds

February 3, 1959 will always be remembered as "The Day the Music Died". - Metalhead1997

They died too soon - big bopper 28
buddy holly 23
Ritchie valens 17

7 George Harrison's death

Slow and painful, one of the greatest people ever, so sad. Let this be a lesson to all of you kids to never smoke!

8 Michael Jackson dies

He died too soon.

Music died the day he died. R.I.P.

9 Justin Bieber's birth

I'm not surprised to see this here. - 906389


So? - Neonco31

10 Keith Moon's death

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11 John Bonham dies and Led Zeppelin breaks up

Wow, just wow. Also, Bonham's death was from too much alcohol. - Pony

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12 Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash
13 The Beatles break up

The Beatles were a legend! They had everything! Why! - ToptenPizza

That's why I don't like Johnny. I mean John Lennon - zxm

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14 Death of Jimi Hendrix

A musical juggernaut who has so much more music to write and play...

Should be way higher than where it is. Only 3 albums! - Donut

15 Elvis Presley's death

His song are amazing

We love you,Elvis

Pretty sad

16 Aaliyah killed in plane crash
17 Jim Morrison's death

It's really sad that happened,the Doors were an awesome band,and he died at a very young age of 27.its sad there are so many people in the 27 club - Toucan

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18 Selena shot by the manager of her fan club
19 Left Eye killed in car accident
20 Bon Scott's Death

He died in February 1980. So sad. - Metalhead1997

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1. Dimebag Darrell shot and killed while playing a song
2. John Lennon's assassination
3. Freddie Mercury's death
1. Over 50 musicians in rock had died at the age of 27
2. Kurt Cobain's suicide
3. George Harrison's death
1. Aaliyah killed in plane crash
2. Left Eye killed in car accident
3. Michael Jackson dies

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