Top Ten Saddest Things In the History of Music

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1 John Lennon's assassination

John Lennon had it coming in all honesty, it was because of his arrogance and his anti-religious statement that sparked a backlash from many of his fans who had a belief in God. He didn't deserve death at all because, at the end of the day, he is just an ordinary man who had a passion to sing for others.

Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and most other musicians who died young brought it upon themselves. Not so Lennon. He'd taken most of the '70s off, so he could spend time with his wife and son. Then, just as he was recording a new album, he was gone. - PetSounds

Hard to imagine anything sadder or more shocking to the world of music than this was.

A very unexpected tragic day. Worst day in history. - Beatlesboy9

2 Freddie Mercury's death

This is why PETA needs to stop protesting medical research

He died from AIDS. How sadder can you get. - Pony

I half-agree to this; while AIDS does deplete your immune system, it does not kill you. You die with AIDS, not FROM it. - Juan-Luis

3 Kurt Cobain's suicide

Truly depressing

The most saddest event in music

RIP Kurt - Neonco31

Nirvana isn't my favorite band, and Kurt isn't my favorite musician, but I do believe his death killed music. Nirvana honestly was the last great band in music history.

4 Dimebag Darrell shot and killed while playing a song

When this happened millions of people cried that day because of how great of a person Dimebag Darrell really was - christangrant

5 Over 50 musicians in rock had died at the age of 27

We call this the 27 Club. - Metalhead1997

Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, etc. - reed99

Guess what? drug abusing? - zxm

We call it... THE 27 CLUB

6 Michael Jackson dies

Michael Jackson didn't deserve to die in the hands of Conrad Murray. Michael's 3 children were very heartbroken when he died. Michael Jackson is talented, smart and BEAUTIFUL. He was also a very good singer and dancer. Michael Jackson is one the best influential celebrities that has ever existed. He's ICONIC!

Even worse, he was expected to perform a series of concerts in London to take place starting the next month. It's just sad to see him leave early. - reed99

He died too soon.

7 Death of Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens

As Don McLean sang, "the day the music died." - PetSounds

February 3, 1959 will always be remembered as "The Day the Music Died". - Metalhead1997

They died too soon - big bopper 28
buddy holly 23
Ritchie valens 17

8 Justin Bieber's birth

I don't care if anyone doesn't like/hates Justin Bieber, but that doesn't give anyone an excuse to put that on the list. The hate towards Justin Bieber has gone too far.

I'm not surprised to see this here. - 906389

Did you know Justin Bieber was born on 1st March 1994, and Kurt died on 5th April 1994. So its not like Justin was born in April. He was born at the beginning of March.
and could die at the age of 27. Oh say it's the rock singers but you haters have caused the depression so it's a theory.

This should be #1!

9 George Harrison's death

Slow and painful, one of the greatest people ever, so sad. Let this be a lesson to all of you kids to never smoke!

10 John Bonham dies and Led Zeppelin breaks up

Wow, just wow. Also, Bonham's death was from too much alcohol. - Pony

That was really sad - Toucan

Led Zeppelin are legends! And they broke up, and John died. R.I.P - ToptenPizza

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? Christina Grimmie’s Death
? Sulli’s Suicide

That was so sad.

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11 Keith Moon's death
12 Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash
13 The Beatles break up

Shame they had been together since 1960 and split in the 1970s.
Could've reunited if John hadn't been murdered and George hadn't died of cancer.

The Beatles were a legend! They had everything! Why! - ToptenPizza

Very shocking at the time. - Pony

That's why I don't like Johnny. I mean John Lennon - zxm

14 Selena shot by the manager of her fan club

I am still pissed off about that. Like who would kill their favorite person?

15 Death of Jimi Hendrix

A musical juggernaut who has so much more music to write and play...

Should be way higher than where it is. Only 3 albums! - Donut

16 Aaliyah killed in plane crash
17 Elvis Presley's death

His song are amazing

We love you,Elvis

Pretty sad

18 Jim Morrison's death

Charter member of the 27 club.

It's really sad that happened,the Doors were an awesome band,and he died at a very young age of 27.its sad there are so many people in the 27 club - Toucan

19 Left Eye killed in car accident
20 Bon Scott's Death

He died in February 1980. So sad. - Metalhead1997

21 David Bowie death
22 2Pac assassination

Rap is the best genre of music, deepest, most sincere and meaningful, and pac is the best there is. Truly saddening someone changing the world expressed in the songs "changes" and "ghetto gospel" was taken from us, when he was only 25. You will be missed.

Live the thug life, die the thug death.

Isn't even in the Top 10? - AlphaQ

23 Pavarotti dies
24 Jonathan Davis molested as a child
25 My Chemical Romance breaks up
26 Beethoven's Death

Beethoven died a long time ago so how could he live in the modern world?

It could be better if Justin Beiber lives in the early century where Beethoven lives and replaced him in our world.

27 Original Lineup of Guns N Roses Splits
28 Death of Prince
29 Shakur's Assassination

I can't tell if that was a stab at it or not. - MLGPoossySlayer6969

The assassination of Tupac Shakur was so pathetic that many rappers like Chris Brown and Kanye West wanted to say the f-word in every song to celebrate his death!

30 Death of Christina Grimmie
31 Prince becomes irrelevant

When he changed his name to The Artist in the 1990s?

32 John Deacon retired
33 Death of Xxxtentacion
34 Chester Bennington's suicide
35 Keith Relf's death by electrocution

Although very sad, it was one of Rock-n-Roll's most spectacular exits, because he was rehearsing in the bathtub with his electric guitar.

36 Suicide of Pete Ham

He was three days away from his birthday, the same day as mine! - Pony

37 Suicide of Tom Evans
38 Madonna went downhill
39 The Flaming Lips working with Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus
40 Jefferson Airplane becoming Starship
41 Paul Gray dies
42 The Rev's Death
43 Elvis being drafted
44 Marvin Gaye being shot by his father
45 Lemmy Kilmister dies
46 Scott Weiland's Death
47 Aaron Carter became a crackhead
48 Avicii's suicide Tim Bergling (September 8, 1989 - April 20, 2018), better known by his stage name Avicii, was a Swedish electronic musician, DJ, remixer and record producer. He is best regarded for his work in Electronic Music during the 2010s in which his works have charted among the Top 40 Radio and for his influence more.

I cry every time someone plays his songs heaven and wake me up cause it really makes an impact on you to know he's gone and I'm crying creating this he had commited suicide april 20 of 2018 he had battled anxiety and depression because he wasnt able to cope with the preassure he was under so he commited suicide

49 Ian Curtis's death
50 Klaus Nomi's Death
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