Top Ten Scariest Baby Einstein Characters

The Top Ten

1 Zylon Dragon (Baby Bach)

He scared everybody when they where little, so I made him 1!

He was creepy, but not as creepy as that freaky ass Sunflower thingy!


First time I seen the zylon dragon,he reminded me of a cow(the face and horns)part lion & sea serpent.

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2 Bard (Baby Mozart)

He scared me so much when I was little - Somedude8

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3 Isaac the Lion (Baby Newton)

He used to scare me when I was two or three.

How is this one scary

He wasn't scary


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4 Manager the Clown (Baby Newton)
5 Vincent Van Goat (Baby Van Gogh)

I still have nightmares because of that one puppet covered in paint and those eyes!

6 Jane the Monkey (Baby Shakespeare)

Jane The Monkey look possesed in Baby Shakespeare - NostalgiaMonkey

7 Beethoven the Giraffe (Baby Beethoven)
8 Lizzy the Tiger (Baby Shakespere)
9 Pavlov the Dog (Baby Newton)

The new Pavlo design they used here looks so terrifying. It looks possessed and it could kill you any second.

10 Gailie The Baby Kangaroo (Baby Galileo)

When he's in his mother's pouch, he looks creepy.


The Contenders

11 Neighton the Horse (Numbers Nursery)
12 Meep Meep (Baby Bach)

Oh my god he scared me when I was little

13 Saint Bernard (Baby Mozart)

He is the best B. E character ever next to Z. Dragon because they both scared the crap out of babies who watched this ripoff to classical music.

14 The Octopus Puppet (Baby Bach)

The octopus is too strange and his music isn't appropriate for his moment

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