Top 10 Scariest Creepypastas

These are creepypastas that scared me the most. Its almost Halloween so lets bring some nightmares out.

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1 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

Why the crap is this thing #1. Derp the killer is nothing more than a generic, unlikeable, lazily written Michael Myers/Joker wannabe, killer with a knife Gary stu that's basically a middle finger to people that are bullied daily. The only good thing about Derp the killer and his other rip offs running amuck on the creepypasta wiki is that the character designs aren't too bad. Derp the killer does look freaky and while the designs for the other rip off characters aren't creepypasta material (scary), They at least look fairly unique. THAT'S IT!

The actual Pasta itself wasn't actually that scary to me... I was seriously beginning to think it wasn't as scary as people say it is until the end, and then I scrolled down and saw the picture. Let me tell you, I AM SCARRED. BIG TIME. Whatever you do, DON'T LOOK UP THE PICTURE, YOU WILL REGRET IT. Thanks to this whenever I read a Creepypasta I scroll carefully and if I see even a corner of a picture I either delete the browser page or just close my eyes and scroll past it (depending on the story so far) I haven't read the sequel but I don't intend to. People, please, take my advice here: You know when your friends see something or are talking about something and you want to know what it is but they say you don't wanna know but you keep begging them to show you? DON'T DO THAT ABOUT THIS. Seriously, I'm afraid to go anywhere dark and I can't go into my bathroom... for some reason, only my bathroom and the others are okay, but just DON'T DO IT! Damn I haven't slept for days.

Dang I this one is SCARY! The story is terrifying, but the face is what makes me pee my pants. No nose, no eyebrows or eyelids, bleach white skin, tiny bloodshot eyes (THEY STARE INTO YOUR SOUL AND SCAR IT! , ), and a GIANT slit smile. I warn you, don't look up the images, you'll regret it. Anyways, random fangirls pretend to be him on YouTube, and they put the ACTUAL PICTURE, so you don't know it's there. In the story, he goes up to your bed at night, smiles and stares at you without blinking and scares the living crap out of you, says "Go to Sleep", and murders you. The worst thing is that there are actual hospital documents on a kid named Jeffery Woods who was burned and bleached like in the story! Even the escaping part! AHH!

I like the rake better

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2 The Russian Sleep Experiment

What I love about this one is the great detail that is described and the way it's written is just like an actual factual report or account of the experiment. At times it can seem realistic but it's also so unnatural and warped. The ending is also very unexpected.

Picture is the scary part.

This creepypasta legitimately made me sweat when I read it. There's just something about eating feces and shoving your own organs down the drain that makes you imagine the guy in the picture at the foot of your bed thinking about what he would like to do to you. Well made story and a very interestingly possible as well.

Is ’ story. It story certainly scared my for life & the image just adds to the creep factor 100 times more. If you want to burn an impression in yourself, go ahead, search up the image, you will definitely wish you never did :(

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3 BEN Drowned

My first time reading it, I couldn't even finish, and just laid there in my bed, constantly peeking around for a scary Link for 2 weeks. Then I went back and finished it years later. The story itself isn't that scary, but the videos...I couldn't even go through a minute...heh.

I have to say, I really loved Ben Drowned, probably my favorite Creepypasta ever. However, I voted Jeff on this list because honestly, Ben Drowned isn't actually THAT scary, although the videos and everything did make a difference. And also, it's a gaming pasta! What can I say, I LOVE GAMING, especially Zelda!

This is my favorite creepypasta just not the scariest one but I do like the fact that it is video game related... I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!

His creepy for games

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4 Slenderman Slenderman The Slender Man is a fictional supernatural character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen

Plays on everybody's fear of premature death. On the creepypasta wiki it says that the slenderman likes to especially target people who are paranoid about his existence. Tell me this isn't scary. And the symptoms of slender sickness are so common, anyone can believe that they are being hunted by the slenderman. Another thing is how unlike some of these other creepypastas which are people who died, events which happened in the past or only can cause harm if you do certain specific events, the slenderman is a physical being that can kill you, and can be anywhere around the world at any given time. You can't kill him, and there is no escape. He can supposedly stalk you for years until he finally kills you. This guy will make you to scared to look out windows of a night. If this isn't scary, then I don't know what is - Lanturnizer6

Honestly Slendy is the strongest creepypasta besides The Doctor. The Doctor is the one who creates them and Slendy hates him. Slendy is the best cause he can control your body, teleport, has tenticals that comes out of his back, makes you lose your memory, can drive you too insanity, can make little kids comes in the woods, can form a mouth that goes from one side of his blank head to the other and take a giant bite out of you, he can rip your heart out by sticking his long fingers down your throat and he has the power to make the Slender Portal to take his victims to the CreepyPasta world, and he can make you paranoid and attach him even though it is easier to kill you that way. All of this is true about Slenderman. So he should number one or The Doctor should be cause he knows how to kill every CreepyPasta and can create them. The Doctor can even kill them by just a drop of his blood landing on their skin and them will disintegrate painfully.
That is the truth and Slenderman does ...more

Slenderman is pretty much a god. I'm sure that if he wanted to, he could snap his tentacles and the population of Ohio would just drop dead. Also, a battle between Slenderman and Enderman would probably conclude in Ender being impaled on a tree.

When I was little I thought Slender was real and he's going to get me. - phantomblock

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5 1999

This one is a little long but it's worth reading

Nothing like good old fashion child abuse to keep you from falling a sleep. 1999 and the Russian sleep experiment are the ones that have messed with me. Creepy!

The Other CreepyPastas don't even stand a chance. This one by far is the most disturbing story ever. Nightmares Guaranteed.


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6 Squidward's Suicide

The story didn't scare me until I watched the video. The eyes of the characters are so creepy! Now whenever my little brother watches SpongeBob and Patrick and SpongeBob are playing outside, all I can imagine is squidward inside with that shotgun thing against his head.

SpongeBob and friends are outside chortling, and where is squidward? Sitting upstairs in complete silence putting a shotgun shell through his bloodshot eyes

This is so creepy! At first I couldn't even read it, mainly because it was 3 am, but still.. This is much creepier than Jeff the Killer!

The video will give you insomnia

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7 Smile Dog Smile Dog

Smile Dog...he haves a way scary face than Jeff does. I seen images of him, But I just need to know what breed of dogs he is!

Smile Dog has the most scary picture, its worst that Jeff or any other picture, because of it I saw smile dog in my dreams for 5 days straight till I forgot what it's face looks like, I would say Smile Dog is the scariest picture that I've ever seen in my life.

Thanks to Smile. Dog, I now cautiously scroll down every creepypasta page and shut the browser if I see the tip of any picture...

It's just amazing how this creepypasta just messes around your brain using fear against you Trust me, I was terrified. - Pokemonfan10

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8 Suicide Mouse

Not only is this scary but it is extremely disturbing. It is Mickey Mouse walking down an endless street for 3 minutes before cutting to black for a couple of minutes then it returns to Mickey doing the same thing but this time it is a woman screaming for about 4 minutes with a grin on his face. At one time of the episode it shows Mickey Mouse's face indicating that it is the end of the episode. The first person to watch this episode committed suicide. The end!

This is nightmare indusing, this is childhood ruining, this makes you want to watch Micky Mouse club house. GOD DANG REALISTIC SCREAMS!

Yay lets ruin our childhoods more with a moaning and screaming in the back round along with there being our childhood characters killing themselves

It’s not Mickey Mouse though. It looks like it but the screams are just straight used from an old horror movie

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9 Abandoned by Disney

This was TERRIFYING. Oh my gosh... The nightmares of that costume. And that Mickey Mouse voice, "Hey, wanna see my head come off? " OH my gosh.

Oh my gosh. This gave me SO. MANY. NIGHTMARES. The costumes were horrifying.

It is very scary I can't believe that Mickey appears and scares the heck out of me

It scares the poop out of me

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10 Sonic.exe

Why is this on here? Cliche after cliche after cliche with ridiculous and stupid moments and an idiotic story and main character.

Who wants to play sonic after playing that game?

Yeah, when I watched this on YouTube not too long ago, I thought it was just some kind of made-up video. I never knew it was a creepypasta, until I read some of the comments below.

This is understand creepypasta.

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The Contenders

11 Ronald McDonald House

Holy hell. This was definitely the scariest one yet. Really well written too. I was seriously hoping he got out of there alive.

I have never been shaking from a creepypasta since I first read the Red Mist. This was seriously the most messed up and sickening story ever and is making me seriously want to stop reading creepypasta as a whole

This story is so unnatural and unsettling in every single way. It combines the elements of being alone, darkness, insanity, clowns, and gore. It deserves to be higher on this list.

Yeah holy McWater, I read this at night and I had to sleep with my obstacle trap set!

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12 Lavender Town Syndrome

This pasta is actually pretty creepy. It makes it sound so real and the whole thing was sad too. It made me glad that Pokemon Blue version was the first game I ever played, not Red/Green! I recommend this pasta to any Pokemon lovers out there, definitely a good read and not too scary.

Pokemon can be scary and suicide making. Well that's it. If I'm missing something please add it on here. Well bye and good luck sleeping tonight after reading these Creepypastas. And happy halloween.

Yea this one is pretty creepy I will say but I don't know I have never actually heard the Lavender Town theme so I can't judge it much.

It's too good

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13 The Rake

The Rake is the scariest thing of all time. Anyone else agree? My neighbour was invaded by this creepypasta and describes him as large, scary and fast. He spoke the words "kill" and murdered her beloved cat, Fluffy. Her body was ripped and was streaming with blood. She says that he then turned to look and her and ran towards her. He touched her shoulder and scampered away. It is unknown where he went next. My neighbour now suffers terrible phobias and paranoia. I am afraid that he will stand at the foot of my bed at night and stare. I am terrified that he will whisper words of horror and look deeply into my eyes. He may be the last thing that I will ever see,

In my opinion, The Rake is probably the scariest. Even though pretty much all Creepypastas are fake, The Rake is probably the most believable. I don't know about anyone else, but I find a hairless dog like creature scarier than some faceless tall guy in a suit. While Slenderman just stands around looking like he is upset you didn't show up to his birthday or something, The Rake mutilates you with your blood acting like a sprinkler or something, I don't even know... But in my opinion the scariest Creepypasta out there as of now.

Does the rake stalk you for years? While this is still really scary, I'd have to say that the slenderman is scarier - Lanturnizer6

Makes me close my windows and blinds and sleep with the covers over my head with only a small hole in which to stick my face out. I have actually done that since I was like 6 or 7 (because I was afraid of lots of stuff then) and I still do it. It's just unconscious routine that went from feeling scared without the covers over my head to feeling awkwardly exposed and weird. - username34

I don't know how old you are now, but that is sort of a problem if you are scared of everything at night. - TheInsomniac

How is this #12? It needs to be higher! It got me awake in my bed for 2 weeks! - phantomblock

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14 Funnymouth

I find this story creepy! It's definitely in my top tens.

Oh my gosh! I am still paranoid to look in the mirror to see my face look similar! - Daviddv0601

I really wish I never read it and I'm still getting over my nightmares


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15 Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv

I've seen a picture of the original guy. It's fake, don't worry. A visitor here said they watched the whole thing, and that visitor didn't take eyeballs out. You're safe. - TeamRocket747

I hope you know that is not the full video

He was identified but I forgot his name


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16 Annabelle the Doll

Just watched the movie. I found it disappointing. It was too much like chucky the doll. A possess doll tries to kill a family and so on.

The scariest thing about it is that its true

Based on a true story. The movie was amazing

The creepypasta is real

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17 Weeping Angel

This one comes from doctor who but I'm not sure if it is a pasta or not Lol

Wait weren't there weeping angels in doctor who?

I see one behind me what do I do please help - gdvirus

Lol how did you post that, the weeping angel should've kill you by now. - TeamRocket747

The weeping angel is scary even the picture she would've kill you

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18 The Pocket

I should stop looking at creepypasta photos!

19 Tails Doll

Normally, creepypastas just make me scared at night. Not once have they given me nightmares. Except for the tails doll. That one gave me a nightmare. I don't remember the whole thing, but I do remember a few 2 second parts of it, all of which had the Tails Doll floating around on a colored background with red, glowing eyes. About the waking up in the middle of the night thing, that just happened because I had 1) gotten scared of a new creepypasta, the teddy bear 2) My friend told me that there is a 90% chance that if you wake up in the middle of the night for no reason, it's because you're being watched. Combine the 2, and you wake up in the middle of the night 4 times! - username34

So, if I ever ever ever see a red dot in the dark (which will probably be my Wii), the dot gets it with my sword. This one scares me to this day. Never ever playing a Sega Saturn game to be careful

When I read this I was checking out of my window and waking up in the middle of the night for 4-5 weeks hoping that I will live.

I tried doing what the creepypasta said NOT to do, and you know what happened? Nothing!

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20 The SCP Foundation

Ahh its scary Because it seems real but if it wasntits not scary like a thing like the weeping angels that if you don't look at it it kills you its kind of a copy but the detail was good so a goo read I would say but not scary

I am the cure-scp 049


Some SCPs are really funny, some are quite interesting, and a few are actually quite scary. I mean, there’s the Sculpture, the Door Man, the Shy Guy, the Staff (although I would still like to get trapped in an infinite IKEA regardless), the Old Man, the Green Flash, the Pipe Nightmare, and many, many more.

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21 Jane the Killer Jane the Killer

I'm a bigger fan of Jeff, but Jane is a badass too! I don't totally blame her for wanting to get even with Jeff, for I would want revenge too if someone took my family from me. But still, think of what Jeff went through.

Jane sucks, she is just another cliche killer with no depth and no motivation to kill. Jeff the killer is horrible but Jane is worse

It's just a spinoff of Jeff the Killer!


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22 Eyeless Jack Eyeless Jack

This Is SUCH a good read. I love Jack as a character and the story itself will really make you think

I love reading the story again and again because not only was a friend of mine in a cult similar to the story but I ALSO HAVE A FRIEND NAMED JACK

He eats your kidneys for God's sake!

Eyeless Jack...well, what can I say? I like the CreepyRead, I like the creator’s art, the creator is an all-around great human being...he’s awesome, 10/10 CreepyPoints. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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23 Annora Petrova

Its really great but the picture that everyone makes a big deal of isn't scary at all. Oh and can someone tell me why the picture is scary?

Hell, the scariest part of the pasta is the photo, it made me never want to sleep again

24 Penpal

I find this story much better than say Jeff the killer, one because it's written better, but mostly because it's very realistic. A teenage boy cutting his face without getting an infection somehow and dying his hair with fire is just impossible. That's why it isn't scary. Things that are closer to reality are way more scary because it could happen. Kids getting stalked by older men happens all the time and that's terrifying. The fact the story makes the main character so clueless to the things happening while the reader can make sense of it is done so well. Like when he finds the blankets and food under his house he has no idea why they're there and makes so big deal out of it. The reader on the other hand can see why they're there and it's so effective in creating a great atmosphere. The story also leaves you to connect the dots in some cases. The more and more you figure out what's going on the more you fear for the characters. The ending was definitely not a disappointment. Every ...more

I've been looking up lists of "The Best Creepypastas Ever" and am extremely surprised it took me so long to find this one on a list. It's at number 38 on the list that I found and, especially after reading a lot of the other ones, I don't understand how it could be so low on the list. I got chills big time when I read the last paragraph, it was extremely moving. The author is an excellent writer and should consider writing full novels. 10+/10 definintely the best I've read.

I am happy to announce to you that Penpal has been expanded, and a full length novel has been released! You can get it on Amazon. - GREATEST

One of my favorites, along with Psychosis. I voted Penpal, however, because even though I like Psychosis better, Penpal is terrifying because it could, and sadly has, happened. The deaths of people close to him also show how evil humans can be and the last little part about Josh teared me up. This is a beautiful story, and deserves the novel it received.

The most disturbing thing about this creepypasta is that all this is possible and the way in which it's written is just brilliant.

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25 Mr. Widemouth

One of the most plausible, yet still creepy stories out there. Here is a my summary of the story.

A young child with Mononucleosis was forced to stay in their current house for more than 3 weeks, and his parents gave him some in-door activities/possessions to help pass the time before they had to leave and move to a new house. During that time, he developed an "imaginary friend". This "imaginary friend" looked kind of like a Furby and had a widemouth grin. His name, like the title suggests, was Mr. Widemouth. His personality was somewhat similar to Johan Liebert, as Mr. Widemouth would continuously try to get the boy to do dangerous things, like juggling knives, or jumping off the second story of the house. One day, Mr. Widemouth told the child about this location that many other children have visited after meeting Mr. Widemouth and that the boy should come visit this place one day. The child and his family left the house, and moved to a new one. He never saw Mr. Widemouth ...more

It's decently scary (freaked my 11-year-old brother out).
But more than scary it's the best-written creepypasta ever.

Very good read.

Widemouth wants him to die! that's what makes this creepiest

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26 Candle cove

Quite long but otherwise we'll written. Rather than paranormal this story focuses on the malicious acts of a perverted man. 10/10

Look at the picture!

27 The Harbinger Experiment

Very good creepy pasta. This should be in the top 5.

This should be #1

You people have no sense.

This one scared the hell out of me!

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28 Super Mario 64: Damned

This combines every cliche into a single Creepypasta, but does it right.

I read about it incredibly creepy and disturbing I may never be able look at Super Mario 64 the same way after reading this creepypasta. - egnomac

WAY scarier than I thought it would be...holy hell - Co0lk1d25

29 Red Mist

The story was pretty freaky, the picture was hellish, but the video? That was disappointing! The part where he was standing there with those bleeding eyes was creepy, but when he actually killed himself, it looked like someone drew a picture of him on a computer, and the animation when he put the gun to his head was so lame. In the story, he used a shot gun and blew his head apart. There was blood, brain matter, his eye was hanging out... But in the video, he puts a little revolver to his head, shoots himself, and then blood spatters on the screen. Then it shows a picture of squidward lying down with some really fake looking blood. Also, when the voice said "Do it! " It sounded like a ' 15 year old who has no experience with voice acting. LAAME!

The story was scary, but the episode was disappointing. In the story, he blew his head up with a shotgun. In the episode, he put a little revolver to his head, and shot himself, and there was some blood on his head... Weak! Also the animation was poor, and when the guy says "do it," it sounds like a 15 year old guy who has no experience with voice acting. LAME!

Squidward creeps me out on this one. The only thing that creeps me out on this creepypasta is the BIG BLOOD SHOT RED EYES! And the ending were HE POINTS A GUN INTO A MOUTH AND SHOOT! That's just creepy.

This is just another title for Squidward's Suicide

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30 The Keyhole

When the guy looked into the key hole, and it was red that is when it became a creepypasta.

Its called White With Red

Ahh this did not scare me

31 Bedtime

How is this not on yet? A monster living inside the wall that haunts you and tries to kill you when your bed is up against the wall. Now that's creepy. I regretted sleeping with my bed against the wall after hearing this

Scared me and my friends to death a few years back when we first heard it

One of the scariest stories I've ever read. Stephen Gammell should be illustrating this.

32 3 am

It is just an hour.

It's not just an hour. The creepypasta says that 3: A.M. is the hour where ghost and demons are stronger or they are more commonly roaming around in haunted places. That's why things may had happened when you did something other than sleep at 3:A.M.

33 B.O.B.

Almost as the rake but this is without hand. It's special is can run as fast as a tiger

Bob's name means Brutal Obsence Beast

34 The Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen

I listened to this on YouTube two times already and I liked it. I was so curious as to what "Jeremy" looked like that I looked for the picture on msn. Freaky! That's all there is to it.

You can't have a list without a disturbing security tape being in it, I like the concept of the time loops and also Jeremy is a freak

I really really liked this

35 The Doctor

Okay, let me get this simple. This is nightmares in a story.

Why does he want to kill him? And if he's a scientist, does he not notice that he's trying to kill him? - sdgeek2003

I hate doctors because they all turn out to kill you in MOVIES LIKE THIS PEOPLE HE IS A KILLER!

Best. Ever.

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36 Polybius

Whether this story is true or not, which I doubt, there is a chance that it could've been inspired by a similar story REALLY did happen. Back in the early 80's, there was an arcade game that was phenomenal called "Berzerk". In 1981, a man, who was only 18 years old, got a score of 16,660 points, and for some unknown reason, he died of a heart attack right after.
1 year later, another man at age 19, played the game, got in the Top 10 High Scores twice in 15 minutes, and once again, for some unknown reason, he died of a heart attack right after. To this day, nobody certainly knows what was responsible for these heart attacks. What caused these 2 young men to die of heart attacks? What's your guess?

Too hyped to be at the top score, I guess. Or they're unhealthy and fat. - TeamRocket747

Did you guys know that this is in the Simpsons?

Odd but not scary. 1/10

Not a creepypasta

37 Username 666

Let me write a full and detailed explanation of this creepypasta (don't read within 2 hours of bedtime unless you have plans to not sleep):

The video begins with the protagonist on the YouTube homepage. The protagonist then goes into the omnibox and adds 666 on the end. They get taken to a page that says "This account is suspended". Nothing scary...yet.

The protagonist then refreshes the page several times, and everything is normal up until the 13th refresh when the video thumbnails were replaced with the X and "666". It stays like this until the 20th refresh when all the letters are replaced with d's or 6s. d is the first letter in "devil", and also looks like a 6 in reverse (a little bit).

Then, at the 21st refresh, the page background changes from white to red, and on the 21st refresh it changes from red to black. This is when the suspended account notice starts changing, too. The 22nd refresh changes the page background to red and ...more - allamassal

My friend tried to kill my computer by looking this up and trying to make it happen. I didn't let him though. All it really is, is a virus hooked up to YouTube. Nothing paranormal. - username34

This actually fake someone tried it and nothing happened. the story is to cliche to my opinion could have been a lot better

This gave me nightmares! it's a really satanic channel.

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38 An Egg

Not really creepy but if u want your mind exploded this is what u want to read

39 Persuaded

Same old zombie cliche and wasn't scary at all

40 Laughing Jack

Easily my absolute favorite creepypasta. I told his story to all of my friends, and they were mortified. This one could easily be around the top three, but this isn't my list...

One of my favorites. I mean, think about it. A psycho monochrome clown who kills children and disappears into thin air when attacked. What's not to be scared of?

It's obvious this creepypasta is FAKE. First of all, how could someone disappear in a puff of smoke? Second of all, how could the narrator post the creepypasta from a MENTAL HOSPITAL?!

He got me started on creepypasta I love his storys and when I read his storys I fell inlove - Stinger

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41 The Expressionless

I was going to vote for the rake, but when I saw this creepypasta on the list, I had to vote for it. Don't look it up or you will regret it. The way how the mannequin turned its teeth sharp was creepy.

Definitely beats out any other creepypasta!

The pic is disturbing but the pasta itself was bad. Especially the ending, it may as well said, AND THEN A SKELETON POPPED OUT! Ugh. - RedTheGremlin

Annabelle image from the conjuring made me terrified of dolls but the image of the expressionless oh god I'm horrified of manicans now and the image gave me pediophobia

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42 Psychosis

This, unlike the horribly overrated Jeff the Killer and Slenderman, is extremely thought provoking. Such a disturbing concept, and the ending is so well crafted the writer ought to get a medal. This and Candle Cove are easily my favorite Creepypastas.

This is the best written creepypasta by far. It easily squashes things like red mist and lavender town syndrome, and makes slenderman seem like a children's novel.

One of the first Creepypastas I read, and still one of the best. The entire read was good, but when it all comes together at the end, it really gets you thinking. 10/10

Shocked to see this so low. Way underrated

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43 Don't Open Your Eyes

Because I said so dum dum

Why not? - Officialpen

44 Slender Man
45 Seed Eater

He looks like SCP-1471

Made my brother read it he had nightmares and I thought that serves you right for watching sanjy and Craig - Helloworld

Kids! Delicious!

46 Gateway of the Mind

The human with power and without sense known as God but this thing was abandoned by God himself

The footage is creepy as hell

One of my first pastas, but the creepiness factor remains strong as ever.

47 Dead Bart

One of the only good lost episodes out there, its well written, creepy and the part with the guest star gravestones is just terrifying. 10/10

I wonder what Matt was going through when he made this.

Matt was high when he made this episode, enough said. - TeamRocket747

Again why so low!


This is a REALLY scary one. The picture gave me nightmares! - LedZepp81

You people are such idiots. That picture was a band advertisement on 4chan!

This gave me SO. MANY. NIGHTMARES. Scary as hell!

This is one of the most unnerving Creepypastas I've ever heard. What's really unnerving- the picture of the murder victim. It should be in the top ten, without a doubt.

49 Where Bad Kids Go

To Hell, I think...

I think this is about a boy who watched a show that showed bad kids dying so kids would be good and the boy as a man talked about the goriest, scariest, and even his fave moments.

Not scary at all!

The closet!

50 Normal Porn for Normal People

I can't believe this isn't up higher, it's by fat the most disturbing one out there. Just... Look it up. I can't describe it any more. Just look.

So disturbing. Just look it up and just look.

This creepypasta wasn’t scary. However it was very disturbing and weird. What kind of weed was the writer on when they wrote this?

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