Top Ten Scariest Types of People

The Top Ten

1 Terrorists
2 Murderers
3 Pedophiles

They are creepy and dangerous for kids.

And they don't even give you candy

4 Rapists

Rape is the most terrible crime. I respect murderers a lot more than rapist. I rather be killed than raped.

5 Religious Extremists

Religious extremists like ISIS are so extreme even Al-Quaeda is scared of them (that's what I apparently heard) - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

6 Kidnappers
7 Stalkers

They are CREEPY! 😧 - LuvDANCE

8 Serial Killers
9 Hypocrites
10 Perverts

The Contenders

11 Bullies
12 Bombers

When I saw this, I though:
"See the bombers fly up, up, to win the premiership flag! "
Upvote if you got the referance, downvote if you are the majority of people

13 Yanderes
14 Gangsters
15 Liars

Clever and persistent liars are the most annoying.

16 Exhibitionists
17 Delinquents
18 PETA Members
19 Cannibals
20 Thugs
21 Emos
22 Racists
23 Fans
24 White Supremacists
25 Princesses
26 Fitness Lovers
27 Desperados
28 Cheerleaders
29 Barbarians
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