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1 Obsessed Miley and Joe

This video sucks, and so do all of his others besides his first, his first was vulgar, but funny at the same time, everything else is vulgar and not funny, he can't make anymore good videos.

Way better then the christmas wrapper, although that one's good too. - PotBellyPup

2 The christmas wrapper

It's trash, every video after his first is trash.


It's stupid, every video he made after his first is complete dangerous garbage.

4 Lady GaGa tried to kill me

He made fun of murder, murder is not something to make fun of, he's a loony wimp.

5 911

A 911 joke, why joke about calling the emergency? that's wrong.

6 Love game

A deceptive title, his videos aren't really about love, they're about porn.

7 Yo mama youtube battle

It's nothing more than a battle with offensive "jokes".

8 Dare the Dawson

He's total trash, why should anyone watch his videos, they're poisonous.

9 ShaneDawsons FML

He's a wimp, his videos are so bad that anyone who watches them should admit their mindlessless and commit suicide.

10 American Idel spoof

It's nothing more than a stupid "spoof" that makes fun of certain things in the wrong way, he's a bully.

The Contenders

11 Ghetto Prom From Hell

He makes fun of hell, that's so "touching", not, he's a horrible demon that deserves to be with Satan.

12 Interactive Haunted House Party

This one was the best

His "Halloween" videos are some of the worst on YouTube. he can't give anyone a good scare, other than with sexual "jokes" and vomit, he probably even eats poop, but if he does, then he would die ffrom a severe bacterial disease.

13 When an Emo Calls

He's one of the most offensive emos on the planet, he can't make any good videos, he's a weird jerk and loser who has no talent, and makes up these stupid "challenges" with no purpose other than to kill brain cells, he is not funny or appropriate for any audience, nobody should ever watch his videos.

14 Fred Is Dead

This was with on doubt, Shane's best, and first video ever, it was, in fact, his only good video, every video after that is complete trash, he doesn't have comedy anymore and now focuses more on sexual "jokes", his fanbase is perverted.

15 I'm Bisexual
16 Hello Kitty Parody
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