Best Shopkins Songs

What Shopkins Songs do you like the best? Tell me in the comments by voting!

The Top Ten

1 Tell Me What’s Cooking

This is from the Shopkins Chef Club Movie. Peppa Mint sings about how much she loves cooking and teaches everyone how to. - penis

This song is super fun! At a preschool concert I went to for my niece they sang this!

2 Inside Out

This is my fave SPK song!

This song is sung by the limited edition Mystabella Shoppie in episode 80 hey Listen and in the credits of the Shopkins Wild Movie. - penis

3 It’s My Time to Shine

This song is good

Gemma Stone a special edition Shoppie sings this epic song! This is the first original Shopkins song ever to be realeased. - penis

If someone sang this on America’s Got Talent she’d win. - penis

4 Why Not Go Wild

Get up, dance and find your wild style with the Shoppies! - penis

5 This is How We Party

Rainbow Kate, Bridie, Taira Sparkles and Rosie Bloom sing about partying! - penis

6 Ready to Go

This song is all about traveling! Where will you go? Jessicake sings so well! - penis

Yeah but the full version is not on Spotify

7 Paint the Town Rainbow

Rainbow Kate always can make anything into a party-even messes that must be cleaned! - penis

8 Me Hiding Inside

Peppa Mint and Rubie Blaze sing this together! - penis

9 Everybody Cruise!

Everybody cruise with a Cutie Cars tune on the radio! - penis

10 Move It Like You Mean It

Who wants to move and get into the groove with a catchy Shopkins dance tune? - penis

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