Best Singers Born After 1997

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201 Icess Rawlings
202 Charlotte Sabina

"Charlotte Sabina: Time Doesn't Heal Anything (with Lyrics)" on YouTube.

203 Annabelle Kempf
204 Victoria Hovhannisyan

"Victoria Hovhannisyan sensation and winner of the festival Moscow-transit-Moscow" on YouTube.

205 Mia Sifflet V 1 Comment
206 Thilo Berndt

"I Wasn't Expecting That - Jamie Lawson (®Gingerbread Artist) - Cover" on YouTube.

207 Angelina Jordan
208 Sofia Voloshanenko
209 Karoline Rhett
210 Gianna Nicole Ernst
211 Solomia Loukianetz

"Solomia sings 'Time To Say Goodbye' - The Voice Kids Germany 2015 - Blind Auditions" on YouTube.

212 Tina Siciliano

"Elastic Heart - Sia (Cover by Tina)" on YouTube.

213 Sam Tesch

"I Thank You Now" on YouTube.

214 Kaitlyn Thomas

"Better Than You Left Me - Mickey Guyton Cover by Kaitlyn Thomas" on YouTube. Australia.

215 Eva Ruiz
216 Ula Ložar V 1 Comment
217 Kyson Facer

"One Direction - Drag Me Down (Cover by Kyson Facer" on YouTube."

218 Jadagrace

Also known as Jadagrace Michiko Gordy-Nash; see "Drag Me Down & As Long As You Love Me - Mashup - Jadagrace" on YouTube.

219 Marea Finală!
220 Aliye Bekirova (Алие Бекирова)
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