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21 Boom Jet

Probably the real Bomb.This dude is all bombs and missiles head to toe,he's upgrades are great as his attacks and his hover engine look's pretty awesome.

22 Blast Buckler
23 Starstrike V 1 Comment
24 Countdown
25 Freeze Blade

I love his attack skills and he also just looks really cool!

Freeze blade is a Sav

26 Blast Zone
27 Thorn Horn Camo
28 Big Bang Trigger Happy

I like this guys rocket

29 Wash Zone
30 Roller Brawl

Vote for Roller Brawl she is OP as hell.

She is way cool

31 Cynder
32 Stink Bomb
33 Slobber Tooth
34 Mega Ram Spyro

His wow pow upgrade is that he gets mega horns

35 Riptide
36 Spy Rise

One of the strongest skylanders I've ever seen also all of his many attacks makes him versatile and a force to be reckoned with on pvp

Spy rise is easily the most powerful skylander on the market his cocoon spinner has speed and power not to mention he has the most attacks I've ever seen on any skylander very versatile not a character to be taken lightly in pvp plus his purple and bronze color scheme looks awesome

37 Scratch

So far shes the strongest cat

38 Hoot Loop

I don't have him, so I can't be honest with you. - Kinghotdog

V 1 Comment
39 Grilla Drilla
40 Bumble Blast
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