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Loki Loki Laufeyson, or Loki Odinson, is a fictional character appearing in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is the adoptive brother and archenemy of Thor, and is known as the "God of Mischief". In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character has been portrayed by Tom Hiddleston.

I actually hate playing against this God, because it means that at any time someone can pop up behind me, kill me within a second, and magically disappear before my teammates can do a thing. Him or Anubis are by far the most op gods because of their ridiculous single target damage and since I almost always play hunter, I get singled out by them 90% of the time.

He not the best he easly counter and with chacc I will wreck him

Loki is by far the best assassin, he has the best single target damage, he can go invisible, and when you come out of that you do increased damage, so if you activate the blade ability that does even more damage then go invisible, and hit them from behind (Which does more damage), you can kill anybody super quick

Fun and somewhat easy to play. also he is pretty op if using the right items


I got a quadra kill with the people that died inside the tower. He's pretty OP

He is so powerful. Using his ultimate when he reaches level 8 will kill most of the gods guardians are an exception.

Although very powerful, has zero escape besides his 2 which just reduces damage. Not a number one pick in my opinion

Easily the best, if you use your combos right.


Has a stun, a getaway, high damage with defense flexibility and a almost global ult.

Not a women he has a manly voice if he was a women he would have a women voice idiots

I agree with everything but the woman part

Thor Is Secretly A Woman.


He is really okay, but not my favorite. But hey, he has really powerful abilities and his ultimate allows his to grow a size and bite one of his foes. Very SWEET!

Laugh out loud powerful and looks insane

He is great because it is easy to catch up to someone who is running away with Brutalize

He is fast and powerful and if you use his power right there’s no stopping him.


Apparently he is literally a "GOD". He is strong! Don't second think Thanatos.

Dudes a beast I was getting like 1-5 kills a game with Thor he was all I was using at first then I use thatanos and got 21 kills... dude is strong and fast

This god has one of the best ultimates in game, in my opinion. Counting the fact that he heals off his kills, he can last a long time if built correctly and played right. The only down side is the fact the only way he can escape quickly is by using his ult, but by then he could have been silenced, rooted, or killed. But still a really good god.

I'm not good at Thanatos but my friend who plays him always goes above 20 kills a game and since ima Loki main he always steals all My kills

Ao Kuang

This guy has crazy amounts of burst damage. Three things you need. Attack speed, spell power, and lifesteal. He’s a mage, yet plays like an assassin.

I recently picked up Ao Kuang and already love his play style. Very high damage output on top of attack speed if built right. I got 33 kills in one game using him.

Love this character... Always go for attack speed!

Great burst damage, and execute, not a Mage


With the right build, the build I use, I can drop my whirlpool then the ultimate and their dead from full health, high defense gods are brought down enough so my tidal surge can kill them, Love Poseidon

He is pretty rubbish really

Create all around character with long ranged attacks and the perfect magic for me

Ultimate needs to do more damage, his basic attack buff is killer though


Anubis is the most powerful god in the game. He has the highest damage, but really low on everything else. Wished he had a little more healing, mobility, defense, and utility though. That would be great.

His wraps with his 3 on the ground and then ult is probably the most powerful combo in the game.

##22 what!? Anubis can absolutely destroy enemy gods. Top 5 god for sure!

Remember when Smite was first released?
I don't even play the game, I just want to vote for Anubis because he's cool. Screw the moveset and stats, Looks are everything in a game. Skill is a useless attribute.

Just please don't think I'm a furry. That's ' gross


If there's a group of enemies with half health, basic attack, then ult, 2,3, and then 1 for any escape and their all dead

I prefer combo build for hades

With full damage build you can nuke enemies and enjoy all your damage output, but to do that it requires full team participation. No teamwork - no fun with Hades. (Unless you played him so many times that u can do half of all work just by yourself.)

Is broken if you have the right build


Ra is my 2nd favourite God because he deals good damage and the skills are great but he shoots slow. Horus, in my opinion, is kinda better.

Ra has great attacks like I took down any bid and he was nearly at full health I did 854 damage and that's cool wait no sun god I mean he's hot

Ra line attacks are great against killing a lot of enemies at the same time

beast has a solar city commercial obvious number one

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Artemis if built well can dominate. Not everyone can play as her but if you know how to hunt in a pack and use her Bore in clutch you can terrorize the field.

I've almost mastered Art, and she is the hardest hitter in the game if built correctly. Don't let the computer do your buildings.

Love Art, probably best character to cherry pick with.

Her 2 with death bringer and Malice is amazing

Ah Muzen Cab

Very high damage, but no escape. Still if it haves a support it is really powerful and his attack speed with the hives is so OP.

Just recently permanently unlocked him and I've only lost 1 round with him. Kills are at 120 deaths 4. Most epic of God's.

I think he is absolutely ridiculous if played correctly. Destroy the hives or be overwhelmed!

Very underrated god, some say he is out of the meta, I stay destroying people with him, especially late game!


Kali is also good at securing triple kills as well. Her passive allows her to become as powerful as Anubis. Ouch.

Her lore is interesting that in itself is a reason to choose Kali the goddess of destruction

OP as hell in arena late game, virtually unstoppable with the right build.

I have not played the game but kali ma is best god. JAI KALI MA


Apollo is only good if you know how to build his attack speed and life steal other than that he is overrated his ability to get in and out of combat with his 3 is also nice but the only way to fight a god 1v1 with Apollo is 3 to dash to the god doing damage 2 to put them to sleep and 1 to do max damage then basic attack till you can do it again

Lol, how old is this?

His high rate of fire, critical, and lifsteal really make it possible to dish out a lot of damage. He has trouble with 1v1 but if you know what your doing this shouldn't be to much of a problem.

One of the best spilt pushers


Way too overpowered with damage and can get away way too easily with his abilities. All round to overpowered.

Kukulkan is a beast. Their abilities deal monstrous damage and they can kill a champion in the matter of seconds.

He is a beast his damage should put him top 5 for slaying everything

Just the best


The first goddess to learn about, even though I have never played the game before. Very easy but can be kind of hard to catch up to her as she escapes from a fight, after using backflip.

Good AOE + Stun is great for helping an ally escape/stopping an enemy from escaping.

Easy to begin, keeping distance

#23? whaaa? My best hunter, every skill is so essential. I can self heal and snipe through walls. If you're chasing someone with low health and out of range, you can quickly do a 180 and use backflip to catch up to them. I've killed multiple gods this way that thought I was out of attacks and/or range. ALWAYS bolster backflip until the end. It saves lives.


That description I'm up for

Birdbomb+thunderdome=30 kills

Love him. #SlamsBootyLikeHeDoesMages

RELEASE THE KRA... Oh wait that's not my line.


The first Mayan god to join the game, Xbalanque is a very unique hunter. Hoping he has some healing, though. As long as he stays in range, he should be okay, unless Artemis’ ultimate stuns him.

Build this guy right and he can wreck an entire team

Best God in the game for me. Dominate every time with this guy.

Best God in the game.


Janus is a difficult god to play with. But once you know how to use him and time his abilities there is no stopping him

Best mobility and snipes in the whole game

Best map travel in the game

Op very good in team fights
Can kill very easily
Easily able to escape
Awesome clear


Ares is a magical tank and has extremely high defense!

He is a great support!

Much too slow

3 chains, fire, high defense and sustain. 30 magical power for every aura item. He is one powerful god when used correctly.

Sun Wukong

A really good shapeshifter indeed. He is the most powerful warrior that I have ever seen. Seeing him using his ultimate is absolutely stunning and a really good way to fool others with that decoy. After all, he is the Monkey King.

Great transform ability as easy getaway and easy attack on a runaway.

So far he is the god I got most kills with and I love the Chinese mythology and he is just fun over all.

Sun wukong can shape-shift, regenerate health then attack, and is melee and long range


My first god I played and I don't regret it. Carried maaany games with her.
Early game is hard mostly due to missing mana
Late game she is a beast.

My first God I had mastery 10 on high cool downs attack movement increases and her natural lifesteal you can run circles around their team and be full heath when your outta there


Anhur is my most favourite god in smite! I would rank him as #1. he is so underrated he is easily my best god with my build!

Anhur is very underrated. His moves can be very powerful if used correctly

Anhur is one of the best... Plain and simple

The best plain and simple


Chang’e is pretty good at dancing when she is on the battlefield, moving around. She and her rabbit really make a good team, and her rabbit does everything for her.

Great healing pretty good attack and her passive let's her use shop without returning to spawn!

Best at healing and can have a quick escape. overall a great support character

Best heals in the game with a strong one.


High damage and stun. Also has a dash and ability that uses no mana. Really easy to learn and understand. Also, he's really cheap. A very good god for beginners.

By the time I played as Agni, I barely died and got about 13+ kills per match, really powerful character if you build him right.

In short fire kills people. that's it.


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