Top Ten Best Game of Thrones Seasons

The Top Ten
1 Season 4

Season 4 is far the best with episodes like "The Lion and the Rose", "The Watchers on the Wall", "The Mountain and the Viper", "The Children", "The Laws of Gods and Men"

Yes I'm glad season 4 is on top but season 7 comes close I confess. 4 the best season ever

Best consistency from beginning to end. Seemed to have the most going on.

2 Season 6

The Door, Book Of Strangers And The Broken Man seens to been the best episodes of this season and even get into the top 10 of best episodes in the show

The Battle of the Bastards & the Winds of Winter, arguably the best episodes of the series

The last two episodes of this season were the Icing on the cake.

3 Season 3
4 Season 1

The one that started it all and has one of the best characters Ned Stark!

5 Season 2

Outstanding season with the amazing Blackwater episode and really great episodes overall. And it has a strong and exciting finale.

6 Season 7

This season has been excellent so far. No messing around like the past couple of seasons.

Action packed season even though with only 7 episodes

Had the battle that we all waited for since season 2 : Dany vs lannisters

7 Season 5

The slowest season, but it gets a lot better toward the end.

8 Season 8

Remake needed just for this season

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