Top Ten Best Season 6 Game of Thrones Episodes

Which episode from Game of Thrones' phenomenal sixth season is your favourite?
The Top Ten
1 The Winds of Winter

I got to say I was a little disappointed at the last season(5) ending episode (Mother's Mercy), but this episode made me forget all about that disappointment. I don't know how can a show be made with a this kind of level. It surpass astronomically every Television Show we seen. If this was the ending of season 6 I don't know how good will be the last episode of Game of Thrones. But one thing I know certainly: A man Can't Wait that moment.

A complete game changer and the best Game of Thrones episode yet. Just when you think you know the show is when it shocks you to the core once more. Everything about this episode was stunning - with a particular shoutout to the musical score. This episode marks the beginning of the end, and if it's going to end on a standard like this then I have never been more excited.

Easily better than BOTB due to the story progression and mix of unexpected deaths.

2 Battle of the Bastards

Battle of the Bastards is clearly a new level in Game of Thrones. We got to see 2 epic battles at the highest level, the furiosity of the battle of the Bastards is simply unforgettable. The episode was a non-stop roller coaster, sit down and enjoy.

Did anyone else notice the Jon Snow-Daenerys parallel from season 3? When Jon was trapped under the bodies.

A masterpiece in the fields of cinematography, drama, climax, and storytelling!

This is the greatest battle of series/movie...

3 The Door

One of the most dramatic ending in the history of T.V. Shows, we got the answer of Hodor's mystery

4 Book of the Stranger
5 Oathbreaker

I felt so happy when Thorne was hanged. Arse deserved it.

6 The Broken Man
7 Home
8 The Red Woman
9 No One
10 Blood of My Blood
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