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1 The Winds of Winter

Although not as shocking a scene as in the Rains of Castamere, the opening scene was the best Game of Thrones have ever put together, the music fits perfectly and creates such a satisfying moment even though you don't particularly like Cersei. The rest of the episode is also fantastic, and combined with B.O.B completes the best ending to a T.V. season ever in my opinion. The death of Tommen and the ending to set up the next season were particularly exciting, and I just loved the detail of Tommen stopping his suicide momentarily to put the crown in a safe place! The GOAT episode

2 Battle of The Bastards

Might just be the best episode yet. Shows the consequences of not feeding your Hounds...
Don't think the final episode will top this.
EDIT: I was wrong. The final episode is even better. Though I still like this.

We've been waiting forever for an awesome field battle, and this episode gave it to us :) So intense, so spectacular, Kit Harrington as Jon Snow nails it, and gave us such a satisfactory ending :) Though I would've liked Ramsay Bolton's death to be a bit more graphic, I wanted to see him actually suffer and die. Never mind

3 The Rains of Castamere

In reply to theperson that compared Game of Thrones to Porn Hub, it is undoubtly the best T.V. show ever- its rated 9.5 on IMDb. Anybody who thinks differently should just stay quiet.

Funny how the top 3 episodes were all 9th episodes of their season.

I love how Talisa and Robb talk about their Baby and 5 minutes later it gets stabbed

4 Hardhome

Best Hero moment in the history of Television.

5 Blackwater

I think this was the first time I was really watching with my mouth open. After this one, it's impossible to quit GoT.

A straight up masterpiece. $8 million well spent!

6 The Children
7 The Watchers on the Wall
8 The Spoils of War

I really hope Jaime and Bronn aren't dead. As much as I love Emilia Clarke, having dragons is such a cheat code.

9 Baelor

If Ned Stark didn't die, the story wouldn't move in an interesting direction.

The one where Ned Stark gets beheaded.

10 The Mountain and the Viper

S4 was the best, and this was the climax. After the first 7 episodes established a main story more focused than any other plotline except for Ned Stark, we got a series of events which flowed seamlessly, and finally leading Oberyn to become Tyrion's champion. At this point, we thought we were going to get a happy ending; Oberyn had literally knocked down the mountain and was torturing him. But then we got GoT's most shocking twist yet, when Oberyn gets killed out of nowhere. The only death that could come close to this one in terms of unexpectedness and poignancy was that of Robb, Catelyn, and Talisa. Amazing.

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11 The Lion and the Rose

I loved every bit of this episode. Watching Joffery choked to death game me extreme pleasure.

12 The Laws of Gods and Men

Honestly? Aside from Tyrion's trial (which WAS an awesome scene), there's not that much to that episode compared to the others. I'd say a high ranking is fine, but definitely not top 10.

The trial was the best scene in the entire series. Unjustice after unjustice...

13 The Door
14 The Long Night

This episode was garbage. Game of Thrones sucks and is overrated. Watch Lord of the Rings if you want to watch an actual good fantasy.

This episode is better than the whole 5 seasons of breaking bad

15 And Now His Watch Is Ended
16 Winter Is Coming

Come on guys, this was the beginning of total epicness.

Beside nothing can be compared to the first episode because first episodes usually indicates whether the series is good or no.

The first Game of Thrones episode.

17 The Dragon and the Wolf

"I loved how writers convince you about something several times in this episode, but in the end it is the exact opposite - pure perfection! "

The best from this season and one the most satisfying yet frightening episode in the entire series.

18 Beyond the Wall

'Beyond the Wall' is the best episode so far in the series. The episode changed a lot of fan theories and speculations. And the wight dragon of course! Although the scene is sad and devastating, it showed us how the Night King can be a real major threat to the seven kingdoms. 11/10 to this great episode.
And Jon Snow bent the knee (sort of)

The best show in the series by far. The conversations they are having as they go to catch a wight are just priceless. Dragons fighting zombies in the snow? ! And a zombie dragon make this show unbeatable. I watch this episode at least once a week since it aired

19 Valar Morghulis
20 Fire And Blood

The one where the dragons hatch.

21 The Dance Of Dragons

One of the saddest deaths and shocking moments of the season and show

22 Kissed By Fire
23 A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
24 Mockingbird
25 Dragonstone
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