Top Ten Song Lyrics to Yell Before You Punch Someone

These are song lyrics to yell before you punch someone (I know this is a weird list)

The Top Ten

1 "IT'S YOUR F***ING NIGHTMARE!" (Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare)
2 "You'll never take me down!" (Thousand Foot Krutch - Down)
3 "Have you had enough?" (Breaking Benjamin - Hard Enough)

Oops, made a typo. Supposed to be "Had Enough" - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

4 "Let's start a riot! A riot!" (Three Days Grace - Riot)
5 "I can get WICKED!" (Thousand Foot Krutch - I Get Wicked)
6 "Obey your master!" (Metallica - Master of Puppets)

I would totally way this. - Martinglez

7 "I don't care if your world is ending today" (Marilyn Manson - (S)aint)

I don't really think that you could end somebody's life with one punch (unless you're on a ridiculous amount of steroids) - Seventies-Music-Fan

What if you puch them with a gun held to their head and you fire accidentally? - Lucretia

8 "I won't show mercy on you now!" (Within Temptation - What Have You Done)
9 "Are you sick of it?" (Skillet - Sick of it)

Sick of life, then yeah, who isn't - Lucretia

I'm sick of you

10 "But first, lemme take a selfie!" (Chainsmokers - Selfie)

I can't then he might punch my phone. - 51im_Ro55_2002

PUNCHING SELFIE! - lovefrombadlands

The Contenders

11 "Let's try to make it right, don't wanna start a fight" (FNAF Song - Survive the Night)
12 I'm Sexy and I Know It (Lmfao - I'm Sexy and I Know It)
13 Keep spending most our lives living in the gangsta's paradise (Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio)
14 "Enemy, Show Me What You Wanna Be! I Can Handle Anything! Even If I Can't Handle You!" (Slipknot - (Sic))
15 If consequences dictate my course of action I should play god and SHOOT YOU MYSELF!!! (Jerk Off by Tool)

But you are onky punching them unless you have a gun which elevates it to a new level. - Lucretia

16 "Pain, without love!" (Three Days Grace - Pain)

I wouldn't think you would love someone you will punch. - Lucretia

17 "I'd Rather Die Than Give You Control!" (Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole)
18 "F**k You, I Won't Do What You Tell Me!" (Rage Against the Machine - Killing in The Name)

Awesome thing to yell but super overrated song. - Lucretia

19 "I'll fight you under blood red skies!" (Judas Priest - Blood Red Skies)

How much times do really intend to punch them though? Oh, it doesn't matter. - Lucretia

20 Paybacks a B****, Mother****er! (Slayer, Payback)

I want to scream this before I punch my brother. Like when we argue I will scream this and punch him. I love this song as well. - Lucretia

21 Can't Keep My Dick in My Pants! (Xxxtentacion - Look at Me!)

Ugh, XxxTentacion - lovefrombadlands

22 "Don’t play with me" (Halsey - Don’t Play)
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