Top 10 Song Titles to Put Next to Your School Entrance


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1 Welcome To Hell - Venom

Is the school in a satanic religion? Guess so..

Yep - EliHbk

Sure my 9th and 10th grades were hell,
Know why?
- No Sundays...
- No Summer or winter vacations ( As you are called to study in these times as well)
- If you get below expected marks/grades even in a single test, you'd be welcomed to principal's office ( If you're an average scorer then it becomes more like your in-laws house)
- Teachers can beat the students..( Remember my 56 slaps comment?..It's actually in my top ten comments)
- You are not allowed to take a single day leave, or if you do then a school automobile will be there at your home to take ya ( If you aren't at home then it's okay..Or if your parents can explain)
- If you fail in tests or have undisciplined behaviour..Can be expelled even in the middle of the semester
- if your performance isn't good then The principal will visit your home..Without any notification
- As soon as winters arrive, you must be thinking of a shortened duration? Well it was something one can't expect, The duration is 6 ...more - Ananya

2 School's Out - Alice Cooper
3 Everything You Know Is Wrong - Weird Al Yankovic
4 Hell Awaits - Slayer
5 Where Life Begins - Madonna

That fits quite right. Classmates, gotta enjoy school life. - LordofL

6 End of the Road - Boyz II Men
7 Heaven - Bryan Adams
8 Wasted Years - Iron Maiden
9 Back Into Hell - Meat Loaf
10 Drowning in Darkness - Beyond the Black

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11 Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
12 Fall Into the Flames - Beyond the Black
13 No Way but the Hard Way - Airbourne
14 Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio
15 Rebellion in Dreamland - Gamma Ray
16 Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins
17 The S*** that Killed Elvis - Scooter
18 The Archive of Lost Dreams - Tarja
19 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
20 Don't Try So Hard - Queen
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1. Welcome To Hell - Venom
2. Wasted Years - Iron Maiden
3. Hell Awaits - Slayer
1. School's Out - Alice Cooper
2. Welcome To Hell - Venom
3. Where Life Begins - Madonna



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