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241 Phantoms Can't Hang - Deadmau5
242 Fight Night - Migos
243 Marilyn Hanson - Hank Green
244 Seasons (Waiting on You) - Future Islands
245 Boghz - Morteza Pashaei

Very nice... I love you for ever morteza

It's injustice :'((( you r best Morteza :'((

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246 I'm a Freak - Enrique Iglesias
247 Wild Wild Love - Pitbull

The song just got unappealing -- the vocals with the sounds. I do not like this song. Why is there more than one wild in the song title? One should be enough. - madoog

I personally don't really like this song but others do so you know

I love G.R. L because there beautiful and great singers and pitbull looks so wired when he dose that face but ok

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248 Addicted to You - Avicii

I love this song. Avicii is my favorite

This song deserves to be higher up. - AsianBlood

249 Our Destiny - Thomas Bergersen
250 Step Beyond - Yes
251 Welcome to the Jungle - Neon Jungle
252 The Saw is the Law - Whitechapel
253 Lockdown - Amy Lee

This song deserves to be in the first position in this list!

254 Bo$$ - Fifth Harmony
255 Take On the World - Sabrina Carpenter

This is so good. Love this theme song love this show!

256 The Days - Avicii

Probably the best EDM song of the year. Avicii knows how to innovate the genre and its unfortunate this song didn't become more popular like some of his other hits.

I like this better than The Nights. - madoog

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257 It's What We Do - Pink Floyd
258 PXP - The Alan Parsons Project
259 Lost in the Dream - War on Drugs

An incredible song and not even the best of their album. "Under the Pressure" should be in the top 10. At least 7 songs from the album should be in the Top 200.

260 Take Me Home - Cash Cash

Should be way higher than 84

Take Me Home is amazing. - madoog

Should be number 1. My favorite song of 2014!

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