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1 Praying - Kesha

I plan on making a whole blog series dedicated to reviewing Kesha, explaining her thought process and intent behind her music since the very beginning, but I'm so glad she's finally broken free. No longer held back by people who try to control her every action, now she can make music that can be enjoyed by more than just the music nerds. Because yeah, this is downright magical. 6/5 - WonkeyDude98

This song is absolutely amazing! It makes me so happy to see Kesha back in such a big way, especially after all the crap she's had to go through. This is the best she's ever sounded by far, and the song itself is a masterpiece. If this doesn't take the top spot by the end of the year, I will be both shocked AND disappointed. - tonyb500

Between everything she's gone through and where she's at now, Kesha has come such a long way. She is stronger than ever, and this song proves it in such a huge way. Hands down her best song, and hands down the best song of 2017 so far. This NEEDS to take the top spot!

Pathetic and annoying song... - Vip3r

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2 Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran

This is way better than Shape of You. Can feel that this song means more to Ed than Shape of You. Its just a pity it wasn't the number 1 hit it deserved to be because people didn't listen to both Ed Sheeran songs at the time and realize Castle on the Hill is a mile better - crowdiegal

I must admit, I was somewhat disappointed by this album. It wasn't bad, in fact it was quite good, but it just didn't have quite the same magic as Ed Sheeran's previous work. But this song is truly a gem. It's so real and personal and just feel very much like Ed sheeran. - GrimmShady

For me, this song really touched me and made me cry the first time I heard it. I found the lyrics really meaningful and reminiscent of past times, and I think both the lyrics and the tune of the song were really incredible. Shape of You got a lot of hype when divide came out, so at first I assumed the album wasn't as good because I didn't like that song, but Castle on the Hill is amazing and I love the idea of his childhood being put into a song. - pjo

Stupid invisible ninjas cutting up onions in my room again. 100/5 - oneshot

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3 DNA. - Kendrick Lamar

There's something that hits as hard as HUMBLE., a song that I already love and give a 5/5, but then there's THIS. Mike WiLL made up for his entire discography (and that's saying a LOT) and then some with a spacious keyboard loop that is just minimalist enough for Kendrick's incredible bars. The song is about Kendrick's quest to clean the reputation of a genre notorious for sex, money, and murder and doesn't really do much to change that. The bars on their own kick ass as well, and his flow is great. Then a beat switch happens after he crams as many syllables as possible, and goes WAY harder against a powerful vocal sample.

When I first listened to DAMN, I literally hurt myself from dancing to two select songs, and those were HUMBLE and DNA (the same could've happened on ELEMENT as well). I swear, Kendrick tore all of these tracks up, but it's not like that's something new. Whenever he drops something, I'll always make sure to have enough space around me for the get down. This track is absolutely monstrous. 6/5 - Mcgillacuddy

Yay this is getting ranked higher and proves I don't have an unpopular opinion on liking this! 6/5 - AlphaQ

So overrated - DaWyteNight

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4 Believer - Imagine Dragons

I don't understand why this is so low... 54 is not justice for a song like this. But maybe that's because I'm a giant Imagine Dragons fangirl

The poll is incredibly ridiculous... Believer is by a long long (and I mean very long) margin better than all the pop craps above it as well as one of their all time top three tracks alongside Demons and Radioactive. putting this masterpiece in the same list amongst these garbages is a disgrace for the existence of music let alone comparison..

I hear you brother. Imagine Dragons is one of the few bands left that still releases good music... - Dccena7

This song was Nintendo's worst decision ever. - WonkeyDude98

I love this song!

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5 Sign of the Times - Harry Styles

I'm not a fan of One Direction or Harry Styles but this song is actually good. I feel like it was influenced by Pink Floyd (Maybe some David Bowie too). The drum beats, guitar and just the mood of the song. He actually has a nice voice, which is surprising since he's from One Direction. My faith in new music has been restored. - BrianScott01

It's hard to believe that Harry Styles started out leading One Direction, the most hated band in existence (and looking back on it, about half of that was justified). But while Louis Tomlinson found a way to make a personal story sound boring and mediocre, Niall found a career in solid acoustic pop, and Zayn just became the worst person EVER, Harry Styles blew me away in a way nobody could have expected from a One Direction member. A huge David Bowie-inspired track with bleak pianos that build into Harry's incredibly emotive falsetto and one of the best hooks of 2017, before live drums and raw electric guitars serve as an undertake?

This is astonishing. It seems like between this, Rihanna making a hair metal ballad (Kiss It Better, even forgetting the dead-eyed masterpiece Desperado), Calvin Harris' midlife crisis, and Beyoncé's experimental mayhem on Lemonade, it seems like although the charts still suck, pop music is starting to step it up a lot. I'm really looking forward ...more - WonkeyDude98

Before sign of the times I didn't know what Harry Styles' voice sounds like and the first time I heard this song it just got me. His first note gave me goosebumps and the song is incredible. It's easily outstanding from the temp pop songs. The guitar and drum front and center vibe is so nostalgic and old-school which I loved very much. And he's got such a powerful voice. I love the raspy deep but clear texture of it. And he's a very good performer too. The live of this song has totally blown my mind.

One of the few songs of early 2017 that actually made sense...

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6 All I Got is You - Deep Purple

A classic band making a comeback! Love it!

This song is very good Deep Purple still sound good after all these years - christangrant

Deep Purple rock! Moreover, singer Ian Gillan was 71 when recorded it in 2016! - Metal_Treasure

Deep purple? you're back to bring up the good music? THANK YOU!

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7 Green Light - Lorde

No, this isn't Lorde's best. But the fact that she's even still making music is a miracle.

I've been waiting for her full-fledged comeback since Yellow Flicker Beat and now it's happened. And it's interesting. What's weird is that while this is more accessible than I expected, it's not exactly mainstream. The lush pianos that bounce off an explosive backbeat that builds to one of the heaviest groove-driven hooks I've heard in recent memory, it sounds great. And the content...well, it's not really risky, mostly reminding me of a CHVRCHES song more than anything, but it's still an extremely tightly written song.

So what's holding this back from true greatness for me? Probably the transitions. The dynamics and flow of the song feel a bit jerky, especially with the fried "I hear sounds in my mind" segment, but I could see this growing on me as one of the best songs of the year. Really good work. 4.5/5 - WonkeyDude98

This song is a some way to return to the charts after 4 years away. Lorde has grown up, she isn't a teenager anymore and the Pure Heroine days are over and fans need to move with her. Sure Green Light still contains traces of Pure Heroine but its dance pop at its finest. You've done well, Ella! - crowdiegal

Hearing this song feels like driving a car as its breaks dislocate. At first, the ride feels breezy but the loss of control later sends the car flying out of control with a flood of adrenaline rushing through the driver. That is exactly how it feels to listen to "Green Light". It pulls its own breaks and just unleashes a wrath so emotional, it just convinces you how emotionally distraught Lorde feels. And while the lyrics detail the wait for a green light, the green light is already there: the full throttle of emotions that escape and bounce off all the walls. Quite shocking to know this was not a number one hit. It just feels like a timeless masterpiece. This is the song that music analysts will pick apart years later and the song that will definitely end up in decade year-end lists. Mark my words.

How is this below a song called Ravens that no one has ever heard of. - CharismaticKat

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8 Speak to Me - Amy Lee

Uhh, I wasn't feeling the song as much as others were but I can still respect that it's a good song. 4/5 - AlphaQ

Amy Lee has been working so hard recently and and she most definitely deserves the recognition and the number one spot. The song gives me chills every time I listen to it and it never gets old. Seriously, her vocals in the song can not be overlooked nor the heartfelt lyrics. The lyrics and the melody come from a very melancholic place that you can relate to more if you see the movie "Voice from the Stone". It's an amazing 2017 dark masterpiece. - mood333

Amazing song, it's one of the best touching songs so far, Amy Lee did it again, she has just overcome the My Immortal "best ballad of her" hype with something even better, great lyrics, incredible piano, stunning video.

I love this song. It’s epic and beautiful. Amy Lee sounded incredible in this song. I wish there were more song like this. 9.5/10 - PhoenixAura81

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9 Talking to Myself - Linkin Park

RIP Chester Bennington. That is all... - tonyb500

Excellent tribute to Chester Bennington, and an excellent catchy track itself. - DennisLai290

Not best linkin park song as linkin park has much better music but it is best song of 2017.

RIP Brother

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10 The Promise - Chris Cornell

Looking at what was topping the charts this year, this is easily the best. It reflects on the third world problems we face and how they continue to plague us, and Chris's vocals really are amazing. Really hadn't changed a bit. Rest In Peace, Chris Cornell. 5/5

Especially "Praying", which is probably the most meaningful song of the year. It's not love, sex, or partying, it's about how Kesha won't be broken. She is the best pop artist of the year. - DCfnaf

This is a wonderful touching. We miss Chris...may he RIP. Blessings to his wife and children...may they have the strength to understand his early passing. This song should be in the top 10.

Even though I may not listen to this very often, I understand people love it. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Chris, rest in peace. 8/10


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The Newcomers

? Legalize Me - Prophets of Rage
? Mo Bamba - Sheck Wes

This song came out in 2017 but became popular in 2018. - oofoff

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11 Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers and Coldplay

Despite taking some elements from one of their previous songs, Roses, the song itself was pretty charming indeed though the originality would give this song a little miss. But I love it anyways 4/5 - Neonco31

This annoys me in the same vein as All We Know. It's a collaboration between two artists I like, and the final product is great, but it sounds just like another song of theirs. In All We Know's case it was Closer, and here it's Roses. 4/5 - ProPanda

This song is absolutely incredible... I love the way they sing this, and the lyrics are so cool; I like all the references to superheroes. Great background music, you can really hear the distinctive Coldplay style. I am a total Coldplay fan, I love all their songs, and this one does not disappoint! While I do like Kesha's "Praying", this song has a better sound to it, if you ask me. Altogether an amazing song; if you do not love it, you are insane. Double thumbs up to Coldplay and Something Just Like This!

I'm sorry but this sounds just like Roses so nope. - CharismaticKat

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12 Back in the USA - Green Day

This is a masterpiece and honestly one of the best music videos of any rock band in recent times! It both perfectly matches the theme and lyrics of the song and manages to be very political, yet also witty, funny and light-hearted all at the same time! The directors of this really deserve a huge amount of respect for what they have achieved here!

Green Day is a great band. Very political, but they use it in a way to express themselves and don't do it for publicity, or the money. They do it for the fans. Unlike Colin Kaepernick, but we won't go there.

The excellent Green Day continue to carry th3 torch for rock music.

I GOT to listen to this. I never knew an amazing band like Green Day made music in 2017! :D - PhoenixAura81

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13 XO TOUR Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert

This song gives me nostalgia. I know it's very recent, but this song makes me feel nostalgic. That's how you know it's a really good song.

Genuine masterpiece. - ProPanda

Amazing! Love it

He sounds kind of weird in some parts but this is so damn catchy. - CharismaticKat

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14 Ravens - Mount Eerie Ravens - Mount Eerie

Oh thank god this fell out of the top 3. This guy seriously can't sing. He has vocals similar to other terrible artists like Mike Kinsella and Giles Corey. The lyrics suck too. What, it's about the death of his wife? Pfft, why would anyone be so depressing. Go listen to Sound Of Silence by Disturbed or Car Radio by twenty one pilots. That's real music that actually does make you think about life. As for the production, it's godawful. I've heard many masterpieces in my life, ranging from Angelic 2 The Core by Corey Feldman, to #NEWGOREORDER by BORGORE. They have much better production that's more than just some guitar that's barely there. Missio have actual lyrics too unlike this guy so ha. Seriously, I don't know why people are praising this guy instead. In a year where Linkin Park (rip Mike Shinoda), Arcade Fire, and All Time Low are making their best music ever, I don't see a need for this. Go listen to some Amy Lee or twenty one pilots, or better yet AJR instead. At least they have ...more - ProPanda

This comment was funny but I don't like this song. I like Car Radio.

Ultimately, there have been many discussions on whether or not the album that this song is from can even be considered music... However, the difference between this song and every other song on this list is that it truly comes from the heart. It's not some cheesy anthem song, nor is it some nonsensical banger, this is a song that focuses fully on telling a story and not on being some dumb, phoned-in, "inspiring" song. Honestly, there's no reason for any person to bash this song, let alone the album, because it's not like the album nor the song even charted... the reason as to why this song is this high on the list is a testament to both Phil's songwriting craft and the tragic circumstances that surround his life. (Also, this song gets stuck in my head a lot for some reason, especially when I'm outside mowing the lawn.) In conclusion, I'm just happy that this song has even been recognized considering the fact that most people would rather settle for some cheap pop music... and at least ...more

If you're going to listen to this, I recommend that this music has nothing to do with the popular music scene. This is a very personal song off of a very personal album, about his wife's death. His voice is weak and that's his singing style. Almost definitely one of the best album of the year.

Ok I know one of the comments is obvious sarcasm but... to the other people that say this one doesn't need to be on the top... you're kidding right? I mean I respect if you don't like this but thinking unironically that this song don't deserve to be there while Imagine Dragons and Ed Sheeran actually deserve to be on the top three... is one of the main reasons why this page isn't took seriously

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15 Malibu - Miley Cyrus

Hannah Montana is gone, and she will sorely be missed by her fans (I hated the show and was not upset to see her go though). Then Miley Cyrus changed her appearances and wore ridiculous costumes, sexualized her concerts, made disgusting videos, autotuned most of her songs to death (Wrecking Ball and FU are exceptions), and twerked on stage for fame. Once she got on The Voice, she stopped the antics and started transitioning back to country girl Miley Cyrus. She has officially transitioned back to normal. For those of you who still think she's a disgusting and poor role model...please spread the word about this beautiful, heartfelt country pop song. The song is about Miley living in Malibu and directing the song to Liam Hemsworth. The message and lyrics are just beautiful, especially for Miley standards. "I never would've believed you if three years ago you told me/I'd be here writing this song" and "We are just like the waves that flow back and forth/Sometimes I feel like I'm ...more - DCfnaf

The other good thing about Miley in recent times was her Grammy performances this hear. They were excellent. I think after that, she officially and fully redeemed herself. - PhoenixAura81

This is actually GOOD. She appears to be cleaning up her act. At first when I heard Miley was releasing another song, I was like "oh crap, not another we can't stop." But MY WEAVE WAS SNATCHED. She was actually SANE and CLEAN, not trying too hard to be "sexy." Like I don't mind sexiness, but back in 2013 Miley took it WAYY TOO FAR. As in to the point where it wasn't sexy, it was disturbing and disgusting. But thank goodness she cleaned up her act with this masterpiece

If any of you need evidence as to how I'm NOT Spectrum Pulse, this is it. I don't love this like most people do, it's still lacking in a lot of energy, but it''s nice. Really nice. 3/5 - WonkeyDude98

I was so sorry for her because I didn't like her anymore but this song remind me the time before I started to hate her.

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16 Haze of Interference - Bedwetter Haze of Interference - Bedwetter

Get this to #1 ASAP. Not one song on this list can get as emotional as this one, except for maybe Man Wearing a Helmet and Stoop Lights. - SwagFlicks

He still wets beds? - DankGodX

He wets beds. Ew. - AlphaQ

This is DCfnaf's favorite song! Vote for it!

This isn't my favorite song of all time, but it's the best song of the year without a doubt. - DCfnaf

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17 Humble - Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar if as awesome as ever in the song, his vocals are great and his floor if great. The best and lyrics work in concert with each other to create this, "shut up and listen to ME, I'm the boss" vibe, and he totally OWNS it!

Kendrick sounds as great as ever on this one. His vocals are great and so is his flow. The lyrics and beat both have this down to Earth listen to me, I'm the boss vibe.

Kendrick comes in with yet another catchy song about how the competition needs to stay in their lane and be humble. Kendrick is pretty much on top of the game right now, and no one can measure up to him in terms of just overall talent. - hiphopgod

Amazing rap song! - yanzchenthebest

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18 Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons

This isn't amazing. It's alright I guess. Shouldn't be in the top 100 but probably somewhere around #120 would be good for it. Sad part is it's probably the best song on the album. - spiritofhiphop

This song is amazing! The first verse where there is very little background music may not sound that good, but the chorus is perfection, with background music that goes really well with the melody. 9.5/10 - allamassal

This is way better then thunder - Th3Zm0nst3r

How is it number 17!?!?!? I will do whatever it takes to bring it to number 1

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19 Mask Off - Future

Whoa. The best Future has done ever. - AlphaQ

Get this at number 10 or 20

Why 100 make it become 30 or 10


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20 Pure Comedy - Father John Misty

Easily the best song of the year, Pure Comedy provides a much-needed analysis of the flaws of humanity, politics, religion and other issues; and the timing couldn’t be better.

Best song of the year. Not a Father John Misty fan myself, but this song is the best reflection of reality that’s been released in song form in a long time - katman46

21 Duckworth. - Kendrick Lamar

Def the greatest rapper on Earth rn

A great ending to a great album. really demonstrates the storytelling Kendrick we saw in maad city at its full power

22 Reaction - The Pale White

This song should have been one of the biggest songs of the year. A chorus that is aggravatingly catchy. It's actually hard to describe because this song is just so damn good. - crowdiegal

23 Havana - Camila Cabello

I do think this is a good song. However, while Camila did an amazing job, I can't really rate this song high enough because of one issue in particular: Young Thug. I'm not a fan of mumble rap, and Young Thug's line on this song is just not really that great in my opinion, and kind of hold the song back. it is still awesome to see that Camila did a great enough job to have this song be a critical and commercial success despite Young Thug's mumbling of the second verse. - tonyb500

This better be a hit or I will go over to a radio station and make them play it - 1507563

Great Song, Until Radio started playing the hit out of it. Reminds me of Trap Queen the way it got Played Too Much. Now no one even mentions the song Trap Queen. - Primrose1021

3.5/10 overplayed radio middle school trash - B1ueNew

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24 Lady B. Goode - Chuck Berry

Chuck was a rock n roll legend, and this is what he decided to go out with. Amazing.

Chuck is not a king. He is god.

Last song before he died and his first song was johnny b goode :-(


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25 The Spectre - Alan Walker

Alan Walker always knows how to impress - Dccena7

Alan Walker is LIT

Why is it so low

Never mind. This is just Alan Walker being good once again. Not the best (Sing Me to Sleep is), but this song is actually a good home run to the EDM Industry.

Previous Score: 6.10
New Score: 7/10 - MissRWBY202

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26 Hard Times - Paramore

Definitely one of the most underrated tracks of the year, along with the whole album (After Laughter). I don't know if it's because of Paramore saying a definitely goodbye to their old sound or because it's too 80s or what, but it needs to be listened by everyone, because that happy sound hides an important and dark message. LISTEN TO IT

Whole album was great, revitalized a great band and introduced a new sound for them and brought back vibes we haven't had for decades without compromising lyrical content.

I LOVE this song. I love how Paramore are experimenting with different genres, and this song really does work - Aquaturtle

Catchy and speaks to the people in pain. 9/10!

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27 River - Eminem

It's up here? Yes! I mean, Eminem's verses...his voice sounds amazing and Ed Sheeran just sounds perfect and the lyrics are good too. It's amazing...I remember when it was at 337 and that was HORRIBLE! Amazing song.

I was super excited when I heard that Em and Sheeran were doing a song together and I was not disappointed. Great narrative and lyrics, awesome vocals and some seriously solid rapping. - Overlord_Kyrat

Please get this song higher. I would argue that, while it doesn't reach the bar set by Eminem songs such as "Lose Yourself" and "Stan", it gets pretty dang close. - Atham

Perfect collab

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28 The Cure - Lady Gaga

Eh. Good beat, good lyrics, I'll take it. 5/5 - ProPanda

I'm sad this flopped, I expected after being gone for so long that Lady Gaga would have finally have a had a hit. Oh well this may not be the best song this year, but it is a close second next to Million Reasons. - MilesW1998

This is okay however it got grating for me after a little while hence why I left it off my top ten best songs of the year list - crowdiegal

Oh boi lady gaga. - THEGNOME101

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29 Feel It Still - Portugal. the Man

What? Why do you people LIKE this?! It is horrendous! It's overplayed LITERALLY at least 14 times a day! This is the next "Shape of You", except Ed Sheeran, the singer of that terrible song actually has some great music. This song has a REALLY bad instrumental. Plus the name of the band: Portugal The Man. WHAT?! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! Portugal IS A COUNTRY NOT A PERSON! This is a GROUP, not one man. Therefore it doesn't make sense AT ALL. The worst thing of all is the voice though. You really can't argue that the voice is horrendous. It sounds like a monkey on weed. Ironically the group is called Portugal The Man when this high monkey doesn't even sound remotely manly. JESUS CHRIST WHAT HAS POP MUSIC BECOME?! I can't EVEN CALL THIS POP THAT WOULD BE AN INSULT TO Michael JACKSON AND ALL THE GREAT POP ARTISTS! PLEASE SOMEBODY SAVE US FROM THIS SONG

Should be way higher! It's amazing! They have an amazing voice and I love the lyrics and OOH OOH I'M A REBEL JUST FOR KICKS NOW GOT ME FEELING LIKE THIS SONG IS 11/10 NOW MIGHT BE OVER NOW, but I can put this song back on. I could listen to it 100 times.

DEFINITELY best pop song of 2017 besides "Believer" by Imagine Dragons.

I don't know why, but I just can't find myself to like this song. 3/10

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30 Black Magic - The Amazons

Oh god yes! The best song from The Amazons self titled album - crowdiegal

31 Paris - Chainsmokers

Much better than Closer - Neonco31

At this point, anything by The Chainsmokers is better than Closer. - PhenomentalOne

Nah. I liked closer because it was pop fluff but this song is just bland and unoriginal. It sounds like every other chainsmokers song. - GrimmShady

I really love this song!

Okay song. But this coming from the Chainsmokers! Not even an electronic song.

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32 C**shot - Cupcakke

Please... please... please don't tell me TheTopTens considers Cupcakke a good rapper while seeing Nicki Minaj as one of the worst?

Really... let's compare.
Nicki Minaj does have her odd drug trip songs, but she also have songs with more heart, often self reflective ("All Things Go", "Dear Old Nicki"), she can also perfectly create unsettling tension ("Out of My Mind", "Monster", "Roman Holiday"), she can as well sing and write memorable pop songs; and even in her sexual songs she has some kind of female dominance that makes it enjoyable. She's not the great artistic feminist that Cardi B is, but she is fine, and varied. Cupcakke just aggressively shouts way too direct sexual lyrics into the mic, without the slightest attempt to create an erotic tension, some kind of witty lyrics, or anything other than basics. A sexual song can be great as well, if executed right. But with Cupcakke all I get is just... explicit lyrics far from subtlety rapped so aggressively they sound like ...more - Martin_Canine

Her most famous song, is rather slow, and doesn't have much of a flow, but listen to some of her other songs. Plus Cupcakke has some songs with a pretty deep meaning. Try her song Biggie Smalls or Crayons. And Cupcakke actually has some pretty clever songs and actually does have wit. I'm guessing that you only have actually listened to one of her songs - Lanturnizer6

So happy to see a Cupcakke song so high on this list! I hope one day Cupcakke will be incredibly big and popular! Everyone should listen to her music!

I don't like cupcakke. All of her songs are just yelling.

I haven't even listened to her songs but I've seen the lyrics. Like really? I get she's a joke but it's not funny at all. - CharismaticKat

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33 1-800-273-8255 - Logic

As someone who's gone through depression, I genuinely feel that this song came from nowhere but the heart. Every time I listen to it, the beginning it takes me back to the state I was in, and by the end it lifts me up entirely and overall,makes me feel better than I was like, 2 minutes before. Now, I listen to all kinds of music, from Jazz to metal to classical to rap to pop to EDM. So I've heard many many songs through my life and only a handful of them hit as hard as this. That handful are songs like "Dance With The Devil" by immortal technique, "Hurt" by Johnny Cash/Nine Inch Nails (personally, I prefer the Johnny cash version), "Changes" by 2Pac and "Snuff"&"The Devil in I" by Slipknot. These are the only songs that hit as hard as 1-800-273-8255. That's how deep and emotional this song is and to see songs like Despacito and Havana above this really disappoints me. And I get it, People have different tastes and like, I like those songs too, but seeing how deep this song is, really ...more

Hold up. If you're taking purely about the quality then there are better songs. But as far as popularity this song has 450 Million plays on Spotify and over 270 million views on YouTube as of 12/11. This song came from the heart to the heart. It's about saving lives and impacted the whole world. The fact that 400+ no name songs are ahead of this makes this list a joke.

Really? "From the heart to the heart"? Please explain to me the emotionless-sounding vocals in the "I've been on the low, I've been taking my time... " part, and the stupid "Who can relate? WOO! " - allamassal

I think this is a great- no, the best- song. Mainly because it is so meaningful and is relatable to a lot of people. This song should climb up. 1-800 deserves a higher position on the ladder. Help me out here, friends?


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34 I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd

Still my favorite

its 2016 - Th3Zm0nst3r

Actually it was released in 2016 but in late November. Radio release was in 2017 though - StarlightSpanks

35 Urn (Part I): And Within the Void We Are Breathless - Ne Obliviscaris
36 Second Nature - Neil Finn
37 Pluto - Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner & James McAlister
38 Judas - Fozzy
39 Sharp Edges - Linkin Park

Chester's favourite song. RIP CHESTER

The lyrics mean everything


RIP CHESTER - JamesLustre

40 The Man - The Killers

The Killers return with an upbeat song, showing how badass this band is, without changing their punkish rock pop style into another typical 2017 pop band. 5/5 for this song. - DennisLai290

The Killers are back, and this song is a statement - MTDiorio19

It sucks!

41 Real Death - Mount Eerie Real Death - Mount Eerie
42 Gods of Violence - Kreator

This is one of my favorite songs of the year, and one of my favorite songs in general. The guitar riff in the chorus is one of the best guitar riffs of the decade.

My favorite 2017 metal song so far but by the end of the year, I'm very sure everyone here will shove this to first. - Neonco31

Get this above that godawful Harry Styles song at least.

That Harry Styles song isn't a song. It's just horrible...noise for 5 MINUTES. 10/10 for you having a good taste in music.


Great Title Track to my favorite album of 2017 so far

But to be honest I personally like Totalitarian Terror, Satan is Real and World War Now more but this track is also just as amazing - christangrant

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43 Heat - Brockhampton

No surprise that Brockhampton are so low, but Saturation is one of the best records of the year, and this is the best track off it.

44 Star - Brockhampton
45 Killing a Little Time - David Bowie

Deserves to be MUCH higher. 6/5 - DCfnaf

46 That's What I Like - Bruno Mars

This song is good but it overplayed - RoseCandyMusic

I listen to this song 24/7 it makes you just want to get up and dance

Bruno just nails this song, its fantastic. One of my favourite hit songs of 2017 so far. - crowdiegal

Not good and super overplayed. - PhoenixAura81

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47 Clear the Way (December 13th, 1862) - Iced Earth

One of my favorite Iced Earth songs and certainly my favorite song of the year. - NightmareCinema

My favorite song of 2017,

48 Love Scars - Trippie Redd

Get this above all that pop radio crap. - CharismaticKat

49 Swims - Mount Eerie
50 Come Up - Kallitechnis
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1. Haze of Interference - Bedwetter
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1. Reaction - The Pale White
2. Black Magic - The Amazons
3. Second Nature - Neil Finn
1. Speak to Me - Amy Lee
2. All I Got is You - Deep Purple
3. Lady B. Goode - Chuck Berry

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