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Anyone - Justin Bieber Anyone - Justin Bieber Cover Art

I want to hate this song. Really bad. Anything coming out of Justin Bieber is enough to turn me off. But I begrudgingly gave this song a try and I will admit I was pleasantly surprised. It's better than ANYTHING on his latest album. His vocal performance on this track is amazing, especially at the chorus, despite the production being a little bloated in my opinion. Just when I thought JB was becoming a gimmick, he comes out with this song and proves me wrong. I hope this will be his new direction.

Justin Bieber Probably Will Be Way Lower On All The Negative Lists And Will Be Lower Or Off The Most Hated People In History

Might be my favorite song from him, even though I don't like him. I give it a 9/10.

This song is surprisingly good. It is probably Justin's best song yet. 8/10

Drivers License - Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License - Olivia Rodrigo Cover Art

Great lyrics and very well produced. I feel that some of the parts are maybe a little too intense for my taste but it’s only a minor flaw. Also she sounds a lot like Lorde in the second half but we haven’t gotten any new music from Lorde in a long time so oh well.

It just came out on January 8th & it outdid every other song in quality & everything. It’s the great song of 2021 & truly the greatest in decades. Better than all the garbage playing & it’s among the most heartbreaking songs ever made. This’s up to Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton & My Immortal by Evanescence given how sad it really is & that doesn’t do justice for people who cry over sad songs. Yet it’s upbeat, powerful, inspiring & emotional all at the same time. Yet it became the 1st song of 2021 to ever hit #1 on iTunes & the pop charts as well as anything. Take a hint guys. This is REAL music & not filled with drugs, sexual content or racism. A whole Lotta effort was put into it & it’s like the 1st time in a decade a new artist released a great and powerful song in the mainstream (though her other & 1st song was made specifically for Disney Channel). Still can’t believe an actress from a Disney Channel show like Bizzardvark would come up with a song that would take ...more

This is a beautiful song, definitely has quite a lot of meaning to it.

Teen pop has rarely been this emotional. You can see that this 17-year-old has put a lot of effort into this song. You can hear the pain in her vocals considering she was going through a painful breakup but at least she's not trying so hard to be melodramatic. This song is sweeping all competition and rightfully so, I'd rather have kids buying into this than rappers who promote drug use, sex, weapons or violence and objectify women or call them "b*****s" or "h**s". I'm so glad a HEARTFELT song is set to be at #1. People who hate sad songs will likely be disappointed but this song is not stealing its success.

No Son of Mine - Foo Fighters No Son of Mine - Foo Fighters Cover Art

First thing I thought when I read the title and heard the first chord is that it would be a cover of a Genesis song, but you would be totally wrong to think so because this song SLAPS... HARD! It's great to hear FF again, I hope the album will be just as good, if not better.

Oh thank god, this is so much better than "Shame Shame", this is a return to form for the Foo Fighters.

This is easily the best single that they’ve released so far for their new album.

De Una Vez - Selena Gomez De Una Vez - Selena Gomez Cover Art

Nothing extraordinary, but she's headed in the right direction and definitely sounds better singing in Spanish. 6/10

Lo Vas a Olvidar - Billie Eilish & Rosalía Lo Vas a Olvidar - Billie Eilish & Rosalía Cover Art

This is a lot better than Billie's previous single Therefore I Am in my opinion. 7/10

Although it's not my favorite Billie song, it's a great song!

Bucket List - Mitchell Tenpenny Bucket List - Mitchell Tenpenny Cover Art
New Year Song - Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness New Year Song - Andrew McMahon In the Wilderness Cover Art
Evl Ppl - That Handsome Devil Evl Ppl - That Handsome Devil Cover Art
La Di Frickin Da - That Handsome Devil La Di Frickin Da - That Handsome Devil Cover Art
Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Lana Del Rey Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Lana Del Rey Cover Art

This song is just absolutely beautiful

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L8r Boi - Ashnikko L8r Boi - Ashnikko Cover Art

Pretty funny remake of "Sk8r Boi" by Avril Lavigne. If you like creative sampling or covers, you should give it a listen!

Distant - Bun B & LE$ Distant - Bun B & LE$ Cover Art
Bad Vibes - That Handsome Devil Bad Vibes - That Handsome Devil Cover Art
Vibez - Zayn Vibez - Zayn Cover Art
Déjà Vu - Austin Meade Déjà Vu - Austin Meade Cover Art
All My Favourite Songs - Weezer All My Favourite Songs - Weezer Cover Art

You know what? This song isn’t really bad at all. I like it more than the singles that were originally going to be on Van Weezer. I’m hyped for OK Human!

MAZZA - slowthai & A$AP Rocky MAZZA - slowthai & A$AP Rocky Cover Art

A great Slowthai song that also features one of A$AP Rocky's most solid verses in years.

Skin - Sabrina Carpenter Skin - Sabrina Carpenter Cover Art
Flames - Mod Sun Flames - Mod Sun Cover Art
To Be Loved By You - Parker McCollum To Be Loved By You - Parker McCollum Cover Art
Nigel Hitter - Shame
Implosion - Fax Gang Implosion - Fax Gang Cover Art
Born in Luton - Shame
March Day - Shame
Water in the Well - Shame Water in the Well - Shame Cover Art
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