Top 10 Songs About Military Leaders


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1 Alexander the Great - Iron Maiden Alexander the Great - Iron Maiden

Aleeexander the grape
His name struck fear into hearts of men
Aleeexander the grape
He died of fever in Babylon

I might have messed up the lyrics because I’m listening to a different song

2 Joan Of Arc - Arcade Fire Joan Of Arc - Arcade Fire
3 Ghost Division - Sabaton Ghost Division - Sabaton

It's about Erwin Rommel and The 7th Panzer Division, commanded by him. Erwin Rommel was a German general of WW II known as the Desert Fox. - Metal_Treasure

4 The Rise of Hannibal - Ex Deo

A death metal song about Hannibal Barca - Hannibal was a general and statesman from Ancient Carthage widely considered one of the greatest military commanders in history. - Metal_Treasure

5 Genghis Khan - Iron Maiden

I like it but put it lower only because it's an instrumental piece - Metal_Treasure

6 Genghis Khan - Miike Snow

I know... there are 3 songs about Genghis Khan in the top 10 of this list. But he's very well known and there are many songs about him (he's at #1 on the list Most Important Military Leaders of All Time). - Metal_Treasure

7 Custer - Slipknot

It's about George Armstrong Custer, a Civil War hero. - Metal_Treasure

8 Dschinghis Khan - Dschinghis Khan

The item title is German for Genghis Khan by Genghis Khan (yes, the band name is Genghis Khan). The song is in German. - Metal_Treasure

Their singer is Hungarian so this song gets a lot of airplay in my country. - Alkadikce

9 How the Story Ends - Megadeth

It's about the ancient Chinese military commander and author Sun Tzu. Dave Mustaine explained that it's a song about "The Art of War by Sun Tzu, and talks about if you were in battle back in ancient times, when you went to war and could not hear the commands from your commanding officer, what they would do is use flags. So you see the flag, and, 'Uh oh, we've got to retreat. Can't hear him, but I see the retreat flag.' Y'know, that is if you're looking backward and you don't get your head cut off." - Metal_Treasure

10 Cortez the Killer - Neil Young

The song is about Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador who conquered Mexico in the 16th century. "Cortez the Killer" also makes reference to the Aztec ruler Moctezuma II. The song was banned in Spain under Francisco Franco, and released in Spain following Franco's death. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Joan of Arc - Madonna
12 The General - Dispatch
13 The Art of War - Sabaton

A metal song about Sun Tzu and his military treatise, The Art of War. - Metal_Treasure

14 Che Guevara Flow - Spongebozz
15 Sun Tzu Says - Sabaton

A short introduction to Sun Tzu's Art of War, the Chinese military commander/general and author Sun Tzu, and his military treatise, The Art of War, written by him in the 6th Century because. - Metal_Treasure

16 Defector - Muse

This is about Kim Jong Un - DoroExploro13

17 Reapers - Muse

This is about Obama and his drone schandal - DoroExploro13

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