Best Songs About Time

Could be about time going by quick, slow, someone getting older.

The Top Ten

1 Time - Pink Floyd

"And then one day you find 10 years have got behind you, no one told you when to run" - BrianScott01

Time is even called "Time," so it is definitely about time.

Not a single song on this list comes close to this masterpiece. David Gilmour's assertive and aggressive voice along with Rick Wright's smooth, soft and wise voice make this song an incredible piece of genius.

The lyrics reflect the album's concept and builds it's own theme about time. The guitar work is nothing short of exceptional and the guitar solo is the icing on the top. There is a reason why this is the third most selling album of all time.

Positively depressing.

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2 Cats In the Cradle - Harry Chapin

About his son getting old quick, one of the best songs of all time. - BrianScott01

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3 Old Man - Neil Young

Tells a story about Neil getting old. "I've been first and last, look at how the time goes past" - BrianScott01

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4 Wheel of Time - Blind Guardian

One of the best songs I have ever heard. Truly impressive musicianship. And it's a new song, 2010. - Metal_Treasure

Absoulte Masterpiece - christangrant

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5 Night Moves - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

Basically about Bob changing over the years. - BrianScott01

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6 When I Was Young - The Animals

Another one about getting old. Says how easier life was when Eric was young. - BrianScott01

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7 In My Life - The Beatles UListen to Sample
8 The Times They Are A-Changin' - Bob Dylan

The title pretty much says it all. - BrianScott01

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9 Only Time - Enya

Its about time basically knowing everything. Lyrics are wonderful. - BrianScott01

A simple question, a deep answer

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10 Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Forever Young - Bob Dylan UListen to Sample
12 Caught Somewhere in Time - Iron Maiden


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13 It Was a Very Good Year - Frank Sinatra UListen to Sample
14 Time - Lionel Richie

About time being wasted. - BrianScott01

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15 Time Travellers - Riverside

This one is a very beautiful tune. - Metal_Treasure

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16 The Bold Arrow of Time - Tame Impala

Has hardely any lyrics but they are, "Overhead ether flow, moment, colors run,
time so slow, slow. I've never seen the arrow of time fly so low. And time flows on." - BrianScott01

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17 Father Time - Stratovarius UListen to Sample
18 Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce UListen to Sample
19 Two Minutes to Midnight - Iron Maiden UListen to Sample
20 Time is on My Side - The Rolling Stones UListen to Sample
21 Time Has Come Today - The Chambers Brothers UListen to Sample
22 Same Old Lang Syne - Dan Fogelberg UListen to Sample
23 The Way We Were - Barbara Streisand UListen to Sample
24 At the Edge of Time - Blind Guardian

"Now as my time's passing by
What am I waiting for?
Who'll grant me wings to fly? And will I have another try?
'Cause I would not miss my moment again
Yes, I would not miss my moment my friend". - Metal_Treasure

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25 Time - The Alan Parsons Project

Really sad song, about time flowing even after the worst of things. "Who knows when we shall meet again, if ever, but time keeps flowing like a river." - BrianScott01

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26 Verschwende deine Zeit - Silbermond UListen to Sample
27 Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band UListen to Sample
28 Out of Time - Blur

This song is so cool - Lotuscandy

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29 Time - Anastacia UListen to Sample
30 Days Go by (Acoustic) - Dirty Vegas

The most known version of this song by Dirty Vegas is a House music track (which I recommand too) but the acoustic version focuses more on the lyrics. - Lotuscandy

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31 Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper UListen to Sample
32 Landslide - Fleetwood Mac UListen to Sample
33 Wasted Years - Iron Maiden

Well its about Time Travel I think - christangrant

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34 Foreplay / Long Time - Boston UListen to Sample
35 Out of Time Man - Mano Negra

Mano Negra was a french alternative rock band (active between 1987 and 1995) fronted by Manu Chao, which was one of my favorites french bands. - Lotuscandy

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36 Time Stand Still - Rush UListen to Sample
37 Childhood's End - Pink Floyd UListen to Sample
38 Time - Real Estate UListen to Sample
39 Earth Song - Michael Jackson

A song about evoloution through time

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40 Everything Changes - Pokémon UListen to Sample
41 Better in Time - Leona Lewis UListen to Sample
42 Hung Up - Madonna UListen to Sample
43 Forever Young - Alphaville UListen to Sample
44 Spend Some Time - Eminem UListen to Sample
45 Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? - Chicago UListen to Sample
46 Once In a Lifetime - Talking Heads UListen to Sample
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1. Time - Pink Floyd
2. Wheel of Time - Blind Guardian
3. Caught Somewhere in Time - Iron Maiden
1. Forever Young - Bob Dylan
2. Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell
3. It Was a Very Good Year - Frank Sinatra
1. Cats In the Cradle - Harry Chapin
2. Time - Pink Floyd
3. Old Man - Neil Young


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