Best Songs on Bad Meets Evil's Hell: The Sequel

These are the best songs on Bad Meets Evil's Hell: The Sequel album which in my opinion has no bad songs on it. I would suggest you go listen to right now. Here's some more information on Bad Meets Evil. They're a group between the 2 rappers Royce DA 5'9 and Eminem. The first song they made together was called Bad Meets Evil and it was on the Slim Shady LP. They made a few songs at that time, then their duo split up, and all of D12 and Eminem hated Royce. But after the rapper proof died, Eminem and Royce stopped with the beef with each other and then in 2011 they released the Hell: The Sequel album.

The Top Ten

1 Fast Lane
2 I'm on Everything
3 Lighters
4 Above the Law
5 Welcome 2 Hell
6 A Kiss
7 Living Proof
8 Echo
9 Loud Noises
10 The Reunion
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