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1 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

LISTEN TO THIS SONG! LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW! This is the best song the Beatles have ever made PERIOD! Eric Clapton's guitar solo is perfect, The vocal harmonies are haunting and beautiful. Everything about this is beautiful, dark, and perfect.

I honestly put this song among the greatest and most beautiful songs of all time. This song really gets me, the lyrics are just great and the melody... Oh god, it's simply a masterpiece

Its an awesome song with a great descending guitar sequence and a achingly beautiful lead played by Clapton. The staccato piano part played by McCartney adds to the drama and grandeur of the song with Harrison putting in a strong vocal performance enhanced by McCartney's superb harmonies. Starr's drumming drives the song onwards towards its wonderful fading conclusion. It's so good it makes you want to weep...

Is it a problem that I like the acoustic version better? - galaxyfox

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2 Happiness is a Warm Gun

This song is different because it tells a story. The begginging is a musician writing poetry that nobody knows for sure what it means, but can all interpret. The next section is depression. Raw self loathing and hate. The next is suicide. The bliss of leaving is fufilled with the final snare at the end. I know it's just how I interpret it, but that's what this song means to me. It's one of the greatest ever.

I just love this piece. There's not much to say, but it is very catchy and there is four parts to the song and it gets stuck in my head. - fdogsfordinner13

Johns voice is so melodic and goes so well with the background harmonies at the end. I could listen to this song nonstop.

Surreal masterpiece!

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3 Helter Skelter

Fabulous drumming by Ringo, George's consistent riffing & Paul's vocals & Lyrics-
"I'm comin' down fast but I'm miles above you! "

The ascending vocals in the beginning of the song are so awesome. Influenced rock for the years and decades to come especially led zeppelin. Very challenging but so fun and hard

I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS... classic line from Ringo. - Exodus666

Best song on the album

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4 Blackbird

Really hard to pick, as this is such a great album. But the music paired with the amazing lyrics. "You were only waiting for this moment to arise." An amazing song, and my favorite off the white album.

Don't know which is my fave on this album because most of it is ace. Especially this top 6

Heartbreaking, yet slightly redeeming. The best song from this album

I honestly thought this would be at the top of the list! It’s a simple song but it’s very calming and uplifting and the chord patterns are just perfect

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5 Back In the U.S.S.R.

I think you'll find that Putin agrees with me, and everyone agrees with Putin. (Or else).

Fly in from Miami Beach and then vote for the greatest song on this album.

I always Rock Out Completely To This Song! - Beatlesboy9

Great opener. - marmalade_skies

6 Dear Prudence

First, the guitar arrangement on the intro. Calm, natural, mostly charming. Then the bass came in as a compliment at first, and on the second round the bass became alive to prevent the sweet song to became a major boredom. The dynamic between band members were great in this song. It blended very well. I also give George Martin (the producer) a big credit

Definitely one of the best songs on the album! It deserves to be top 3! Even John said himself it's one of his favorites!

"The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful, and so are you", this is one of favorite lines the Beatles ever wrote.

This is literally one of of the best Beatles songs ever created. It starts of slow but exculates into this butiful masterpiece, which I think can compete with "Hey Jude. " also the drums notes in this song is breath taking

7 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

This song is full of happiness, but seriously, I even prefer Revolution 9 or Wild Honey Pie. Though Honey Pie is worse! These are not masterpieces, and if they weren't from the Beatles everybody would find them ridiculous
Actually Piggies is my favourite song in the White Album.

This is around the 10th best song on the album. Whoever this numbskull is that said that Honey Pie is a bad song needs to shut up. - jones5

Overrated album, but this is a great song. The Offspring certainly seem to like it... - truckturner

The first-ever openly pro-LGBT song ever released by a major artist. No other musicians could remotely have gotten away with this in 1968. Beat so-called "pioneers" like David Bowie and Lou Reed by 5 years.

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8 I'm So Tired

John's vocals are amazing. You can really feel him getting more and more frustrated being sleep-deprived. "And curse Sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid get" is one of the Beatles' best lines. Probably the most underrated song of the Beatles.

In my opinion, the most underrated song by the Beatles.

Not my favourite but definitely in top 3... also listen at night on your roof, its amazing

A Lennon (and Beatle) masterpiece, how could he sing with any more soul!? I can't believe this song isn't near the top of the list!

9 Revolution 1

Mostly a lamer verson of revolution - RecklessGreed

10 Martha My Dear

Possibly the cutest song I've ever heard. He wrote this for his dog. Love the brass sections and the piano, as well as the adorable lyrics. Not the best song on the album but I love it so much.

Really nice happy song! So sweet that its about Paul's dog!

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11 Julia

It's a really soul-full song by john lennon. It is about his mom julia lennon. You can really see john's personality from this song

The greatest ballad I have ever heard. End of.

Beautiful, serene and chilling at the same time. This gets my vote for sure! - galaxyfox

I love this song, it makes me feel happy and special.

12 I Will

One of my favourite songs, although it's more simple, it's beautifully executed and criminally underrated. If I ever had a wedding I'd want this played I think it encapsulates what love means beautifully.

Very underrated song. The beautiful melodies in the verses cannot really be topped

Very nice to listen to

"Who knows how long I've loved you, you know I love you still, will I wait a lonely lifetime, if you want me to, I will"

Pure brilliance out of McCartney, underrated

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13 Glass Onion

Come on people! This should be up there before Sexy Sadie!

This is the best song on the album in my opinion. It just rocks. Music is awesome and the lyrics are brilliant.

This is my fave Beatles song

Looking through a glass onion
Bumm bumm

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14 Long, Long, Long

Genius, very underrated...for me it's one but I don't see how it's not even in the top 3 in most people's list. I really believe if they put George's Not Guilty in he'd have the 3 best songs on the album. He had the greatest on here and the greatest on Abbey Road, he also saved the Yellow Submarine from being flooded with water

Long, Long, Long is extremely underrated. The drumming is A Day In The Life esc. George's vocals are calm.. Then escalate and it sounds amazing. I LOVE the guitar. It's my favorite song ever.

This song is amazing... it makes you feel like you're floating

Harrison ahead of his time.

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15 Yer Blues

A perfect example of how blues rock should be. Also I personally think one of their rawest and hard hitting tracks. Way more raw and gritty than Helter Skelter in my opinion, that song kind of sounds like it's trying too hard to be hard and raw.

Such a good, underrated song with great drums and guitar work, however maybe a bit too long?

Way too underrated


16 The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

I love this whole album... besides number nine. That song makes it annoying to listen on vinyl. But I love this song, yer blues, blackbird, and back in the USSR

17 Sexy Sadie

It is a great calm song with an aggressive story. John Lennon was disappointed with the Maharishi's teachings, and felt that he was cheated, so he wrote a song about it, like his inspiration for I'm So Tired was also involved with meditation.

Deserves top 5 - lachiemc

Great song, with a great meaning behind it.

Fun fact: This song took over 100 takes to get right. - galaxyfox

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18 Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

Though there is a lot of competition (happiness is a warm gun particularly) this wins because of the last 25 seconds. The move to a deeper richer sound then bouncing back to the cowbell. They play with your head and know exactly what they are doing in the studio.

Best song title ever.

Voted for this cause it should be higher.

I need more cow bell! - westofohio

19 Rocky Raccoon

Absolute tune... just great words that tell a story in a great arrangement, the guitar just makes for a nice vibe... similar to the hot, starry night in which McCartney wrote it when he was in India, 1 or 2 better than this however, so I voted as it has to be higher than 20

Recipe for "Rocky Raccoon" Great vocals, wondrous backing music, and beauty.

Definitely the best of Paul on white album

Underrated gem! Best on the album! - UncommonLoon

20 Birthday

I don't know if this is my favorite song on the album. There is a ton of greatness on the White Album, but a lot of the songs are weak despite huge potential (sexy Sadie comes to mind) This one gets my vote because we have a personal history. I love to sing this song, even though it is hard to sing right.

Love Harrison's guitar riff
High voices
Very upbeat and feel good
Love the part when everything stops and you hear that guitar part that's amazing

I voted for I will, scrolled down, saw Birthday, and thought, "why did I vote for I will? "

Underrated at #20 at least top 10 - westofohio

21 Piggies

Not senseless lyrics at all, it is a scathing criticism of late 60's British politics that may be lost on the modern listener.

Catchy but senseless lyrics, love the short, great tune

I love this song, it's really underrated

One of my favourites in the white album. - malamJONES

22 Cry Baby Cry

Cry Baby Cry is the song leading towards the 9 minute death pit of pure madness, "Revolution 9". The spine-tingling ending of the song works as a warning, telling listeners to proceed with caution. Baby Cry worked as a fine transition. Its experimental space out sound and gloomy piano chords combined with lyrics illustrating a story is brilliant.

This song tells a story, possibly about a mother and father who's children are ghosts

Amazing song. I'd put it at No. 2 right behind While My Guitar Gently Weeps by a small margin.

Brilliant song. List should go:
Happiness is a warm gun, while my guitar gently weeps, back in the ussr, cry baby cry, I'm so tired, yer blues, sexy sadie, everybody got something to hide, julia, dear prudence, I will, martha my dear

23 Don't Pass Me By

What's wrong with you people this isn't even on the list. Because its ringo? Jeez... Great song

Ringo's second best song after With A Little Help From My Friends. It's fantastic

How is this not top five?

Love it

24 Savoy Truffle

I love this song but mostly the entire side 4. The build up of the songs leading to revolution 9(very frightening song by the way) and finished up with good night is great. A great way to finish up the album. Also a very catchy riff. Its as if it is prepares you for revolution 9 and good night recovers you from it. Surprised the song is so low on the list.

This is a very fun, yet unappreciated George song, with a great brass section and good guitar on George's part. This should definitely at least be in the top 10 with its fun jazz quality mixed with rock.

I love that song!

25 Mother Nature's Son

Mother Natures Song is one of my personal favorite from the white album because it is so dang folky and and sweet. So folky that even John Denver covered it on his album, Rocky Mountain High. It's a sweet love song to nature.

Best folk ballad of the Beatles! Great vocals by Paul, the lyrics are so sweet. It's the Best Song of the whole album!

One of the most underrated songs from the White Album. It deserves more votes. - Gg2000

26 Why Don't We Do It in the Road?

Why don’t we do it in the road?
Why don’t we do it in the road?
Why don’t we do it in the road?
Why don’t we do it in the road?
No one better be watching us!
Why don’t we do it in the road?

Some people may say this is a filler song, but I like it. It is very catchy. Also, if you are looking for progressive rock by The Who that nobody knows about, try Miracle Cure. It is from the album “Tommy”. It’s in the part after the doctors sequence where Tommy becomes aware of everything.

27 Good Night

Perfect end to the album, overshadowed by the ridiculous 'Revolution 9'

Always ranked low on these lists, but I really love the melody.

Good Night, Sleep Tight ☺ - malamJONES

28 Honey Pie

Actually really liked this song, underrated in my opinion. - Volhosis

29 Can You Take Me Back?

This does not count as a song on the album. I think if it as part of cry baby cry

Hidden track between Cry Baby Cry and Revolution 9.

Good song. I never knew it was a hidden track.

Just so you know, this isn’t my favorite song on the album. That spot would go to Long, Long, Long. But this song is still great. In my opinion, it serves as a warning to what you will experience in Revolution 9. I know this isn’t an actual song, I mean, it’s a part of Cry Baby Cry, but it’s still fantastic. By the way, Cry Baby Cry is just as good. It’s menacing.

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30 Revolution 9

I hope you're being sarcastic.

I don't consider this a song, Its more like art inside your ears. As a piece of art, I like it, but as a song... I don't... Its pretty scary, too.

I first heard this song running through a freezing, dark forest at 1 o'clock in the morning (a night race if you're wondering why! ). It was terrifyingly exhilarating to hear it in that setting, and the eeriness of it with stay with me forever. Incredible sound collage - a work of art.

It's so bad. - Userguy44

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31 Wild Honey Pie

Definitely worse than Revolution 9. - galaxyfox

Way better than revolution number 9!

A decent song. It definitely takes you off guard! 7/10

I love ya! Honey Pie

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