Best Songs from Blink 182's Self-titled Album


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1 Feeling This Feeling This

Amazing song, Best album opener by a mile,
ending is insane!

Love the ending to this epic masterpiece - Gamer231

The ending makes me feel incredible

2 I Miss You

Definitely one of the saddest songs I've heard in my life - Gamer231

3 Stockholm Syndrome

Gotta love that bridge - Gamer231

The perfect combination of Tom’s trademark screamy vocals combined with Mark’s melodic verses, and probably the best bridge Mark has ever written. Travis giving it 110% on the drums as always, all combining together to make what I’d call the greatest blink-182 song of all time.

4 Down

Down Down Down Down. Such great lyrics in this song - Gamer231

5 Always
6 Violence

It is a little weird at the end, when the woman is talking, anyway this song is awesome, it's cool how when Tom starts singing, there's almost no instrumental music, just his voice.

Man this song is so different compared to the bands other songs - Gamer231

7 Asthenia

I love that in all the album, they put they're opinions, or what does the song mean to them, and here Tom tells you what does Asthenia means, and even if you didn't know that, this song is awesome!

Tom Delonge at his best - Gamer231

8 Easy Target

1:Feeling This
2:Reckless Abandon
3:Easy Target
4:Up All Night
5:First Date
6:Stockholm Syndrome
7:Roller Coaster

The chorus is very cool, how it is faster than modt of the other songs, deserves better.

9 Obvious

Best non single on the album - Gamer231

10 All of This

Wasn't expecting Robert Smith to be on here wow! - Gamer231

The Contenders

11 Here's Your Letter

Such an underrated song

12 Go

It's a shame it only goes for a minute:( - Gamer231

13 I'm Lost Without You
14 The Fallen Interlude

Why does no one like this? It's awesome!

15 Not Now

Bonus track but still the best song on the album in my opinion - jwp19

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1. Feeling This
2. I Miss You
3. Easy Target
1. Feeling This
2. I Miss You
3. Down


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