Best Songs On Breaking Benjamin's Dark Before Dawn

Dark Before Dawn is the fifth studio album by the legendary Breaking Benjamin, and their first with the new line up, Ben being the only remaining original member.
Their previous albums were legendary, particularly Phobia and Dear Agony which are just beyond anything words can describe. Not only that, but it's been six years since Dear Agony... meaning this album is really impatiently waited for by fans. Here we go.
And anyone who has a go because I've made this early... I don't care. I saw the tracklist and made it.

The Top Ten

1 Ashes of Eden

Vocals and overall musicality is outstanding and gives me goosebumps every time I hear it which is typically characteristic of something truly great musically.

Beautiful song with perfect vocals and amazing drums! - AngryByrd

The emotion Ben poured into this song... Wow. If you cannot "feel" this song, then you are immune to the effects of music.

Just such a beautiful song :3

2 Angels Fall

Hands down the best song on the album. The excellent intro and great guitar riff make this a truly memorable song! - GinSan

The choruses are just epic. Amazing choruses. - EvilAngel

The song that introduced me to Breaking Benjamin. Perfection. - Merilille

Great sound as usual, this can be one of the top charts!

3 Defeated

Some of the most God damn epic choruses I have ever heard. Angels Fall is stunning, and Hollow is beautiful, but Defeated has to be my favourite. Those choruses are just something else - EvilAngel

Absolutely tremendous song. All of this is so special, especially those epic gripping choruses. One of my favourite songs in a long time - EvilAngel

A classic song by breaking benjamin, saw a lot of musics of them sounding like this!

4 Failure

I can't list my remix of this until June when the album releases, but so far so good ;-). Failure has been released early as the first single, and it is BRILLIANT. In my opinion no it can't come close to the songs from Phobia and Dear Agony or the best few from We Are Not Alone, but it's still brilliant (that says something about how amazing their previous albums are). I was hoping it would be a huge first song from the album like So Cold, but it isn't quite on the same levels or AS ambitious, but don't get me wrong, this is still brilliant. Really happy listening to this great song. And also looking at the epic album cover.
Here we go... can't wait for my favourite band to return. If it's even half as good as Dear Agony that will automatically make it one of the best albums ever. - EvilAngel

Their single, sounds alright and doing the job. Love it.

This is pure breaking Benjamin at its finest. Vocals, check plus, lyrics, check, instrumentals, check plus, overall grade: 98.
This Song should be up there with other legendary songs like the diary of Jane, I will not bow, give me a sign, so cold, and even breath. My favorite part is the beginning when they glitchy electro beats fade in and then out and then the bass just drops. Wow.

Great Song

5 Close To Heaven

That's awesome, bring you somewhere close to heaven

Just listen to it once if you haven't. Now.

Should be in top 3

6 Hollow

This song is nostalgic, but a new song. It takes the similar sound and components of the most popular tracks that really formed bb's sound, like so cold and pretty much the whole of the phobia feel. But this song gave a twist so beautifully done that it essentially became the epic finale of those darker songs. Amazing song, though not my favourite of the album, that doesn't take away at all of how breathtaking it is.

This is their greatest song ever, nothing on this album even comes close to this besides maybe some of the singles. It just blows me away (no pun intended) and has been my favorite of BB's along with Breath, So Cold, and Forget It. The solo is unreal and the creepy tone it brings is just magical. Even my Mom thought it was better than all the others! (besides Dancing With The Devil she loves that one - A7X3DGBB

All these songs are awesome and I think they all deserve #1, but my personal favorite is Hollow. - JustinR889219

This song has great guitar, excellent chorus, and an awesome solo, it reminds me of So Cold

7 Never Again

The only song on the album co-written by Ben, Jasen and Keith, Never Again is a promise of the things to come from the reformation of Breaking Benjamin. It's got that point of difference which suggests the band is progressing without losing any of their traditional sound, and the battle in the lyrics is one that everyone can relate to.

8 Bury Me Alive

This is my favorite song on the album. It's got such power and intensity, and I can feel a lot of emotion from it.

Probably the heaviest song on the album, a good song that some might not enjoy

Love the song, it's aggressive but addictive!

This song is so badass!

9 The Great Divide

Seven? Are you kidding me? This should be like in the top 3. This is probably the only song of BB's album, Dark Before Dawn that hit me right in the feels. Its music composition and his vocal just makes me feel nostalgic and it sounds a bit like Evil Angel. So yeah... Vote for this one to make it up to top 3.

This song was the one I keep coming back to. Simple as that.

10 Breaking The Silence

One of the most unique songs on this album! Sounds like nothing Breaking Benjamin have done before! - AngryByrd

This song is favorite on the album. It's so soothing but yet so powerful.

This song is definitely underrated. Best song on the album.

So original song with new stuff but sounds great!

The Contenders

11 Dark
12 Dawn
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