Top Ten Songs from the Broadway Show Hamilton

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21 Aaron Burr, Sir

Who else raps both parts and slightly changes positions based on which part it is? - AnonymousChick

Teacher: Pardon me-
Me: Are you Aaron Burr, sir? - Absolite

22 Take a Break

I love this line:
"There's a lake I know...
In a nearby park...
You and I can go
When the night gets dark"

23 The Story of Tonight
24 Farmer Refuted

I want to sing both parts... but I can't... I'll try anyways and sound stupid! - AnonymousChick

25 The Election of 1800

I never thought it would be in the top 10, but 29 is too low

LIIIT BOIS dis dons is rad best sing of 2018 boys no better eat fick aiuyahjk

All I Hear:
Hillary or Trump? (Hillary or Trump? )
We know its lose-lose!
Hillary or Trump? (Hillary or Trump? )
But if you had to choose?
Dear fellow Americans! Bernie Sanders doesn't stand a chance so who are you promoting? But if you had to choose?

This song is really overlooked, but just listening to it reminds me that America's faced these same issues since its inception, and we pulled through. - keycha1n

26 Blow Us All Away
27 Helpless

This is such a great song, and so catchy! It really shows how much Angelica cared about her sister.

28 Stay Alive
29 History Has Its Eyes On You

Christopher Jackson sounds fantastic in this one! Combined with the ensemble, this track is EASILY one of my all time favorites!

30 Cabinet Battle #1

This is basically Epic Rap Battles of History. "Turn around, bend over, let me show you where my shoe fits! " Best line ever. - Absolite

Turn around bend over show you where my shoe fits

31 Hurricane

It's so beautiful but it's the start of disaster...

Beutiful song honestly my favorite

32 Your Obedient Servant
33 Ten Duel Commandments
34 Tomorrow There'll Be More of Us
35 The Reynolds Pamphlet
36 A Winter's Ball
37 The Story of Tonight (Reprise)
38 What Comes Next?

Awesome! Wow! - AnonymousChick

39 Cabinet Battle #2

The Cabinet Battles are why I hate this thing. - ProPanda

40 The Adams Administration

Fave Part "Sit Down John YoU FAT MOTHER$#&*@#! ". Cause to be honest, if the song comes up on shuffle, I Would yell that, even in school and My Parents.

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