Top 10 Songs that Could Be on Albums by Other Music Artists


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41 Where Have All the Good Men Gone - Conchita Wurst

On a Donna Summer album. - Martin_Canine

By the way that's a biological man.
(Not in any way offensive, I just adore his stunningly perfect female singing voice) - Martin_Canine

42 Ring 'round - Jackie Q & Infant Sorrow

On a Britney Spears album. - Martin_Canine

43 Phil - Acting Lovers

On an E-Rotic album. - Martin_Canine

44 Victim Tonight - Sex Appeal

On an Ace of Base album. - Martin_Canine

45 Ordinary Life - Liquido

On a Bloodhound Gang album. - Martin_Canine

46 Rockstarz - Vanilla Ninja

On an album by a Bubblegum dance band such as Ch! pz, or on a LazyTown soundtrack.

Really, what were they thinking?
The album has an emotional synth rock sound and features themes such as female independence, how the view for the world changes since childhood, or angstly emotions, all wrapped in metaphorical wordings.
Oh, and there is this song with a chorus that goes like this "We are Rockstarz! - Woohoo! / We gonna wreck this place with our guitars! "
It's one of the few tracks on the album they did not write themselves, so why even include it? And worse: this was one of only two singles released from the album (the other one is Dangerzone, a fine track). No wonder they stopped making music after this. - Martin_Canine

47 Prayer to the God of War - Vader

On a Slayer album. Vader are a death metal band but have some thrash songs. Their version of death metal is kinda thrashy in general. - Metal_Treasure

48 Rock Rock (Till You Drop) - Def Leppard

AC/DC album - christangrant

49 Du Riechst So Gut - Rammstein

KMFDM album

50 Vortex Omnivium - Obscura

On a Death album (late Death) - Metal_Treasure

51 Devil Digger - Judas Priest

On a Marilyn Manson album.

52 Puke - Eminem

On a Beyonce album (forgive me for saying so) - Hotheart123

53 Pleader - Alt-J
54 Now - Chicago

On a Justin Timberlake album. - Liam31idents

55 Two Steps Behind - Def Leppard

On a Roxette album (Roxette are a Swedish pop rock duo that peaked in the 80s). - Metal_Treasure

56 Demanufacture - Fear Factory

Pantera or Machine Head album - christangrant

57 Nuclear Winter - Sodom

On a Slayer album - sounds similar to Angel of Death. - Metal_Treasure

58 Virtual Death - Black Sabbath

Alice in Chains Album - christangrant

59 Harvest - Opeth

Pink Floyd Album - christangrant

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