Best Songs of Deep Purple with Rod Evans

Rod Evans an English singer who was the first singer of English rock band Deep Purple. Even though he wasn't popular like Ian Gillan and David Coverdale but still he sang some great songs with Deep Purple

Some of the greatest song of him with Deep Purple Career

The Top Ten Best Songs of Deep Purple with Rod Evans

1 Hush

I am so happy you made this list, zxm. Deep Purple have many hidden gems. - Metal_Treasure

You are abosullety right @Metal_Treasure. deep purple has many great songs people don't know. I had to dig in for it - zxm

2 Anthem

Yes, this one is very moving. - Metal_Treasure

3 One More Rainy Day
4 Hey Joe
5 Blind
6 April

I have a soft spot for this song and for me this is one of their most beautiful songs although it's over 12 minutes long. I can't believe this epic and progressive stuff was released in 1969! - Metal_Treasure

7 Kentucky Woman
8 Mandrake Root
9 Love Help Me
10 Fault Line
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