Top Ten Songs from Dookie that Should Have Been Released as a Single

Dookie has some iconic singles, but what would have been their sixth single in an alternate universe?

The Top Ten

1 Pulling Teeth

This song screams radio friendly. - Pony

2 Burnout

It is such an iconic song, you'd think it was released as a single. - Pony

3 Having a Blast

Another classic song that's just awesome in every way. - Pony

4 In the End

The chorus is so catchy- but the song is under two minutes, so it's not enough time to be played on the radio. - Pony

5 Chump

Another winner from this classic album. This would be a great B-side, but maybe not a strong A-side. - Pony

6 F.O.D.

This song is too inappropriate to be played on the radio. Enough said. - Pony

7 Sassafras Roots

This is a good song, but it would be a very weak single because it is not as good as the other five. - Pony

8 Emenius Sleepus

A very good and catchy song, but it's too short. - Pony

9 Coming Clean

Same thing as Number 8, except that this is better as a deep cut more than a single. - Pony

10 All by Myself

Yes, even this song. Maybe if it wasn't so dumb, it would be a legitimate song (although that's the joke). I find this song funny. - Pony

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