Top 10 Best Songs from Drake Bell's It's Only Time

It's Only Time is the second studio album by Drake Bell. It received just as many sucess as it's predecessor. Like the previous album the genres vary from alternative rock, teen pop and ocassional rockabilly. Josh Peck's beatboxing is replaced by DJ Eroc for this album.
Drake Bell - Vocals, Backing Vocals,
Backhouse Mike - Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion
Brian Burwell. - Drums
Joey Finger - Drums
Tom Kinne - Bass Guitar
Alissa Griffith - Backing Vocals
C.J. Abraham - Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Horns
Claudia Vossanine - Background Vocals
DJ Eroc - Scratching
David Barlia - Ukulele, Jaw Harp
Joe Travers - Drums

The Top Ten

Break Me Down

The best song on the album and the lyrics are pretty well thought out like the rest of his songs.

It's Only Time

The title track and it's pretty decent.

Rusted Silhouette

Solid and generally worthy of the top 3.

Do What You Want

One of the better tracks in my opinion.

I Know

Good song but it's not the best on the album and generally is the most overrated song on the album.

Fallen for You

Another love song that's well done.

Fool the World

Very underrated song from the album.

Makes Me Happy

Somewhat overrated but decent.

Up Periscope

A love song but a decent one.

Found a Way

This is a more acoustic version of the Drake & Josh theme and the bridge/ ending is better than the original.

The Contenders

End It Good

A good closing track.

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