Top 10 Songs on ECW: Extreme Music


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1 The Zoo - Bruce Dickinson

Scorpions Cover - christangrant

2 Trust - Megadeth

It was a instrumental on the album - christangrant

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3 Enter Sandman - Motorhead

Metallica cover, you know they made it big when their idol covered one of their songs (Motorhead did also cover Whiplash) - christangrant

4 Phantom Lord - Anthrax

Metallica Cover, Metallica is the only band in the big 4 to have one of their songs covered by another member of the big 4 - christangrant

5 This is Extreme! - Harry Slash & the Slashstones
6 Walk - Kilgore

Pantera cover - christangrant

7 Big Balls - Muscadine

AC/DC cover - christangrant

8 Heard It on the X - Tres Diablos

ZZ Top cover, Tres Diablos is Pantera minus Phil Anslemo - christangrant

9 El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-rama (Wine, Women and Song Mix) - White Zombie UListen to Sample
10 Kick Out the Jams - Monster Magnet
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Top Remixes

1. This is Extreme! - Harry Slash & the Slashstones
2. The Zoo - Bruce Dickinson
3. Phantom Lord - Anthrax
1. Enter Sandman - Motorhead
2. Trust - Megadeth
3. Heard It on the X - Tres Diablos


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