Best Songs on Helloween's Walls of Jericho 1987 CD Edition

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1 Walls of Jericho/Ride the Sky

Ride the Sky - the best speed metal song ever... Walls of Jericho is an awesome intro anyway (in the original album, here it's the 6th track).

Ride the Sky and Judas are my favorite songs, too. Great speed, energy, melody, choruses. - Metal_Treasure

2 Judas

Another speed metal classic.

3 Heavy Metal is the Law

For everyone who likes metal... this song is the law!

4 How Many Tears
5 Metal Invaders
6 Phantoms of Death

I like this song. However people say it's a big Iron Maiden copy, because:
1. The riff is resemblance to 2 Minutes to Midnight (which isn't an Iron Maiden riff, because they also ripped it off from Riot and Riot ripped it off from Judas Priest)
2. The name of the song (PHANTOMS of Death - PHANTOM of the Opera, but one same word in the title doesn't matter so much)
3. The atmosphere of the song is similar to the Phantom of the Opera (hardly)
Who cares, still great song. It's nothingess compare to Led Zeppelin's plagiarized songs.

7 Guardians

Sounds like an anthem.

8 Warrior
9 Gorgar

This song is a bit thrashy. It sounds like to me a less aggressive thrash metal song, because it's more aggressive than the other songs form the album, and the riff is thrashy enough.

10 Cry for Freedom

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11 Victim of Fate
12 Murderer
13 Reptile
14 Starlight
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