Best Songs from Hollywood Undead's Day of the Dead


The Top Ten

1 Day of the Dead

Obviously #1 it's the albums name for goodness sake


Cool lyrics

2 Usual Suspects

This song gives me confidence ya know it gets ya pumped

3 Let Go

It's like Black Dahlia 2.0
more emotion, Danny's beautiful vocals, J's and Johnny's great rapping, Kurlzz getting some nice background screams, and a little bit of that electronic touch that DoTD is made of

4 Dark Places
5 Take Me Home
6 Disease
7 Save Me
8 Gravity
9 F*** the World

To be honest THEY ARE ALL GREAT SO...

10 Ghost

The Contenders

11 How We Roll

Literally on of my favorites

12 War Child

Awesome it's my party song

The versus are wonderful, and while they did go Dubstep on us, at least it was catchy Dubstep. - Yoshinaruto

Best drop plus, charlie's rap was similar to emeine's rap god

13 Sing

Me and my friends love this song! Should be in the top 5

14 I'll Be There
15 Does Everybody In the World Have to Die
16 Live Forever

I love this song! It's one of my favorites from Hollywood Undead! Best song ever! :D

17 Party by Myself

This song can get you pumped and ready for a party definitely one of their best day of the dead songs

;-; be higher - spodermanfan1000

18 Guzzle, Guzzle

Great song gets me up in the morning. Hilarious

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1. Day of the Dead
2. Usual Suspects
3. Let Go
1. Day of the Dead
2. Usual Suspects
3. Gravity
1. Save Me
2. Take Me Home
3. Day of the Dead

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