Best Songs On Iron Maiden's The X Factor

The Top Ten Best Songs On Iron Maiden's The X Factor

1 Sign of the Cross

1. Sign 11/10 top10 maiden
2 Lord 10/10 amazing
3. Man 10/10 yeahh
4. Fortunes 10/10 Love it
5. Heaven 10/10 beautiful
6. Edge 10/10 so cool
7. Truth 10/10 very sentimental
8. Worlds hands 10/10 Strong feeling
9.2am 10/10 awesome chorus
10. The unbeliever 9.5/10 Great closer
11. Aftermath 9/10 Great lyrics but lazy music

Sadly, the Blaze Bayley era will be more or less scrutinized by Maiden fans. Some like it, some don't. I think that Blaze gave important contributions, perhaps the best, this song. It is a true epic in every aspect. What an excellent way to introduce us this release, in my opinion one of the best Maiden has ever done. - denglongfist

1.Sign of the Cross
2.Lords of the Flies
3.Man on the Edge
4.The Aftermath
5.2 AM
6.Blood on the World Hands
7.The Edge of Darkness
8.Fortunes of War
9.Look For the Truth
10.The Unbeliever
11.Judgement of Heaven

A shame the rest of the album didn't live up to it. I still like The X Factor though.

2 Lord of the Flies
3 Man on the Edge

Love it blaze bayley baybeee

4 The Edge of Darkness

Holy cow this one is too low. It's my second favorite, behind Sign of the Cross, but I voted for it because Sign of the Cross isn't going anywhere, it will always be there. I want this higher!

5 Fortunes of War

The best song from blaze bayley creepy and beautiful intro then hard metal to the end.

Fortunes of war
Fortunes of war
Fortunes of war
No pain anymore
Fortunes of waar

6 The Aftermath

In the mud and rain
What are we fighting for
Is it worth the pain
Is it worth dying for
Who will take the blame
Why did they make a war
Questions that come again
Why are we fighting at all - great lyrics

This song is epic but sign of the cross is legendary

7 Judgement of Heaven

Probably the most underrated song ever by maiden. Gives me a good feeling every time I listen to it.

8 The Unbeliever
9 2 A.M.
10 Look for the Truth

The most underrated song from mai... no ait I forgot the mercenary, when two worlds collide, the clairvoyant, strange world, wasting love... but is still a very good song

The Contenders

11 Blood on the World's Hands

I hate how everyone hates blaze because he's not bruce. I think he's really good this and virtual XI are amazing

This ain't 3 ckme on one best songs I like blaze bayley the x factor rocks and I can proove it harris still wrote songs man on the edge and sign of the cross rock come on

12 Judgement Day
13 Justice of the Peace
14 I Live My Way
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