Best Songs From Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns


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1 Waiting for the End

Its simply the best. I feel that both its lyrics and music is perfect. In one word there is no match to it but you can't deny the fact that Catalyst is also good.

This is a great song it has a really good blend between rap and rock and it defines what this album is about just AMAZING!

What's not to love, awesome beat, catchy lyrics, just very underrated.

Needs no explanation at all. It is the best no doubt. But I thought it IRIDESCESNT should be on the top 2 list. It is also very nice song. If you close and listen to this it you will be somewhere else. :) Waiting for the end is again the same case. So its my choice.

2 The Catalyst

Get this to the top where it belongs!

This Is the best One Here Waiting For The End TOO OVERRATED This Is better

At least it's number two. Come one Waiting for the End isn't that good...

From the amazing sound on this track, as well to the mere length of it makes this, in my opinion, my favorite track from A Thousand Suns.

3 Iridescent

I don't understand how this song isn't among the top 3! It has the perfect blend of meaning and music! =O I mean, there's a reason why it's in Transformers... =P Still, I mean, just close your eyes and listen... And you'll realize why this is the best song in A Thousand Suns.

Easily. Masterpiece - EvilAngel

Of all the songs on the album, this song probably has the most beautiful lyrics. Combined with Chester's voice and the excellent music, I believe this song is the best one on the album, and one of their best of all time.

The Best song in this album! Amazing voice by chester! Just love it

4 Burning in the Skies

This is the best song from a mediocre album. Though most Linkin Park fans won't like it because it is much softer than typical LP songs, it is the least confused song on the album, and it doesn't have crappy rapping or much autotune.

I really enjoy the beating of the song, and the lyrics are awesome.. One of the reasons I love Linkin Park is because they have excellent lyrics and great music. There's no personal favorite of mine but I must admit that you guys together are the best!

Best song from LP which I have ever listen,
Lyrics and meaning is amazing
I have no words to explain this song, 'cause you will understand this song as you hear.

Even though people may not enjoy this album. This song is one of my favourite songs. The lyrics are amazing, the vocals are outstanding.. Nothing else much to say

5 Wretches and Kings

Favorite Linkin Park song ever man
Waiting for the end and the catalyst are also great

This is the old LP. Pure greatness. When they come for me and waiting for the end and the catalyst and blackout are also great.

This Is The Best Song From A Thousand Suns Album IT Remembers Me By Old Linkin Park It Should Be No. 1 Have Fun And This Is My Opinion

I understand that people like the song Waiting for the end, but this song is much better. Waiting for the end is just a song that you either hate or love, and for me I hate it because it does not sound like the old LP. Wretches and Kings has all of the elements of great music and that is why this song is the best from the album.

6 Blackout

Even though I'm a huge fan of their new sound just as well as their old sound, I can't help but think that this rage-induced song is the best on the album. It's just so... SATISFYING. Everything from the lyrics to Chester's brilliant vocals brings out all the emotions lying dormant within you and helps you let it all out. And, as for the dubsteppy breakdown in the middle: pure awesomeness. It seems to describe somewhat of a conflict and buildup of emotions within, which is finally put to rest with the following and final segment of the song, the part where Mike soothingly sings of starting anew, bringing about a turning point in the brilliant, lethargic story this album tells.

I can start head banging while listening to this song anytime I want to especially at their concerts! Hey, good idea for bringing that Megan Fox movie up! I'm looking forward to watch Fathom if they have the song Blackout that comes with it!

Probably the best song that fits TRansformers, but it didn't played the third movie. That's alright, maybe the new movie Fathom (a comic book series created by Michael Turner) will be perfect for a Megan Fox movie! Yeah, you know what I mean!

Song is relaxing, violent, raging, and has meaning to it about the same time. It's about how the government has all of their lies, and keep trying to push the lies back down.

7 When They Come for Me

What beats man! Great work by Linkin Park. Love the style. I can listen to this song again and again

It's the most versatile Linkin Park ever had.. Never heard such genre.. Love the ending..

Very different than every other song. That is what makes it the best!

In my opinion, one of the greatest Linkin Park songs... Ever.

8 The Messenger

This is the best song by far on this album! I don't know why this album gets so much hate. Sure it's differnt but it's still a very good album!

The best album closer after A line in the sand. I love how the entire album has an apocalyptic theme (at least at the surface), which builds until The Catalyst; the last song is like a ray of hope in all the darkness portrayed by the rest of the songs. All the songs are so complex but The Messenger, on the contrary features simple instrumentals over which Chester sings about hope. Fits the album perfectly! Great way to finish an epic album.

The guitar solo with Chester singing best defines the band how they have evolved over the years. One of the better tracks on this album especially how it closes off the album.

Definitely deserves to be number 1... My top 5:
1. The Messenger
2. Iridescent
3. Burning in The Skies
4. Waiting For The End
5. When They Come For Me

9 Robot Boy

Most beautiful song on this album I never bore out of this song. Whole album is just a crap but including this song Robot boy, Iridescent, burning in the skies, the catalyst, waiting for the end the whole album is a crap...

This is so amazing. The piano riffs sound great and it's a little slow but it is still good


This is the best linkin park peaceful and slow songs they have ever made... What a beautiful chourses with great mike shinoda and chester singing... THIS HAVE TO BE ON THE PLACE OF JUST UPPER THAN THAT OVERRATED SONG WRETCHES AND KINGS AND BELOW THAN IRISECENDENT OR BURNING IN THE SKIES... I THINK IF THEY MADE IT SINGLE THAN IT CAN EVEN DEFEAT JUSTIN BIEBER POP SONG - BABY, NEVER SAY NEVER...

10 Blackbirds

I first wondered why this is on the list, but then I saw it's the iTunes-Bonus-Track.. But if it was really on "A Thousand Suns" it would be the best, I think. It is very simple, but beautiful.
Too bad, not much people ever heard of this song, even though they listened to "A Thousand Suns".. - Flav

Doesn't fit a Thousand Suns, but absolutely awesome song. Although its gray and partially dead, Chester's Vocals are so great, and the music is so calm... It is underrated... At least because its not shown as single or in almubs. Buried deep.

Love this one

Blackbirds Is Better than WJL

The Contenders

11 The Requiem

The Catalyst as an even more of a masterpiece. - GodBlessUs

Should be in the next Portal game.

Gotta listen to it

12 Fallout
13 Jornada del Muerto

This song has a lot more deeper meaning just like iridescent. Great music

MY EARS! *turns down volume* That's better. Still love it. - GodBlessUs

14 Wisdom, Justice, and Love

I personally love this one. Not the best on the album (of course), but it's still amazing.

Stupid song...Stupid Album

15 The Radiance
16 No Roads Left

Only Live version song it andn not real version it. This amazing album.

This song is from minutes to midnight, not a thousand suns

17 Empty Spaces

I looked it up Linkinpedia about this song and it says
"Empty Spaces" serves as an introduction to the more hip-hop leaning track "When They Come For Me". The consists of samples of crickets chirping and some kind of battle in a war. Brad Delson speaking in Spanish through a megaphone can be heard in the background of the track as well. Parts of the track appear again near the end of "When They Come For Me".

Amazing song from this album, and also ten times better than Waiting For The End. This song is so underrated. Great guitar riffs and many solos played by Brad, and Mike's rapping and Chester's singing are amazing. Please vote this up the list!

All I have to say is that if you like this "song"... you are getting it mixed up with When They Come for Me.

Best song ever! Has a lot of meaningful lyrics and great vocals by both Chester and Mike! Can't believe that it's at the bottom of this list!

Wow... This is the most underrated song ever. It is probably the best Linkin Park song besides In the End, Numb, and What I've Done. Amazing singing, rapping, just the right amount of screaming, and incredible instrumentals. Vote this up!

18 In the End

This is the best from a thousand suns

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