Top Ten Songs On Marilyn Manson's Eat Me, Drink Me


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1 Heart-Shaped Glasses

This track is the most amazing thing about this otherwise forgettable album. "Heart-Shaped Glasses" holds what the other tracks fail to deliver and does it so very eloquently. There's the melodic tango style riff through the entire track that stays at a sustained constant and allows temporary reprieve for every shattering climax. Plus the amazing guitar work somewhat through the middle of the track comes in and perfectly bleeds into the track, only to allow the primary riff and vocals to retain their initial performance. Without this track, the album would be heavily degraded and would not hold the very essence to compete with other Manson albums. Regardless of the amazing work that went into the inception and composition of this track, it is the very delivery and synchronized arrangement that makes it a standout piece!

2 Evidence

Major atmospheric piece with a memorable tune!

Amazing riff trough the track! Especially the howling guitar tune and melody reflected by the bgm!

3 Eat Me, Drink Me

Amazing song, very dark

4 If I Was Your Vampire
5 The Red Carpet Grave
6 Putting Holes In Happiness

Epic guitar in this song, it's buyable aat gutar hero

7 Just a Car Crash Away

This song is intensely CREEPY!

Best solo of Tim Skold

"She blew me her death-kiss
And the mouth-marks
Bled down my eye,
Like her dying
On my windshield.
I can already feel
Her worms
Eating my spine.
So how can it be this lonely?
Is this all we get
For our lives?
Is love only sweeter when
One of dies? "


8 Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery
9 You and Me and the Devil Makes 3
10 They Said That Hell's Not Hot

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11 Are You the Rabbit?
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1. Heart-Shaped Glasses
2. Evidence
3. Eat Me, Drink Me
1. The Red Carpet Grave
2. Evidence
3. Heart-Shaped Glasses
1. Heart-Shaped Glasses
2. If I Was Your Vampire
3. Putting Holes In Happiness

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