Best Songs On Mika's No Place In Heaven

This album is way better than I thought. Mika is a great musician, no matter how you might or might not like his music or style.

The Top Ten

1 Rio

Not familiar with Mika but I voted this as you thought it was worthy of Gold standard - Britgirl

This is not an invitation, I'm going to Rio! - keyson

The only "Rio" in my mind is by Duran Duran

I did like this song, I just thing talk about you, good guys and oh girl you're the devil should be way higher. I would like to replace this with another song, sorry. :(

2 Staring at the Sun
3 Talk About You
4 All She Wants
5 Last Party

A very sad song with a good massage

6 No Place In Heaven
7 Promiseland

What an amazing harmony and use of instruments! - keyson

8 Ordinary Man

Eww can't stand this song!

9 Hurts
10 Good Wife

The Contenders

11 Good Guys

Why the hell is this so flippin' low?! it sends a good gay message out there to say it is ok to be gay. I am quite sad that boum boum boum was not on this CD. this song is a good length, very catchy and am I the only one who thinks this song is also quite emotional as well. sorry if this is late, I am an 11 year old boy, I have just discovered mika in 2016. boy his CDs were so hard to get hold of!

12 Porcelain
13 Boum Boum Boum

I love it, gets in your head real bad though

14 Lady Jane

I don't get this

15 Hurts (Nexus Remix)
16 Good Guys (Nighttime Mix)
17 Oh Girl You're the Devil
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