Best Songs Off of Gojira's Magma

Best songs off of Gojira's Magma. I don't think this list has been posted yet, surprisingly. I wanted to make the list.

The Top Ten Best Songs Off of Gojira's Magma

1 Silvera

I love the Guitar in this song. As usual, the drumming is incredible. - Metalfan2112

2 Stranded

Another Great Gojira song - Metalfan2112

3 Pray
4 The Cell

My first Gojira song. Heard it when the album came out. - Metalfan2112

5 The Shooting Star

For some reason, I hear a lot of doom metal in this song. - Metalfan2112

6 Only Pain
7 Magma
8 Low Lands
9 Yellow Stone
10 Liberation
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